Just As i Am...


she called me weird....

just because i put dissections on here doesn't make me weird!

So Mrs. Skolnick said "go tell us why you're weird"
and most people already know that
so i guess i'll just share it again!

Weirdo Schmeirdo Chriselda...

1. i can light a lighter with my toes. seriously. i hold the lighter with one foot, and flick it on with the other. i would be a circus act if i could light a cigarette afterward!!!

2. i won't eat caramel. when i was a child my gramma was waxing her lip and had rolled it off and there it sat on the coffee table looking like a piece of caramel. i tossed it in my mouth and bit down and almost cracked a tooth. pulled it out of my mouth and saw little lip hairs poking out. brings tears to my eyes to this day!

3. i have a horrible memory. HORRIBLE. i can't remember what i ate for breakfast on most days. i see the Nutcracker every year and still can't remember the storyline.

4. When i was little i tried to remove a freckle on my leg (or are they called moles? it's one that's flush with the skin - doesn't protrude) by poking it with a needle and trying to squeeze it out. it only made it bigger

5. last night i asked Scott (the cyber love of my life, teehee!) what galaxy we lived in. and he said "The Milky Way" in a very quizzical, sarcastic, perhaps even concerned tone. And i said, "sorry, i'm no good with Geography!" ... and i'm really not.

I'm not going to tag anyone specific. in case you've already been tagged. if not, then ... TAG! YOU'RE IT!


BEWARE... this could get ugly!

so... if you just ate lunch
or you don't want to see something gross
turn away from the blog now

here's my kitty
Mr. Bigglesworth
he's gross
and stinky
and an ex-Tabby cat
my lab partner was cool with doing the grunt work until today
then said "you're gonna have to do something"
so i had to cut some muscles and lift them up
and pin transparency labels to their respective muscles
favorite muscle name: transverse abdominus
it just has a nice ring to it.
and below you can see me cutting connective tissue away from the
rectus adominus...
November 13th, i get to check out the CADAVER!

have a great weekend everyone!
i have a good one planned
rehearsal, work, church, kid birthday party (ick - i hate kids)
and some downtime

after much consideration i decided to drop my calculus class
i just can't take it
and it stresses me out more than necessary
am also applying at a local photo studio for a position as a portrait photographer
fingers crossed


insert title here

laken broke gums again! now has 8 teetharoo
he's so cute in the mornings brushing his teeth.
i sing him that "brusha brusha brusha" song from Grease.

i have decided to give my son permission to do and be whatever he wants. however... i NEVER once said he was allowed to grow up so quickly. it's hard to believe he's almost two. some of you can remember the days when i was bitching about being pregnant. crazy, huh?!

i never realized that i would have a passion for theatre. never once. and here i am... framed on a wall at the theatre. the first picture, in case you're wondering. I joined the Guild of the Amarillo Little Theatre and have spent a few weeks painting the set for our show Assassins that is running right now. and then i start working on the set for Christmas Carol. I'm also IN that production, in case you're new here! We just started the singing rehearsals and next week we start stage blocking. not to mention DANCE rehearsal is still going on. it's been crazy busy.

i was talking with Amber the other day and explained that everything i do is planned and scheduled these days. Even phone calls! I had to call the landlord about my pipes being backed up. it's been scheduled for this morning. CHECK!

with school, two jobs, mommyhood, volunteering at the United Way, rehearsals, and painting - i've become so busy that i don't have time to do the little things that i need to do.

angie - this has been sitting on my table forever.
it's yours
and i suck
it's over a month old
maybe it'll be a xmas gift???
this needs to go out
and it will soon!

if you recently had a birthday.
your card is in here.
Amber - your's is obviously the one with the 30 on it.
it says "who gave you permission to turn 30?"
my little triple x scraplebrity!
i love our chats
and you
and i think you're cooler than a RED nano!

i have a calculus midterm tomorrow.
pyschology as well
art appreciation essay reviewing Uncontrol
you should check it out. most of them just follow your mouse. others you can drag the points. just simple use of LINE that blows me away!
cat dissections started yesterday
we named our naked cat Mr. Bigglesworth
rehearsal tonight
not to mention the television i watch

i feel a major need to Priortize things in my life
but right now...
right now i'm enjoying the insanity here...


you know... when i was younger...

i am absolutely appalled by the things young girls wear these days!
jessica and i were talking on the phone the other day about it
and how little girls are hoochies nowadays

C: i mean... they're just hoochies
J: that's why i never want to have a daughter
C: no kidding
J: yup
C: i mean... WE were hoochies but we didn't DRESS like hoochies...
J: i know! we were undercover hoochies!

happy Friday!


blinking through the tears

this right here is excellent!
i saw it
and cried
and then cried some more!

it just SPEAKS
in a world so obsessed with looks
and weight
and size
and color
and height
and appearance
and fat

... it just reminds me that we our basing everything off a false reality
and it's sad that we can't break from it
no matter how hard we try

but it's engrained in our genetics to always compare
so how in the world did marketing strategies manage to monopolize our self esteems

so yeah, dove!
i'm in on your campaign for REAL BEAUTY!
and thank you


it wasn't my intention to mislead you... it never should have been this way. what can i say?

i put a cardigan over my grey and red striped shirt
paired with grey sweat shorts
and slipped on my fuzzy house shoes

went to Blockbuster to rent this:
please watch the trailer HERE!!!!
it's a little peak into the show i'm doing!
so exciting!
i have so many visions

i'm a toy soldier!
and we all fall down... like toy soldiers

so i see my friend josh (who plays Tiny Tim's dad) there filling out an application for a membership. and i run up from behind him. wrap my arms around his waist and say "you have a dance solooooooooooooo" all while shaking my boobs all over him. he turns around and looks at me and says "i'm sorry?"

gawd! i totally felt up a complete stranger!!! it was so embarrasing. i apologized profusely and ran away. as quickly as possible without my feet slipping out of my fuzzy slippers!

Yelled at the daycare teacher today.
the last week i've picked my child up and he's had dried up boogers on his face.
i made it a point to clean his face and say "mommy doesn't like it when your face is dirty" in front of her. today - i walk in and he has SPIT hanging on the back of his head. the teacher giggles and said one of the kids must have slobbered on him. i am frustrated at this point. top it all off - my son has a dirty face again.
so i say "i don't want to be rude, but can you keep his face clean?"
"he has a runny nose"
"yeah i know. but these are dry and crusty boogers CAKED on his face"
"i cleaned his nose when i changed his diaper"
"so you only clean it once an hour????"
"i get really aggravated when i pick him up and he has a dirty face. i didn't bring him in here dirty. i don't want him to be dirty when i come get him."
"I'll keep it clean" (insert snippy attitude)
"i need to sign him out"
(holds clipboard) "i'll do it!"
and i walk out. seriously. am i asking too much?? i'm so passive agressive. i've spent the last week and a half hinting to her. and i had a bad monday at work. and combine a little misplaced anger and a booger crusted face.... and you get screamed at, lady!

all i'm asking is that when my son's facial orifices leak a bodily fluid/mucus that you clean it off. i can't keep my son from getting sick if you let him and ten other children walk around with boogers on their faces and hands. not to mention slobber on the back of his head.

now i'm afraid she's going to treat laken differently

i should've strangle her with my long armpit hair!

it's 2 am
i can't sleep
this is the second night in a row

week full of midterms and dance rehearsals starts tomorrow
verdict on the camera repair = $250
anyone want to take up a love offering?


Wacky Wednesday

in honor of Scott's "Freaky Friday" questions...
i decided to ask a Wacky Wednesday one. here goes.

i was in the shower the other morning and was shaving my pits
(i may not shave my legs every time i shower, but the pit hair - the pit hair has to go!!!!)
and there are three stubborn little hairs that will not go away!
no matter which way i turn the razor, i just can't cut those bitches down!

so - please tell me i'm not the only one
and if you have the same problem, what do you do?
do you get out your cutter bees and snip it at the shaft?
or do you tweeze those bad boys?

personally, i just let them grow until i can wrap it around my finger a couple of times and yank it out like a string on a pair of socks.


this is just something i want to know.
thanks in advance!


le sigh

my camera broke
my Digital rebel broke!

i was painting at the theatre for the set of Assassins
having a grand old time
decided it was time to take a few photos
tried to get pictures of our "brick layer"
in burst mode (several shots with one pressing of the shutter release)
the first three came out
the last one didn't

so i come home
not really upset because i thought it was a low battery issue
i take the lens off
and see that the spring for my mirror is just hanging there
i don't even wanna know how much this is going to cost
and C'MON!!!!!!
i was just starting to feel better about life
and the shit that comes along with it

i am taking it to the local camera shop
they fixed it last time
and then i'm crossing my fingers
i have an icky feeling that it has to go to Canon though
and that - THAT makes me really sad

to top things off (literally)
i woke up with a fever blister on my lip
oral herpes. i have herpes! bwahahaha
i'm off to the store sans make up
and with a huge mess of bed head
to get some acidophilus
and camphophenique
i swear to you - this combination will stop a cold sore dead in it's tracks
that's right - take THAT bitches!


watch out broadway!

rehearsals started for Christmas Carol. we are dancing fools. i am so sore today. from WALTZING! let me just say: never underestimate dance. it's a workout and a half.

we danced for 3 hours straight Tuesday night. and Two hours last night! straight through. it doesn't end. it just keeps on going. at the end of the night, our feet hurt, we all smell, our sleeves are rolled up, makeup is non-existant, the men are sticky and sweaty, our legs are killing us. or maybe it's just me.

anyway - i absolutely love this photo. they aren't my feet. but these are my favorite character shoes of the bunch. i have the plain beige ones you see up front. last night i wore jazz shoes.
i did dance a few years ago. ballet. jazz. i did tap as a child. but nothing would ever prepare me for the grueling wear that is Waltzing and Polka. but, i'm excited. and ready. and pleased that this will inevitably help me shed a few pounds.

and this is a photoshoot from this afternoon.
beautiful baby boy.
ridiculously difficult shoot
i took about 200 photos
got about six that i like. then it was time for a bottle. there will be a round two,
babies are so difficult. especially at two months old. i got a coo here and a coo there. but still - so hard to work with. not to mention that my own little rugrat was at the shoot with me. apparently terrified of the pumpkins. trying to run out into the street. i felt i had to buy some pumpkins just as a "thanks" for allowing us to take the photos. paid $5 for four pumpkins. i can't believe it's trick o treat season.

is it too early to think of christmas?
here's the final word on my santa clause debate:

i couldn't decide if i wanted to let laken believe in Santa. i didn't as a child.
truth. i think about it too much. i'm a thinker
i'm over analytical
what if the kiddo is the same?
what if he says "why did you make me believe in something/one that isn't real"
what if he asks, "what else isn't real? is God real?"
ya yaaaaa. i know you're laughing
but seriously, i didn't believe as a child so i don't know what situation might arise
anyway - i decided on this:

Laken will be told about Santa.
will be told about a kind man that may or may not have existed.
that he brought children gifts
i'll tell him that he can believe in the goodness in people
and that we will go sit on his lap at the mall to honor the good

i'm done
but done!


so... i was thinking i should be random

ok. if you haven't seen Grey's Anatomy for this past week and you plan on doing that.. don't watch this... otherwise - drool you're merry heart out.

i love how he comes out and you can see the glorious hip bone.
anyway - enjoy

conversations like this crack me up:

Laken is learning how to flip over. he bends over and puts his head on the floor. and that's about it. he stops there. so figured i'd help him. i put my head on the floor. and then got stuck. jessica's sitting on the couch watching the whole thing

J: just roll over
C: i can't
J: why?
C: i'm scared
J: why?! it's not like you're doing a carthweel or anything!
C: are you afraid to do cartwheels?
silence for about 3 seconds....
C: liar!

maybe you had to be there?!?!?!?!



whoa picture loaded post!

ok. so i saved most of the wedding photos that i took in july and am just now finishing editing. this was a tough cookie. the lighting is horrible. and i almost don't want to put them on the web. i took over 200 shots. (easy) and i guess i lost alot of them before the "crash" of the computer. these are the ones i've managed to save and edit. but... i'm still not happy with them. maybe next time!
i'll preface this by saying i'm not a professional. this is a friend of mine that i work with. she let me sneak in just for practice's sake and get a few shots in. She had a paid, professional photographer so i sat at the back of the church and whatnot. there were a few good ones that i got. but after about 200 photos hit the drawing room floor due to bad lighting... i decided i had to use SOME of them. i even sent them to sassy miss Amby and we were both like, "arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!" (and that's the nice version!)

so - i sat down tonight while on the phone with brandy. and let 'er rip.

you can see the rest of these here. The pword is "forever." i put it on there for the photosite community. but i trust you peeps! even though i think they're crap shots - i'm sharing. see, kindergarten morals rear their ugly heads again...

and here is the photo session of miss jessica. such a good sport. not really comfortable in front of the camera. but then again, not many people are. loved working with her THIS much! you can see the rest of these HERE

jessica has to have the best eyes ever.
so i played around a bit with contrasts.
and voila!
i feel like the rest of her is in a nightie and high heels on a big poster for the war or something...

holy cow your eyes are GAWGEOUS!

my third roommate, Jamie (i've had seven!) got married last week in Lake Tahoe. her reception was tonight. we got there fashionably late and didn't really get much time with her. but i snapped these few shots. she's such a sweetheart. probably the most genuinely nice person i know, i wish you all the best honey! MUAH!

ok. i'm done. it's 530 am. my carpals hurt from holding a mouse all night. hope you enjoyed the photos! i have church and lunch with my Maternal Unit tomorrow. wooot!