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cow tipping!

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only in West Texas... only in west Texas.

can everyone please

email me your addresses? i'd like to send snail mail to you every now and then because, well, i am currently on a kick for cards. i just started making them recently and would love to send some more stuff out! so get to it!!! and i need bdays and dates i need to note! thankyouverymuch.

well, i was asked for my blog addy by HIM and i told him he couldn't have it because i talk about him. he just kinda smiled. i'm not sure about this guy. really not. and i know you're all probably slappin' your foreheads right now, but well... i was looking at him closely today... and he's hairy. i'm not big on hair. really. it's this thick, hair. on his chest, arms, legs. i'm afraid if i run my fingers through it, one of my nails will get caught and pulled off. i know this is rude. but well, some girls are worse. Anyone who really knows me knows i have a thing for teeth and hands. and i think his teeth are nice. his hands are nice too... but then they're sprinkled with hair. (not his teeth of course.)

anyway, we went cow tipping today. the above photo is of a cow that is actually rather large. about the size of a Suburban or so. it goes in front of the Country Barn Restaurant. and it's been tipped. if you look closely, you can see a beer bottle in front of it. i wonder if the cow got a little "tipsy!" ??? omg, sometimes i just crack myself up!


thank the LORD!

i finally have my very own MAN COMMENT. i know there are at least two males that read my blog (or they're supposed to be... bradley!) and i finally get a man comment. so i'm really excited today and just jumpin' around that my audience spans two genders. (are there more than two?)

right now:

i'm listening to Damien Rice because he rocks ass. Anyone heard of Amos Lee? he toured with Norah Jones last year and he's pretty sweet too.

i'm thinking more than ever about life. love. hopes. dreams. life. love. and i'm not coming up with anything new. just same old stuff that i thought about it before. only this time i'm wondering if i want to be a part of all that mooshy stuff.

i'm thankful for PopTarts and Doritos for without them, i would starve to death.

i'm wishing i had my own car back. Mine is still in the shop from the time that my cousin's husband backed into it. i miss my standard

i'm hoping that i just bought the winning lottery ticket

i'm reading "The Purpose Driven Life," "What to Expect the First Year," and "Me Talk Pretty One Day" by David Sedaris. This is not an intellectual book. (so far) I have all of mine packed up. I like anything from confessions of serial killers, to sappy cheesy romance novels, to comedies by Laurie Notaro, and sometimes i'll get a serious book just to make me look intelligent (lord knows i need all the help i can get there!)

i'm wondering where i get time to do all the things i do in a given day. For example - i read about two million blogs every morning, work, am a full time mommy, avid photographer, scrapbooker, I read magazines like mad, still watch my corny Spanish Soap Opera every evening, participate on a daily Two Peas thread, send cards like crazy, and read my books. I have piles of stuff everywhere. I have a pile of Scrapbook mags and books in the loo. Seems to be where i find comfort: the tub or just simply on the pot itself. I constantly carry around a bag of mags that i find inspiration in - whether it's color, topic, sketch, or article. I have about four baby blankets in my back seat, a pair of Laken's shoes in the front floorboard and about two cups full of sunflower seed shells. And i wonder, wonder where time is, where i get it from. how do i achieve this balance? (ooooooh, LO coming on!)

and then i realize that there are things that aren't getting done, like: Laundry, daily devotionals, showers. haha! Seriously, i don't know how everything is getting done and why i'm not FLIPPIN' OUT about the things that aren't....


this just in!

  • My son has discovered his thumb. poor litte effer. his teeth are ready to rear their ugly heads. makes him cranky as hell. i'm glad i my memory sucks and i don't remember growing pains.
  • I've drawn a connection between my morning cup of joe and my daily BM. sorry so crass, but well, this is MY journal...
  • My little brother has been gone all summer and is returning this morning. couldn't be happier! you'll hear tons about him when he comes back into my world. he's an awesome uncle to Laken. 14 years old and such a great kid... such a great heart
  • kissing = good times. nuff said. and Kristi, i loved your little comment! and surprisingly, there IS alot of talking going on. mainly science because we're both nerds. but life in general just sounds so much more amazing when it's being spoken about by him. WHOLE new perspective and i'm loving that i find it so interesting.
  • I have a paternity test 6 days from now. i'm so pissed. so angry. and so hurt for Laken's sake. and well, if i HAD to choose his father, it sure as hell wouldn't be him. and for the record.... it WON'T be him if i have any say in the matter!
  • i need to go to the gym. the "snacking on breadsticks" all day has to stop! After shooting a child out from between my legs, i lost shloads of weight. last night on the scale... well- it wasn't very nice.
  • Wedding Crashers was hil.ar.ious!!! i haven't laughed so hard in a long time. there were only like 5 people in the theater (it was in the middle of the morning) and at one point, someone turned around and called me a freak! for laughing! oh well, buddy. At least i didn't bring my portable PS2 and play it during the effin' previews! idiot!
  • I think i'm a freak show at work. apparently, i sound exactly like Napoleon Dynamite when i say "a freakin' twelve gauge!" so cooks and preps come up to me and say "say freakin' twelve gauge!" i think i'm going to start charging for my little performances.
  • I have no life unless you update me on yours. it's amazing how much i love all of you! i wish i knew you on a more three dimensional level. but well, feeling is so much more powerful! so keep living girls!!!
  • I roamed around Barnes and Noble yesterday to find an intellectual book to read and replenish my dead brain cells from watching the tube and working with idiots. Walked out with a copy of People magazine. How does this happen?

Must get ready for work because time isn't going backwards. It will only get later. eventually, though... it will get early again! (read that a few times. it makes sense eventually)


just a few random thoughts....

by Jack Handy. (only kidding)

so today is one of THOSE days! one of those days where you just walk around in a ... bubble (for lack of a better word). it needs to pop. but this morning after my normal cup of cappucino i get into this funk. like i'm asking weird questions like:

What is it about sandwiches that makes them IMPOSSIBLE to eat without potato chips? so i drive to the convenience store to buy some Doritos, cause i'm all out of chips at the house.

Why doesn't laundry do itself? so i'm stuck doing laundry. i've been trying to do the same THREE damn loads for the last week. they just stay in a pile on the end of the bed and i just dirty them again then wash them ... again.

Why does my son wake up in the middle of the night and try to tell me his life story? at 3am i'm sitting there with my eyes barely open, and he's just rambling. like my little babbling brook. just "goo, gah, booooo, pffffft" spit, slobber, laugh, giggle, shriek!

I'm alive to die. That's the basic gist of all of this! and don't get all "omg! chriselda's depressed." because i'm more alive now than ever before. but! seriously, we're alive and then we die. and it's cliche - but true, the only thing that matters is how we spent the time in between.

If i only have a plain ol' Mp3 player, not an iPod (which btw, if you're feeling giving - i let you buy me one) can i still refer to it as my iPod?? or is iPod and exclusive term for something made by macintosh?

if i exercise today and then go to the movie and eat a tub of popcorn with extra butter, does it even count?

Why are sunflower seeds so addicting? i've had like 6 packages in the last 4 days. my tongue has developed a little callous on the tip and well... pfft. Isaac thinks i might have a problem that i need to get counseling for. LOL

Why aren't the effin' effers EFFIN UPDATING THEIR BLOGS?? it's like missing an episode of my soap opera. update dammit!

Why does Priority Mail cost more than regular, trusty Parcel Post and take the same amount of time to reach its destination.

Why do people say "opposed" instead of "supposed" - fustrate instead of FRUstrate - procastination instead of procrastination - aks instead of ask - expecially instead of especially? and why does it bother me so much when it happens. and for those of you who live in Texas or surrounding states or simply near people who don't know how to speak.... what does "FIXIN" mean? like "I'm fixin to go the store." ??? why, God why?

Why is marijuana illegal? Drinking alcohol is much more affecting to your judgement and motor skills.. but IT'S legal!

How young is too young to potty train my son? I'm really sick of diapers....

Everytime i do laundry - i lose a sock. Where are they all going? is there a secret Sock Land that i am not aware of??

why all the questions, Chriselda, why??


guys can be...

so wonderful sometimes.

So this guy at work that i've recently taken a liking to, his name is Isaac. He's a super sweet guy. We laugh all the time, and he makes me laugh. So easy to get along with, really smart, blah blah. (this is me trying to justify suckin' face with someone).

Anyway, he's studying Neuroscience, so we're always "dropping science" at work! (wink, Kristi) Well, for the last two weeks or so, we've been saying we're going to eat lunch together when we get out of work. We usually all sit in the back of the dining area and pig out so this isn't anything to get excited about. The opportunity never came up because i get out sooner than he does, blah blah.

So, we're sitting there the other night - kidding around and yada yada when he says we should go get a drink after work. I don't drink - but i say we can eat afterward.

We end up not eating or going to get drinks, but as he's walking me to my car he ASKS for a kiss. c'mon... who doesn't get all bajiggity when a guy does that? So i bat my eyes real pretty and say "sure" and he kisses me.

wonderful lips! great kisser.

then he says that he wants to hang out with me because what and "who" we are at work is only one side of us and that he wants us to get to know each other better.

Fine by me.

I don't have any intentions of starting something serious with anyone, but i'm not avoiding it either. I just don't know if i want to even begin something like this. I'm being strange and i might kick myself for it if i don't, but having a baby just totally changes my perspective on EVERYTHING!

anyway... i got you all excited for nothing. sorry! i'll keep you updated though. We work together the rest of this week. This other guy and I might go to a movie on Tuesday. I think he's a cutie, but he's younger, and i don't do that younger guy thing.

anyway...i'm off to do some more croppin. i've been on a roll lately!


my momma always said....

that ladies don't kiss and tell...

Well, i'm no lady! lol but i have to get ready for work... shall be ba-ack


it must've been....

love? i dunno.

if you haven't seen this already - here it is:

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this is brendan. Meet brendan. he and i went to high school together. we were a small school, with 63 people in my graduating class. Brendan was a year older than me and we never really talked in High School. He graduated Valedictorian, was super smart and one day about two weeks before he graduates, he says something to me. It was actually something rude, but it got my attention and we ended spending that summer together. He was going to move off to college about two hours away from me - but i liked him that summer... probably loved him but didn't let myself. So he moves, i cried... and then sends me a dozen white roses for my birthday telling me he wants to be more than friends. I freaked out because i didn't want to carry on a long distance relationship and basically told him not to call anymore.

The thing is... i always knew what the potential was ... and i think it scared me.

So five years later, i'm driving down the street in San Antonio, and all of a sudden start thinking about him. So i call up his Parental Units and ask where he is, blah blah. He's living in Alabama, not married, no kids... nothing. "Here's his number, chriselda."

oooook. so i call him. it was a monday night and we talked for FOUR hours!!! the next week, he was on a plane to San Antonio. I swear the second he came around the corner at the airport i fell in love. i just *felt* it. So we dated for 8 months. Did that whole long distance relationship thing. and it sucked. we racked up so many miles. i would see him once a month... two if i was lucky. We had gotten pretty serious - talked about one of us relocating. Turns out, the company that he works for has an office in San Antonio. He tried for the transfer - never got it. After beating myself up with not being around him on a daily basis, getting jealous because he had female friends (not mad but sad that he could spend time with them everyday, and i couldn't) and us just overall having a HUGE obstacle... I decide... it's over.

Takes me forever to get over him. so, last night i'm looking through my Media player, trying to find a new song for my soundtrack album, and come across a song that brendan LOVED! so i decide, i'm gonna call him. The phone's ringing, my stomach's in knots... he answers, "Chriselda?" i said, "how did you know it was me??" and i forget what he said.

we talk for about 20 minutes, and i say "are you still in Alabama?"
silence... and i'm thinking he got that transfer to Colorado.
"I'm in San Antonio..."
and that was the moment. that was the moment that it felt like i was being choked by the throat, someone reaced in and took a hold of my heart and i swear it must've stopped beating. It took everything in me not to bust out into tears. How can he live in San Antonio now?? HOW!?

he's been there for 3 weeks. i just left there. JUST LEFT!

the one person i feel like i've loved the way i'm supposed to love is now where i used to be. he said he was walking on the Riverwalk and thought alot about me because ... well, we were there together. we "WERE" something in San Antonio. and there are our paths - almost crossing again. And i'm so upset about it.

I told my friend last night that it's not that i think we would've gotten back together, but it's that there are so many "what ifs" - it's an open-ended situation. Brendan and i didn't end because one of us screwed it all up. we ended because we couldn't really keep it going. distance was just too big of a factor.

and there he is...

and here i am.... sigh.


just another manic sunday....

so there is a Jehovah's Witness convention in town and they apparently TOTALLY DIG the olive garden. ugh. when is the rest of the world gonna catch up with me and realize that OG is like the "tex-mex" Italian food?? i know i shouldn't diss the place i work... but if it wasn't for the tips, i wouldn't be workin' there!

and speaking of tips... lemme just say that if i EVER hear of any of you tippin' your server less than 15% i'll hunt your asses down. i barely make bupkis an hour, and my scrawny ass paycheck has to pay the taxes for the tips that i DO get! and i'm talking a $23 check every week. and that's 36 hours too baby! hell ya, i'm gonna live large on that!

so the other night, i'm waiting on these people, FIVE of them. and their ticket is $43.40... they didn't have to ask for more drinks, salad, bread... NOTHING! and they flippin' left me 60 cents!!!! WTF?! they paid with a credit card and fled the scene of the crime before i came back out. JACK HOLES!!! i was super pissed. I didn't even charge them for their sorry ass tip. obviously, they need the money more than i do.

***** on the brighter side... i just wanna say thank you if you update your blog because it really does make my day go by. to know that there are such wonderful, talented... REAL people out there in this world is just such a great feeling.

so keep on postin' because i keep on readin'!

~~ me



i just came to my cousin's to use her scanner to upload LOs into my gallery. and man do i miss DSL! i have dial-up at the house and well, i just now realized that my music on my blog ROCKS ASS!!! have you seen my
Burden Brothers LO? well, they're who's singing this song! sweet ass! i've never seen the video either but i had to add their music to my blog. and check out the chic! she's scrapbooking with those god-awful scissors! somebody please get her some cutter bees!!! what next? scalloped edges? sheesh! if you're gonna put a SBer on your video... at least give her some decent scissors!

(i'm ba-ack!) i'm in a good mood. Saw the Chocolate Factory today and cried like the weenie that i am. AND! i have a crush ladies. (i didn't think people could get those after grade school. but i have one!) it's for a little boy that works with me. He busses tables. how silly is that? anyway, i get all "ba-jigity" around him - as Christina Appelgate would say. He's 18 though. blech. i already have a child - thankyouverymuch!

anyway... toodles ladies!


not a good day so far....

so... i come home from work last night and there's mail on the counter. One is from the Child Support office and reads: Dear Chriselda, the negotiation conference scheduled for 7-12-05 has been CANCELLED. Mr. Gonzales has requested paternity testing. You will be recieve a notice for that appointment.

fine by me.


i swear, i told the lady on the phone this morning that he's doing this to postpone paying any money and to get on my nerves - thinking maybe i'll give up. But, i'll play all day long if he wants! not like i'm all of a sudden NOT GETTING MONEY FROM HIM! i've gone three and a half months without financial support from him - so why would this upset me to have to wait???

and what i think i'm gonna do is just wait for him to take the test, be out that money, and then tell him he has two options:

a. he can relinquish his rights as Laken's father... leave me alone, and i'll leave him alone. that means no child support - NOTHING!


b. he can assume responsibility for Laken and that means FINANCIAL responsibility for him as well.

i'm going to make option B sound really horrible. like "i'm going to come after you for the bupkis you get ordered to pay, and the first time you slide... i'm throwing your sorry ass in jail!" maybe then he'll choose A. cause honestly, what do i need him for now? what does my son need him for? He's only seen him ONCE and we live within ten minutes of the scumbag.

(sorry i am name calling. but i don't understand how people can be so indifferent about having children out in this world and simply don't give a flip.) and i'm not a dramatic person. i don't give him "Baby Mamma Drama" i leave him alone. i don't call, i don't go to his house... nothing. i mind my own business, do my own thing... and he still can't come see his son. Confuses the crap outta me.

and while i'm at it... the whole lack of maintaing responsibilities pisses me off. If you're going to mess around or buy something that you don't have any intention of taking care of... don't flippin' do it in the first place. I'm irritated by people who sign up for things and can't carry it out. People who give up too easily... after a WEEK! read it... ONE WEEK! and i'm supposed to look up to this person? i'm supposed to see her work and say "oh, you did the "right thing." ??? I can only say one thing about this and it's, "ummmmm. NO!"

and to get all that praise and support... i don't think so! suck it up! own up! be an adult. oh, wow...you have kids, a job... and owning a pet is just TOO TOO much. pth. i have a baby... single, go to school full time, work my ass off full time... and i STILL have a pet! you won't see ME running back to the breeder. i'm about to chunk my Scrapbook Inspirations book across the freakin' room cause your name is all over it!

pity. party. Gimme a break and stop acting like you have problems in your pristine little glass house!

(and that, ladies and gentlemen - is my mood for the day!)

****edited to add:

now that i'm calm (kinda) - i'd like to add that it probably WAS the best thing to do to give the doggie back. but i just got frustrated because dogs aren't THAT big of a deal, really. Not in comparison to having a child... which she does. AND! people all over the world juggle this! But, if she honestly thought that she couldn't handle it - then it WAS better that she not keep it. It just frustrated me to see so many people say "it's ok" when she barely tried for a WEEK, and works from home and stuff like that. c'mon...


i do what i'm told...

So... Lindsay told me to do it... and like the voices in my head... i simply OBEY!!!

please don't forget to visit my friend Amy's LO @ the link listed in yesterday's post so you can vote for her LO in this contest... I think it's the best one, and not just because she's my friend... but because her style friggin' ROCKS ASS!!! and i think she deserves to win the contest. So... go vote!

now.. back to topic - lindsay said, "steal this" and well, who can resist the urge to steal? so here we go:

1.IF YOU COULD BUILD A SECOND HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? well, you're asking for my second house... and i haven't even built the first house. but if i could choose, i'd like it to be somwhere beautiful like ... Tuscany or somewhere sweet like NYC, baby.
2. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? definitely socks. i'm a sock kinda girl. although my friends might say it's my greay sweatshirt from the University.
3. THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? a 50pack of cds that i can burn pirated music off the internet!!!
4. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? which time? i wake up at 4am, feed my kid, go back to sleep, wake up again at 8, feed, go back to sleep...
5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE?geez... i guess it's my dishwasher. i love that thing. but i'd have to say that my freezer full of ice cream comes in a close second!
6. IF YOU COULD PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? i play piano, flute, and a weeee bit of guitar. but i quit doing all of those and have since forgotten how to play... so i guess any one of those is fine...
7. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? white. did you know that white is actually ALL of the colors in the spectrum combined? the "color" you see when you see blue is actually every color BUT blue. (and here is the nerd in me again....)
8. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SPORTS CAR OR SUV? just a car that runs is fine in my book. but now that i have a munchkin, i jones for an SUV constantly.
9. DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? yes, and some of you are going to have horrible ones!! but that's ok... all your friends will be there!
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? Lindsay, you put winnie the pooh? ugh! i HATE winnie the pooh. Mine is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, or Click, Clack, Moo.
11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? winter... after 5 years of not seeing snow, i'm definitely anxious for winter this year!
12. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? i'd like to be able to shoot spiderwebs outta my hands... but that, honestly, is kinda gay. so i'm gonna go with mind-reading.
13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? a tattoo of Buttercup from the PowerPuff girls... but alot of it came off in the shower... stupid rubons!
14. CAN YOU JUGGLE? is this a trick question? i don't get it? what kind of question is this? can i juggle what? life? balls? grapefruit? work, school, parenting?
15. THE ONE PERSON/PEOPLE FROM YOUR PAST YOU WISH YOU COULD GO BACKAND TALK TO? the one person in my life that i loved... REALLY loved.
16. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DAY? PayDAY!!! (ooooh! that's TODAY!!!)
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR/TRUCK? the bodies of all the people that piss me off! kidding - a stroller, a portable infant swing, some cds cases, bills (cause that's where everybody should keep their bills) and a bra or something insane like that.
18. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? ick. hamburger i suppose, although i'm not really a fan of either of these choices... can i get some ice cream?
19. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? tulips are my favorite, then daisies... then "todays-ies" (that's from Bruce Almighty)
20. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? something fiber loaded - lmao... that's me pickin' on Amy who has upped her fiber intake and then assumed a permanent position with her arse on a comode!
21. WHAT IS YOUR BIRDATE? September 24, 1979 (oh, man... i can't believe i just shared that)
22. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR?a piece... i had a 1981 Monte Carlo... until i realized that you have to put MORE oil in the car when it runs out... (didn't have that car very long)
23. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB? i was a waitress at a Truck Stop @ 15yrs. maybe that has something to do with me being so perverse??
24. IF YOU WON A MILLION DOLLARS WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT? i wanna say, i'd donate and save and give give give... but that'd be a bunch of hooey. i'd spend it! what else? i'd buy myself some clothes, liposuction, maybe some new boobs, and a big purse, an iPod, a new computer... all kinds of wacky electronics... i'd build that second house in Tuscany... get myself a new car!

******** i told my friend the other day that i was going to win the lotto. So i need to put that on my list of things to do for tomorrow... "Buy winning lotto ticket" and then... i'll treat everyone that comments on my blog to a shload of scrapbooking supplies!

alright, i've honestly spent the entire morning in front of this damn computer. i have to go now... otherwise i'll hurt myself!


Vote for Pedro... whoops i mean Daye!

okay... so my friend amy designed a LO and one of her friends submitted it to a contest at the LSS. soooo, this is me SHAMELESSLY plugging votes for her! c'mon ladies!!

here is the link and if you think hers is the best LO, please vote for >"Daye"

also.. this just made my whole day WORTH IT!!!Britney's expecting TWINS!!!


let me be frank...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

i hope everyone had a great holiday! mine was pretty boring. i had to work in the morning and then went to Target to buy a journal for my CJ. this is going to be difficult for me. i think i got the wrong kind. anyway, then my mom picked me and Laken up and we went out to the park where they had a big festival and FUNNEL CAKES!!! well, my parents abandoned me and took my son with them... so i stood in line all by my lonesome. and well, i had my camera of course so i figured i would take some shots of people... because i'm a people watcher. Let me just preface this by saying, "I hate to be rude.... but sometimes i LOVE it!!" People crack me up here. Their fashion sense (or lack thereof) amuses me. Now, i'm no fashionista by any means... but at least i know better than most of these people.

Let's start with these hats...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

now, they may be a good idea in theory... but well, wouldn't you just prefer having the sun beat down on your head than wear these?? (my sincerest apologies if you're reading this and actually own one) But i suppose there is safety in numbers??? I guess if you're going to go out to a CITY-WIDE festival looking like a total arse, only a TRUE friend would do the same.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comv
and is this guy trying to tell us something? a flag on his ass? c'mon fella! (actually, i knew a guy that wore these silk American Flag briefs on election day) Is he trying to say that america can shove it where the sun don't shine? I hate when my shorts get stuck in my chub rub!!!

if you look closely at this fella - (yes it's a MAN!) you'll see that his 'do is actually a mullet. What does david spade say about mullets? Business in the front - all party in the back ??? Seriously... he could be donating this to Locks of Love. I have one question for this man... "WHY?"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it's been an hour and i'm still standing in line for my friggin' funnel cake when they inform me that now that i've paid i can go stand in the other line for pick up. You've got to be kidding me! So i am really grouchy by now! I look around some more... and well you know how men are said to get "Penis envy" ? Well, let me just say i saw one bigger than mine... and dammit! i was envious!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

why is this man's camera lens bigger than mine? ugh!

and once again... there's definitely safety in numbers when you go out with flashing accessories...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

so i finally get my funnel cake... and it sucked! go figure. i get to hold my little munchkin who i feel like i hardly see these days... He was so cute out there in his little "My First Fourth of July" outfit and the bib that my Rock-Ass Secret Sister got him. I'm not sure what my double-chinned little man made of this whole outing. He had a bottle during the fireworks and just sat there staring at the lights. I kept taking pictures and the science nerd in me reared it's ugly head and i started talking about the chemistry behind fireworks and what makes them change colors... i don't think my family was listening... i'm such a nerd sometimes...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and these last two photos are for my friend, bradley bo-bradley, who doesn't believe that you can capture fireworks on camera.... First you doubt my San Antonio Spurs in the Championships, then my wine knowledge, and now THIS?! doubting Thomas Bradley...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


i can't seem to understand...

this will be a short post because i have to be at work shortly. but everyday on my way into town, i have to pass the number one tourist attraction in Amarillo, TX. (yes, there is one!)

i can't seem to understand what all the fuss is about:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

but there is a fuss. people park on the side of the road and walk the whole 1/2 mile in the field just to get to these Cadillacs. It's called Cadillac Ranch. There's some wacky ol' man that decided that burying Cadillacs into the ground by the hood was going to be interesting!

the cool thing about this is that you can take your spray can out there... and have at it!

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it's permission to vandalize public property! the more grafiti - the better!

i understand a little bit of the curiousity because, let's face it, Who burys cars in the ground? and more importantly.... WHY? so after a decade of living out here... i've been to the place once! ONCE! but i drive by it everyday. it's so annoying. I wonder if this is what people in France think of the Eiffel Tower?

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and it never fails, there's always some idiot that just HAS to climb into the car. it's a quick in and out - just step in, step out. but people HAVE to do it!

ugh... tourists!