Just As i Am...


you might be a bad mom if...

your son wakes up in the morning and you go back to sleep.

a bit later, he holds two dandelions in your face and tells you he brought you flowers.
you think "oh...mmmmhmmm. that's great"

and then realize, wait! where did he get flowers from?!

and then jump out of bed to see the front door has been unlocked and your son has gone downstairs and picked flowers for you.


and if that's not a reason to win the award...
the other night, we had chicken nuggets dipped in ice cream. cause it's yummy!


lookie lookie!

i decided, after greta was on my case to start bloggin' again, that i guess i should start bloggin' again.

lemme start this off by saying that i'm old. in fact... i've GOTTEN old. i'm not exciting anymore. so don't get too happy about the whole "she's blogging again!" thing!

sooo here's the deal. i'll do this. mostly for greta. but more for me. cause i miss it, truth be told.


i'm sorry.... soooooo sorry!

after long hours of thought
i've decided to withdraw from
the blogging and scrapbooking community

my life is taking some new turns
and this just doesn't fit into the equation anymore

i do have a new blog up
for the photo biz

but it'll be strictly photo
and a lot less personal

as of next week
this blog will not exist

if you're interested in the photo blog

shoot me an email
it's still in the works

but i'm excited

i'll leave you with a couple of shots from Beehive
the musical at the Amarillo Little Theatre
that i was FORTUNATE to photograph!

such a blast
if you can't be in the show...
photograph it!