Just As i Am...


not much to say...

everyone shits sitting down
end of update!

have a happy humpday
i'm off to watch Project Runway and get my Laguna Beach groove on


WARNING: Bitching and Moaning Included!

i'm a bad blogger
my life is really hectic right now

started school today.
calculus. human anatomy and physiology. child psychology. art appreciation
at least i'll get

house is still a wreck.
never packed. so there's no unpacking to do
there's just shit everywhere
the oven doesn't work
so microwaved foods and take out containers are EVERYWHERE
i tripped over my laptop power cord and the laptop went FLYING across the living room.
it's broken.
then i got about a gagillion (that's a technical term, thankyou)
trojan viruses on my computer
have to go buy a spindle of cds to back everything up so i can reformat the hard drive
for you non-computer people, that means
"wipe it clean and start all over"
which sucks
the washer machine electrical outlet for the house is wired wrong
long story short -
i sent 120 volts of electric current through my arm the other day when pulling out wet clothes. nice
Alison got kicked off of Project Runway
Entourage ends next Monday
i almost got fired from my job
but brutal honesty ("i was two hours late because i just didn't want to get out of bed") saved the day!!!
my books this semester are going to cost me a total of
$500+ dollars!
that's just the books. no lab accessories.
i found out i have to
dissect a cat in my A&P class
i am seriously considering telling her i'm a Vegan.
i mean, i hate cats, but something about raising them to kill and cut them open seems wrong!
on the upside, there are also a few
human cadavers that we will get to play with too!!!
now THAT i'm excited about
i ran out of dr. pepper
and i just ate sour cream enchiladas (sounds made up when you say it out loud)
and just realized i'm
lactose intolerant.

on the up and up...
i was driving down the street the other night
and as i passed a Dairy Queen, i decided on a name for the freelance photo biz
"Approaching Infinity"
it's a calculus term for limits
i'm a nerd
but i love it
i'm working on the portfolio
had a two hour photo shoot last week
it rained
but it was fun
i'll post some pics when i'm done editing them
(and those damn wedding pictures too...)
i'm done bitching


new things...

i changed the template on my blog
good times.

however, for you Mozilla Firefox users, you can't see it. so switch back to IE if you wanna look at it. it's pretty groovy stuff! i don't like the bandwidth though, so i'll eventually change it back.

still putting things away so i gotta jet!
not to mention i haven't watched my Project Runway for the week!


You're my Girl K!!!!

first off, let me say that Laken wore Camo in honor of Klala's Day, today.

i got the cable and internet on Monday. i've been in HogHeaven ever since. funny thing is, i spend more time uploading photos and editing them. i shot a wedding a month ago. a MONTH!!! and still haven't finished them. i hate weddings. don't get me wrong... i love the event. but playing with wedding photos sucks. there is no color. the three colors i get to play with are White, Yellow (from the gagillion candles at the altar), and Red from the bouquets. nothing else. no greens. no blues. nothing. saturation is a bore. playing with levels blows.

anyway, last week i took back my Scott Kelby book and read it cover to cover in one night and voila! Photoshop here i come! i'm loving it! so here are few shots i have played with.

in an effort to be more energy efficient and refrain from using the AC in our house, laken and i walk around naked all day to stay cool. rain is a plus.

laken has a thing for not looking at the camera. no matter how many times i say his name... he just doesn't do it. everynow and then i catch him. and i mean my shutter speed is set to lightening.

i love this fence right beside my house. as soon as i saw it, i thought "LURVE it!!!" and i want everyone to sit in front of it. it's so pretty. (i know, i'm weird)

see... signs of stubborness to come!

i adore this photo. he was clapping. the train track is right behind our house. and while i've always had a fascination with them, i am loathing it right now. a train comes by every five minutes. laken is afraid of them so i open the back door (aka - the track) and let him point and clap as they go by in an effort to make it not so frightening. and we say "oooooh choo chooooo" while we were outside, a train went by and he had pointed and said something along the lines of "caca" (which means poop) and started clapping. and i love it.

anyway, i need to get back to unpacking. and i think i might watch 30 minute meals so i can make dinner tomorrow!!



eight things...

1. physics is over
2. moving begins today (so does packing...)
3. i prioritized and nixed the Dare contest
4. i won't have internet until monday
5. i love alisonpea because she apologizes because i'm getting older
6. i finally got a chit chat with Amber - i can't believe this is just now happening...
7. i have a million and one errands to run today - but first, i have to stop for a Dr. Pepper
8. i didn't get the B in physics... or an A (but thanks for wishin' on it...)

- this time next week, i will be breathing again. i won't be suffocated. might not be where i was hoping to be. but i'll be breathing. and that, my friends, is all i need right now.


just updating cause i have to

my life sucks right now

lemme sum it up

work. school. moving. laundry

i sold some furniture this past weekend because the new place is the size of the Blue Banana which can fit into the bathroom at a famous Beverly Hills Hotel. tell me what Movie i'm quoting and i'll send you a little sumfin sumfin. (not to mention, i'll begin to think we're soulmates and share the same brain... and love for movies)

anyway, this is my desk at the electric company. a job that threw me a curveball last night and may soon become a thing of the past. truth is. i hate my job. hate what i do. hate talking to people about bills they can't afford. wish i could tell some of them that they shouldn't be so worried about the $2ooo fish they own - dying because their electricity got shut off for non-payment. priorities people.

i wish i could tell people to eff off sometimes. i know i'm just a customer service rep. and i can wear shorts, flip flops, a t-shirt and no make up to work everyday. but back off a bit buddy. i don't make the rules. our company doesn't make the rules. the public utilities commision does. and if i have to hear one more person ask me for a refund on the money they're paying for electricity while they are experiencing a power outage...


wow, this has turned into a work rant. not my intentions. so here's the deal.

i have no internet. i'm moving this week. i'm stressed about missing Project Runway this week. pissed about the finale of The Hills last week. relieved that i have FOUR DAYS LEFT OF PHYSICS II! and that i might pull off a B. "might" people... "might"

and just for giggles, why do we say "mighnt" ??? always wanted to know!


you know who you are...

i'm just putting this out here on the world wide web
because truth is...
i've been thinking about you alot
more than i like to admit
and not because i entertain any ideas
but because you as a person mean so much to me
and when i tell you i love you
it's because i want you to understand
that i deeply adore you as a person
as a mind
and i want you to hang on to that part of yourself
and when you feel alone or lonely or isolated...
please know that you're not
and when you call
i'm happy
because i know that you know i'm here
and i am
all the time
from here on out
you're loved
thought about
cared for
worried about...
and i'm not the only one
please understand how much we love in you
and believe it...