Just As i Am...


just a wee bit random...

i haven't one of those random things in a while.
and i'm feeling rather random!!
this will be long
but somewhat pointless and maybe entertaining if you stick around...

first off - i scrapped yo! this is a new favorite of mine and it took me all of thirty minutes to make it! the arrow is my favorite part. (besides the christina cole paper) The title and lyrics at the bottom of the page are from Anna Nalick's "Consider This" song. This just really speaks to me!! See! i told you, April... this song would become a scrapbook page. I just really feel like this right now when it comes to love... just a warning to all the fellas - i'm not really ready to change. I am 100% insanity and i like it here! And for the most part... you'll just be wasting your time. I'm never going to change. I took that photo a few weeks ago and i swear people thought i was some kind of freak job out in the streets taking pictures of a traffic sign. but hey, i'm a photographer. i'm a symbolic person. i'm a scrapbooker. i'm a
blogger... and in that order too.

This is another page i did the other night. i'm beginning to realize i have a super simple style. i hate having to think of ways to use embellies. anyway, i would die if i didn't have foam stamps. so... here is another Anna Nalick inspired LO. this is the title track "wreck of the day" and that whole song - speaks. my awesome friend amy took this pic of me. I hate it. i look so angry. but it was serious. cause i'm serious. I seriously don't think i'm ready to be in a relationship. and some of you, who have been here with me for awhile, know that it's because i feel as though i don't have anything to bring to the table. and i don't mean i have nothing to offer - i mean - i am not ready to be active. not ready to meet someone halfway. therefore - i think i steer clear of it so love doesn't suck me in.

ok ok ok - no more yuck stuff.

the girl that made the christmas goodies at work (angela) got an ipod from her boyfriend for christmas. she's a little on the eccentric side - and she comes over and tells me that our ipods should be friends. so we introduce them. Her's is a guy, cause mine is in a pretty pink case and clearly a girl! So come to find out... they have a lot in common. Like Bloc Party, Coldplay, Wilco, Lisa Loeb (tee hee), and all kinds of other goodies. The only thing is that he's a a wee bit younger than she is. From another generation. And!!! He likes to boast about how big his hard drive is!!! jerk face! But, they hit it off. And i'll spare you the photos of them making out. (We really did let them kiss cause we're weird. Actually, angela's weird. i just played along because i thought it was funny). At least they're both wearing protection. No little nanos for me please....

this is the very reason i love my new little camera. I had to take laken to the pediatrician's office this morning. he's been tugging on his ears. so that means one thing EAR INFECTION. turns out, his ears are "perfect" and he's just fussy. and waking me up every two hours during the night. it's insane. and not fair. and wearing me out. so we're waiting in the room for ONE HOUR for the doctor to come in. laken starts his bottle and i'm talking to him about how beautiful he is with his long lashes and blah blah blah. and he shoots me this look! like "shut the hell up, i'm trying to eat and all your mush talk is going to make me lose my lunch." and it hits me!!! one day - he's not going to want to hear things like that. he's a boy. and one day - i'll no longer be the love in his life - i'll just be his mom. waaaaaaaa! what a little 'tude. Definitely my child. definitely.

in other news. that headlight that flew across the street a few weeks ago when i wrecked my car had to be special ordered. I called on it today and asked if it had come in. yup! so i drove across town to pick it up and this disgusting photo of me was taken holding up the silly little light! yeah! i don't have to be so ghetto anymore!

... and now i know where my son gets his double chin from.


my car really needs to be cleaned out. this is the back seat. two car seats. one for me and one for whoever it is that's on laken daycare pickup duty that day... and there's my pink jacket, and all kinds of other stuff. mail. blankets. laken's jacket from yesterday. ugh.

so disgusting. i live in my car. stroller. backpacks. leather jacket. shampoos from the salon. tupperware from this morning. ugh. the only good thing about this mess is that bag from old navy. i hit up the 50% sale in the entire store this morning. got all kinds of stuff for cheap cheap cheap.

oh yeah, can someone PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE shack up with me in Vegas for CHA? i'm begging. i don't have a way to get into to CHA but i'll go to vegas!!! please!


The Aftermath...

Christmas is over! thank goodness cause i was feeling bad about not feeling it this year! For those of you who don't know me - things - crazy insane things - happen to me almost daily. My list could go on for days. My friend says she wants to follow me around with a video camera just to prove it. Anyway... Christmas Day - we're on our way out to my family Dinner in this small town about 45 minutes away. I'm driving my brother out there and start pointing out all of the rock chips in my windshield. then BOOM!!! something flew into the front of the car!

I am disgusted by this. and i'm sorry if you were eating dinner. So we turn around to go see what it was that i hit, because, face it, i'm a blogger and i carry three cameras with me at all times to capture stuff like this!

this is all that's left of the little birdie that flew into my car. one feather. it was so sad. i screamed like a little ninny and my brother cracked up laughing. The question is... do birds commit suicide with anyone else's car? or is there some sort of bird conspiracy against me? Amy says this doesn't happen to anyone else that she knows. Steve says "i've never heard of it." Seriously, i kill about 3-4 birds a year in this manner. They hate me.

So we are sitting out in the middle of the highway taking pictures of a dead bird, and this man pulls over in a Suburban. a RED suburban. i didn't even know they came in that color. and he asks me if we need help. "No sir. We're just taking pictures of this bird i hit" He must've thought i was a wack job. So Connor, my brother decides that it was a quail that i hit.

And he's immediately upset because they had just gone Quail hunting and didn't get a kill so easily. "We should take you with us next time." And i was sad. Sad that i had killed a poor animal on Christmas day. "Where's it's head Connor?" and then he tells me that it was smashed up into it's body from the hit. seriously, i can't even tell which end is which with this poor bird. I'm just sad. and a murderer!

The bad thing about being a grown up is that you have to start bringing something to the dinners. My aunt calls me "what side can you bring?" and last time she made me do this, i was at the grocery store against my will looking for bread and dropping sweet potatoes or yams (or whatever the PC term is) all over the produce department. Last time she said "bake something" and i decided on Sweet Potato Casserole and didn't know there was a difference between pancake syrup and Maple Syrup. Dustin Hoffman never mentions anything about that. All he says is the "maple syrup must be on the table before - before - the pancakes." How was i supposed to know maple syrup is not pancake syrup?? So nobody ate my casserole. and my aunt didn't have the heart (until two days ago) to tell me she thought it tasted funky. And not "phunky" cause that would be a good thing.

So this year, she tells me to bring one of those frozen peach cobblers. So i oblige. only, i saw a recipe for a really cute Reindeer cookie. So there i am. Two days before Christmas at 1130 at night, pacing the aisles of of Super Walmart in search of sugar cookie mix. Because i'll be damned if i have to make something entirely from scratch! They're sold out! SOLD OUT! the already prepared dough is gone. i get the last one. so i head over to the cookie and cake mix aisle. sugar cookies... niet! WHY GOD WHY! So, screw those little ingrates at the Christmas party, i'm only making 16 cookies. I had good intentions. Honest.

This is how they started out. All nice and cute and super yummy. I knew they were going to be the talk of the party. I admit, i had some concerns about the M&Ms melting and the pretzels burning. But i figured, what the heck? Well, i can asure you that the Rachel Ray in me failed to come out...

and so did the cookies. This is so pathetic. i can't believe i posted my failures on the world wide web. But, here it is. In all it's glory. My sad, pathetic, road kill reindeer. Needless to say, all i took to the party was that cobbler.

Post Christmas Inventory:

Laken - Car Seat, Clothes, a shload of toys, books, and bubble bath.

Me - that heck of a camera, and $$ baby! Money!! although... the one thing i did ask for - i didn't recieve. and that... that was snow...


'tis the season!!!

Merry Christmas Eve... Eve!!!

I can't believe Christmas is tomorrow. my family is actually celebrating tonight. but, i have to work at the restaurant tonight. so we'll be doing it late tonight. Either it will be super busy or super slow... nothing in between.

We were super slow yesterday at work, which was nice for a change. We got to hang out and talk and just be. One of the girls, Angela was super cool and brought us the goodies!!! Fudge and sugar coated cranberries. I forgot how much i hate cranberries and put one in my mouth. It exploded cranberry juice and i must've made that "bitter beer face" cause she got this look on hers like i had just slapped her. She also brought us mini loaves of Banana bread - but i ate that faster than i could get a picture of it.

I was able to read the script for the play that i told you i was auditioning for. Its set in 1929 in a cigar factory. Cuban workers who roll cigars for a living and they have a lector come in and read novels to them. He chooses Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. (Which is a super novel if you haven't read it) The characters in the play find themselves identifying with the novel. And well, the part i am supposed to read for is Conchita. She's 32. She's married. He has a lover and they're open about it. So, she decides this new lector should be HER lover. My friend is auditioning for that part. I would love to do it. But well, i wouldn't really want my parents to see it. It would probably offend my family to see me in a play where my character is an adultress. But, it was either that or her little sister, Marela - who pees in her pants when she gets excited at one point. And i don't want to start off my acting career as a joke. So nix Marela. Conchita it is. Auditions are in February and the play starts in April. I'm excited just to audition. Don't really know if i want to GET the part... but i at least want to push myself to do this...

I got home last night and immediately felt rather Phresh and Phunky!!! Nothing like getting a little love mail from Miss PFAB! and it being a shload of Basic Grey. Oh how i love this stuff. You are killing me girl! Thanks a bunches. And i'm glad you got your CD. I decided i had made you wait so long for it so i just sent you an actual disc and not the ghetto copy that i had originally intended to send. You rock my face off!!

I also failed to get Christmas cards out this year. So here is yours!!! I was a bad mommy this year. Didn't take Laken to see Santa. Didn't even get his "First Christmas Ornament" until today! Stopped wrapping his gifts when i realized i would be the one unwrapping them anyway. I didn't get him a snazzy little outfit to wear tomorrow. I did, however, buy him a Santa Hat that says "Baby's First Christmas" but he hates hats on his head, so it doesn't really count. I'm an even worse mom because i didn't save the Christmas pictures that the daycare took so i could give one to my mom. So horrible. But, this is my first Christmas as a mom. And i'm using that as an excuse!!

So, Merry Christmas. If you didn't get a card from me/us - don't worry. Neither did anyone else. But consider this your greeting! We love you this much and hope you have a wonderful holiday season. And for my pea girls and blog buddies... i am so glad that i have met each of you and established some really great friendships with you. Nobody really understands this whole "Two Peas" thing - but seriously, scrapbooking is a serious bond between me and several of the girls i love!!! I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season!!!

love and kisses and fat free egg nog wishes to you!!!


gosh darnit - people love her!

even though she's a bitch because she gets to go to jamaica the weekend our city freezes over (but brings me back a beanie)
even though her boyfriend/soon to be husband rocks ass and she's convinced she's a princess because of him
even though his best friend is a god!
even though her boobs are way bigger than mine
even though she only started scrapbooking, because i, the scrapbook whore, created the monster that she has become
even though she's better at it than i am
even though she was a size 4 and i looked like a complete OGRE standing next to her....
even though she curses like a sailor
and randomly blurts out things in my car like, "So, i have a problem with my pussy... cat that is..."
even though she is allergic to all fruits under the sun and i am a fanatic
even though i hated her when we met 14 years ago because she didn't stand up for herself
even though she watches TV 'round the clock and i can't stand it
even though she gets away without wearing makeup and still looks beautiful...
even though i will never know near as much about music and it's history as she does
even though she has gone to vegas several times without me...
even though she is my complete opposite -
she is one of my best friends...
and i love her
love that we've never fought
love that we can finish each other's sentences
love that we can recite movies to each other
love that i can call her and tell her something completely random and "horrific" and she will understand
love that when she hurts, i hurt
love that she has been a part of my life for this long
love that she's happy...
that she's loved
that she simply is....

this is my friend Amy

(and my favorite thing about her is that when i look into her eyes (or glasses) i can see ... myself! - look close, i'm in there with my turquoise shirt! woot!)

love ya girlie!


Merry Christmas to me. to me to me!!!
so, "laken" bought me this groovy little thang for xmas!
sorry if the picture sucks.
i got it from the web
this is not my own.
i'm not good at little cameras. i've had two film Rebels and then my digital rebel. before that i used a Pentax K1000 and when i was in high school i used the school's SLRs. Eventually i bought myself a little handheld 35mm with a kick ass zoom lens. It was a Pentax IQZoom 140. And i loved it. and my ex roommate stole it from me when she moved out. along with a clock radio/cd player, some of my cds, some DVDs, and some clothes from my closet that i worked hard to steal from my other roommates.

So we were out shopping the other day at the mall. my brother and i, and i stopped in the camera store to get my mom her gift. (she's also an avid photographer, and i wish she had some of her stuff in galleries. She takes awesome action shots at my brother's Soccer games and has been recruited as the Church Photographer) Anyway, i stopped in to get her some goodies. And then saw the camera. There is sat in all of its glory. What i really wanted was a Sony digital because i played with it earlier at walmart and thought it was sweet. but, i am a canon girl. So i came home and tried to get people to talk me out of it.
nobody did.
in fact, they were like "go get it!!!"
except for Jen. She tells me... "resist" but i don't listen.
next thing you know. I am the owner of a new, shiny, Canon Powershot A410. woot! my son is the best gift giver ever!!!

Last night i went and saw a Christmas Play at our local theatre. "The Santaland Diaries!" it was cute. funny. and cracked me up. but... staying up late for finals and then working like a mad woman finally took a toll on me. and i fell asleep during the play. can you believe it?! I fell asleep! To make matters worse. i was sitting on the front row. somewhere in the middle of all the low lights, christmas music and monologues, i fell asleep. that was the most expensive nap i've ever taken. I paid $20 to take that nap! sometimes, i fall asleep at the movie theater. When i watched Harry Potter (the first one), and S.W.A.T. and a few others... i fell asleep. but that's only $6. this was twenty!!! I went to the Amarillo Little Theatre's production. This is where i will be auditioning for Anna in the Tropics. I hope they don't remember me as "the girl that passed out during the play."

This morning i decided i needed to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith. If you haven't seen it... don't rush out to find it on DVD. it was ok. kinda silly. i wrapped laken's toys and then wondered "why?" since he's not old enough to rip them open anyway, and i'll be doing that!!!

now... onto this!!! this is our christmas tree. my mom has a thing for themes and this year, it's birds. i made fun of her for it the other day when she was putting "snow" on the tree. in hindsight (which is always 20/20) i realized that it wasn't nice of me to do that. i was pretty harsh. it's because i can't put up my own tree. because i can't use my decorations. because i'm not in the christmas spirit. and don't really see it happening for me either. I wasn't excited to wrap gifts this morning. buying them was a chore. and i'm ready for the holiday to come and go. But. this morning i woke up and saw this. this big ginormous box all nice and red and colorful and a pretty little bow on top. and i walk over to see who it's for. it's MINE!!! i wonder what's in it?? i shook it (sometimes, i'm still a little kid) it's light. This happened when i turned 16. my parents had one big box for me and i thought it was sweet ass! it was heavy. Christmas morning i open it and there's a tire, some other random items that they found in the garage. and i'm thinking: at the bottom, there will be a key to start a new shiny car. nope. it was a discman. so i'm thinking they're going to play another joke on me. but in case they are thinking they can't fool me twice... i've been racking my brain. what could possibly be in that box? i haven't asked for anything for christmas. nothing. just snow. and since the box isn't leaking...it's not snow.

this has turned into one ri-cock-ulously long and meaningless post that had no point when i started it. so, to sum it up: i got a camera. there is a big gift the size of our entertainment center under the tree with my name on it. oh, and!!! laken crawled to me this morning. my mom said he crawled yesterday but since i wasn't there... it is null and void and today was his first time to crawl. and he crawled to me!!!

i have to put an end to this rambling and finish laundry. wrapping laken's toys. have to shower. and get ready for work... have a great saturday!!!


why don't you do somethin' ??

no friendly love this week
i'm in a very pissy mood
i didn't go to the club last night with my friends
i had to stay home and study
like a good little girl
even though there is no way i will pass this final...
or the course
organic chemistry sucks!
and i've had my head up my ass all semester...
i got into an argument with the preacher's wife at church last night
she said i "SHOULD" go into pharmacy
not a suggestion.
hey, preacher's wife... why don't you do somethin' ???
i hate when people try to tell me that my goal of becoming a doctor is too "out there" and not realistic.
i don't believe i asked for your opinion
she said i should do this and that
not, "have you considered..."
if i wanted to do that. wanted to go into Pharmacy
i wouldn't be a Junior Biology Major
my o-chem final is at 5
i'm going to audtion for Anna in the Tropics at the local Theatre
i need a trip to vegas. nyc. anywhere. somewhere
or i'm going to crack
why don't i do something?
hey... turn your music up
i don't put video codez on here for my damn health!
i'm so bitchy.
you know what i need to do?
i need to snap out of it
i need to do somethin
or "suh - in" as britney says
and i'm coming out of the Britney Lover's Closet
i like britney
i think she's hot
i want to be her
or just look like her (pre k-fed, though)
i will not walk around barefoot at rest stops
but i do want to live a day... doin' suh-in that britney does...


series of unfortunate events...

it's a sad sad day in Chriselda-land. It's funny that everything that sucks and blows, happens to me ... but you know what, i'm expecting it. kinda like "it's already been broughten!" (hehe, jen)i've already come to the conclusion that i'm going to spend the rest of my life making lemonade...
especially when i wake up to copy some music into my ipod and this happens:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this resulted in a complete formatting of my hard drive. yes. all of it. gone. it means - those thousands upon thousands of pictures that i have taken of my son over the course of the last nine months (that i failed to back up on disk) = GONE!

those 4000+ songs that i spent weeks importing into itunes (plus the ones i purchased)= GONE!
the journaling, school papers, and other misc. crap that i store in there because it's my life - it's my hub - it's supposed to be a storage device for important documents = GONE!!!

sigh. but, alas, it's NUTCRACKER DAY!!!! and that is not going to be ruined by this! NO SIR!!!
So, i start playing with laken and he's cracking me up because he's so in love with himself. especially when he sees himself in the mirror. there are several pictures of him making out with himself in the mirror... but this one is my favorite.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i had to run errands all morning yesterday and then it happened. i saw the most devasting thing ever!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That is my beloved Weinerschnitzel (as we lovingly refer to as "The Schnitz"). and it's torn down. sad sad day in the hotdog lover's world. So many people hate the Schnitz, but i love it! One of my friends says, "i just can't bring myself to eat at a place that sells nothing but hotdogs." and i quickly said, "Nuh-uh! They have chili cheese fries too!!!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is Amy and her Boyfriend Brandon. If i have to be the third wheel for any couple... this is the one i chose. They are so cute. They're working on an eternity together. and they're adorable. they are one and the same person. I am so glad she finally met someone that cherishes her for what she is!!! Thanks B!!!

Anyway, i digress. We all went to the Nutcracker together. This is B's second time to go. I think he secretly likes it. We had the worst seats ever. And not because the location of them sucked. But because there was a group of about 20 people (and i'm not kidding) who failed to appreciate the Nutcracker and moved and got up and traded seats the ENTIRE TIME!!! They were sitting two rows in front of us. Because of this, the two "Sweaters" as B lovingly named them because they were wearing bright and completely distasteful Christmas Sweaters complete with beads sewn on them... kept moving their seats. They're directly in front of us. So their Texas bouffant hair do seriously put a damper on our view of the stage. The lady right next to me was holding a little boy, about three years old, who - five minutes into the show - asks, "Is it over yet?" She got smart and drugged him up with tyenol and he passed out and wasn't seen again until the end of the second act. The worst part was the family behind us. The family with two little girls that would NOT shut up. One kept humming all the music. (impressive for a child) The other said "My tummy hurts" for about ten minutes and i wanted to scream. Amy starts forming a choke hold with her hands. Then the little girl says, "Mommy, my tummy hurts because there's no food in it!" Way to go little girl! Tell the world about the neglect!!! and amy and i almost die laughing. Finally, it's quiet. it's peaceful. it's almost over. and this is when the family of 20 decides they should leave now and beat the crowd. Now we really can't see!!! people. i swear. B points out that the rest of the flippin' auditorium is still and not moving... except for the section right in front of us. sigh.

Amarillo is full of uncultured swine!!!!

but, i did, however get a shload of cool shots (when the Sweaters weren't blocking me with their hair...) and here are my faves:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Gawd, i love the Amarillo production because of this flippin' Ginormous Christmas tree and all the pyrotechnics!!! and look at this girl... she's about to have a major wardrobe malfunction.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yes... i snuck my camera in. They said "no flash photography" so i set my ISO to 1600 and shot away. and no, we weren't THAT close. I just have a bad ass zoom lens!! Thankyouverymuch!

and just so you know. there are some things worth living for. some things that just make life grand. and the molten lava cake from chilis is DEFINITELY one of those things....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


i triple dog dare you!!!

ok - that's the MOTHER OF ALL DARES!!!

so... first off. i decided that i'm going to write about each one of you and what you mean to me on a weekly basis. i was originally going to go down my ----> list over there in alphabetical order... but i have to start with a BANG!

so Caroline is up first!!! bwhahahaa!

Everybody... this is Caroline.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Caroline and i "met" on the Teen/College Board over on TwoPeas and hit if off because she lets me call her Kathy. She used to say "BAH!" all the time and it reminded me of the comic strip. Anyway, so after a while, i get her number and what do you know? I call her up and she has this teeny tiny little mouse voice. I imagine her to be about 5 feet tall and all of ten pounds soaking wet. She's little. and she sounds 10. Caroline is always effin' happy. nothing makes her upset. she's never bitching about anything other than Two Peas not working. and quite frankly, the happiness irritates me. haha! So the other day i call her to vent about something and she actually complained about laundry or something. and in her wee mouse voice - she said nothing bad. nothing. i wanted to scream. GET MAD!!!! Dammit Caroline! So the other day she comments on my blog that i should call her when i'm feeling down and she'll cheer me up. pffft! wtf? that's cause you're always CHEERY!!!

so i call to vent to Brynne (also a "friend" of Kathy's) and i say "Brynne, i need to vent!"
Brynne: "What happened now?"
ME: I just called Caroline cause i wanted to gripe and complain and she was happy! She's always happy!!! Nothing ever upsets her or gets under her skin. Nothing. Ever.
Brynne: Well, tell her to stop!!
Me: Nothing!!!!
Brynne: Normal people just aren't like that!

(you might have had to be there to find this humorous...)

bwahahaha! and this is why we called you on three way last night kathy! cause even though we're bitches... we love you!

and this is brynne....

Brynne : (angry emoticon)
chriselda: what's your problem?
Brynne : people are driving me CRAZY
Brynne : i'm PMSing
chriselda: lol
Brynne : people use my desk as their table
Brynne : and they just stand in the lobby eating and smacking and slurping

gawd i love humans...

Anyway... my dare for you. my triple dog dare. is to come out of the closet. whatever your vice may be! i want it! i want to know that we're all horrible people in one way or another. (this is me getting into christmas spirit. ) Tell me that one thing that you hide from the rest of the world. Is it that you stack peanut butter crackers on top of each other and read Vogue all day on Sunday? is it that you curse like a sailor? do you constantly talk on the phone while on the toilet? what is it?? we're not perfect. and i encourage you to brace your imperfections.

here is mine!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
yessire bob. that's me. sneaking in a cigarette after Thanksgiving Dinner. my family (expect for the 3 fellow smokers) is completely unaware. yes ma'am. i'm a closet smoker. it wasn't until recently that people that i work with were unaware as well. READ: i don't smoke around laken. not while he's in the car... nothing. so i have about two cigarettes a day on average.

There... it's on the world wide web. i'm a smoker. phew. i feel better now! and i know i have a couple of other (ahem ahem) blogger pals that are hiding too!!! come out i tell ya! we'll still love you!!!

don't you just love how i'm missing two nails? they came off while i was making my dish for Thanksgiving... sure hope nobody choked on them....


sigh... is it over yet?!

as some of you already know - my life is just a big mess right now. nothing seems to be going right and so many things confuse, agitate, and downright bring me to tears on a daily basis. Maybe i'm PMS-ing? i dunno.

So, last week during one of the IM orgies i vented to my girls about my horrible day. For starters, i went to work at the restaurant and first things first - spill 6 drinks all over the floor because our silverware guy (who is deaf) hit me in the head with his silverware bucket. It was an accident - no biggie. So there went the drinks. I hurt someone i love THIS MUCH because i said something stupid and that killed me. Then i'm cornered for information which, if i leaked, would be a betrayal to one of my friends. So i'm just flat out being pulled in a million different directions and i'm crying. YES! crying at work! So i walk up to greet my table but instead, my nose starts bleeding and i bleed all over my hands, my tie, my shirt... probably them! and i start bawling harder.

Sunday - sunday - i was determined to have a better day. i wake up and it's snowing and that's a sign that it's getting better because i LOVE snow. i drive to town to buy laken's baby food for the week and just as i thought "things can't possibly be worse than they were yesterday..."


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

oh yes... yes they can! I totally side swiped some guys in a Jeep Cherokee and saw my headlight fly across the street. they pulled over and saw just a hair scratch on their car and say "have a good day" i turn around and look at my car. yeah. I'm sure that'll happen.

Monday i had an Organic Chemistry test... and if that's not enough to bring me to tears - i dont' know what is... and this... this is exactly how i feel with this crap!

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I can't take it anymore!!

But, the week has gotten better. I went and worked out with my friend Gabe on Wednesday (and i'm still sore) and then we went to see Rent. ehhhh. not really sure what i think about this one. It was good. i laughed. but well, i was expecting Chicago-like production. and it wasn't. i know it's a musical, so don't slap me when i say "they sang the whole time" because this wasn't even singing... it was like "i'm gonna talk to a beat of music and make none of my words rhyme and hope they're entertained" singing. I'm sure it's much better on stage. PLUS! we live in a very conservative town who (as my friend amy reported) when the actual production came to town and they saw that it was about (GASP!) AIDS, homosexuals, and... yeah, that's basically it... left during intermission. Can you believe how close-minded this town is? that they'll leave a show halfway through because of subject matter?!

I have a couple of birthday parties to go to this afternoon and a shload of stuff to do tomorrow for yet another Organic Chemistry test. Is it over yet? is all of this over??

on the bright side - seeing that i'm obsessed with gas prices, can you imagine my content when i saw this?!

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yes! $1.96 for unleaded. i seriously piddled my pants when i saw that! and i never thought i'd be excited that gas was under $2. of course, that was earlier this week, and since i fill up twice a week, i paid $2.19 last night. bitches.

sorry for the blah update... but i've been hounded....