Just As i Am...



this week has started off promising.
Monday started off with needing to take laken to the doctor. only, his Doctor (a sorry excuse for a pediatrician) is on vacation until December 5th. Nobody should be allowed to take a two week vacation and close down their office. Keep your PA there or your nurse practitioner. The Doc that is covering for mine, conveniently doesn't accept Laken's insurance. So i call the urgent care centers, the nasty ass clinic, the medical school here, and finally, i'm told "you should probably take him to the ER." and that was my only option. So we sat in the ER for almost five hours. my child is super smart. he understands the situation. And!!!! he has croup. that's right. good ol' croup. the virus that has to run it's course. i'm so sick of hearing that. yeah. well... can it run it's course after xmas? i'll have time then.

humidifier. check
vicks vapor rub. check
pedialyte. check
guilty conscience because i can't really BE there. more than check.

now... onto the time sucker

ok ok ok
i know you've had enough with the Christmas Carol talk. but we're in dress rehearsal. it's fan friggin' tastic!!! my director rawks all the time. i want inspiration like that. tomorrow is final dress rehearsal. this show is moving. funny. scary. entertaining. tightly secured with black capri spandex. and full of christmas fun. tongue in cheek

i told you at the beginning of this post to consider this your warning. this my dear friends are SHEEP'S BRAIN!!!

and if you're not watching 3 lbs. on TV. do it. tivo, dvr, vhs. get it done!

anyway i got to play with brains today. and i only put this on here because i think everyone should be awarded this opportunity. honest. it's not only a learning experience. but something phenomenol in itself to know that you're holding the Control Panel for Kingdom Anamalia in your hands... It's very empowering.

.... and stinky

sheep have tiny brains. about a portion size worth of mashed potatoes. frogs brains is about the size of the tip of your pinky. no lie.

and ladies, men actually do have bigger brains than females. damnit! i don't even have a witty remark for that.


enough of my rambling for the day!


only one thing could drag me away from the soft glow of electric sex gleaming in the window!!!

So I'm addressing a bit of something something.

  • The reason i protest word verification is because i feel as though if it takes me 45 seconds just to say something on your blog because i have to keep RE-entering the magic word... and because you'd rather put me and everyone else through THAT just so you don't have to hit DELETE when you get a spam comment... if you don't have time - neither do i. (i'm half serious, half sarcasm - but mostly serious)
  • You'll shoot your eye out
  • Thursday is the big day. and i'm starting to get sick. laken already has it. i'm worried. sounds very chest-y, his cough. i don't want to think pnuemonia. but i do. 'Tis the season to be sick...
  • I made Struessled Sweet Potato Casserole, two Cherries Jubilee Ice Cream Pies, and breaded and baked Zucchini Chips for Turkey Day. and i only brough home empty dishes. that makes me smile. and once again... Thank you Rachel Ray and Cooking Light Magazine. (speaking of... if Cooking Light recipe calls for low fat vanilla ice cream, and i rush out and buy Blue Bell Homeade Vanilla (full fat)... am i still cooking light??)
  • my son decided to grow up. I'm not liking it
  • finals this week. on top of everything else. i'm glad. glad to be done.
  • i miss my camera



Wed - work/rehearsal I'm booked 10am-11pm
thurs - turkey/stuffing/pumpkin pie/ two hour episode of Grey's - nuf said
Fri- work/ rehearsal I'm booked 10am-11pm
Saturday - work 10-2 and then again from 5-10 (have also scheduled some breathing...)
Sunday - church/lunch/Rehearsal

this sunday we start Hell Week!!! we'll be there sunday through saturday evening next week! That's 6 days! that's 24 hours of Christmas cheer.


i'm not a christmas person. my tree HAS been up for a week now. but only because i won't have time any time soon. better early than never.

The show opens 9 days from today! Choreographer added a whole new waltz today! ok. i'm not a dancer. in any way. shape. or. form. but. good news? my partner rawks the kasbah!

New job is FANTASTICAL-like! i am lurving it! 100% I am having a blast. i have to nix the high heels. and that makes me sad. i get to do sales presentations tomorrow? would you believe me if i told you i was a fast learner?

Rachel Ray is great. she won the Iron Chef competition last week. Giada who? I've cooked a couple of times this week. I feel like such a grown up.

now if i can just keep the city from shutting my water off every week........


Free at Last, i'm FREEEEEEEE at last!!! Thank God Almight I'm Free At Last!

if you have a power outage. or a problem with your electic bill....

DON'T CALL ME !! There's not much i can do.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I am the new photographer at The Photo Store!!!

this place is phenomenol. we have a great outdoor studio complete with an old truck in it! and i'm so happy. so very happy!

Walked in Friday morning.
filled out an app
talked to a manager
came back for a second interview after lunch
met the owners
got the job

best part of the entire interview? "We encourgage you to have a little artistic liberty"

(... well, that and "We love to give bonuses here!")

Anyway - today's the first day!


hey, thanks!

this has been a crap week

no pun intended. i got the plumbing fixed. its starting to smell better in the household. not by much though. rehearsals are sucking ass right now. the show opens in 15 days! argh! i wear leggings. i'm cool like that. apparently i'm a single mom in the play. but, i'm a rich woman. so that's nice. maybe i'm independently wealthy like miss Jimmy Choo! also wore fuzzy slippers to lunch at Basil Docks, a little pizzeria in town, and faked a choking scene in hopes that the FLY guy sitting next to us was a doctor and would give a little mouth to mouth. nope. he's a realtor. not that we conversed. but because eavesdropping is a great way to find out about the person you're semi-stalking at lunch.

i'm about to watch the finale of Dancing with the Stars. i'm on pins and needles.

and last but not least:

i got this from Elsie's blog:

'What will your obituary say?' at QuizGalaxy.com

how friggin' depressing is that?
this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true
if you don't believe me, just pull up any of my archives over to the right and have a looksee.
i'm going to die a tormented and miserable death.


don't say i didn't tell you so

Look who's a big boy now!!!
Laken upgraded his bed.
he likes it
no iss. whatsoever!
i don't believe in weening things like this
no toddler bed - just straight to the twin.
now i just need to get him some sheets
and down with Cars, Nemo, or any other cartoon
we're going with something else.
i can't make my house look like a Pottery Barn Catalog
if we're going to use Disney

In other news -
remember back on October 25th i had told you i had to call the plumber to come out because my house was smelling of a little funk deFunk? yeah. so i called their asses for a week straight and nothing. at first it was just the smell. the second week i could barely use the toilet. and the water was backed up in the tub. Not only did this piss me off, but it made it extremely difficult to bathe the child at night. can we say he had some serious musk going on??? He was getting a bath every two days - poor thing. I would have to take him to the aunt's or to the paternal units' home 20 miles outside of town. it was a pain!

so i call every day for OVER A WEEK. nothing. they finally come out last week after i told her i hadn't paid rent because they suck. they finally came out after i threatened to call the housing authority. Seriously, people would walk in the house and almost pass out from the stench! it was horrible! i can't even describe it. and this is how i lived for almost a month!!! and i kept calling. and it kept getting worse.

i know i'm a good story teller and all. and you know i'm an aspiring actress, Mr. Landlord. but when i tell you i would rather wear my son's dirty diaper over my face than have to smell whatever it is that's stewing in my pipes, i'm being serious. i'm not exaggerating. i think there is a SERIOUS problem.

so they come out. and what do they find? that one of the pipes under the house that goes out to the sewer has busted. what i smell is sewer gas. that i have a small lake under my house of said water. that everytime i flush the toilet, it all stays under the house. LOVELY. so he goes out to the back yard to the sewer line. releases the cap and it ..... BUSTS ...... all over the backyard. he's all worked up now. and then realizes that the sewer main is now broken and needs to be replaced. pressure build up's a bitch. so guess what's all over my backyard ?? yup. and then he comes in (as if nothing) and tells me not to put toilet paper in the toilet because whatever i put IN the toilet will wind up in my back yard until he gets it all fixed. I make a swooping motion with my hand over my stomach, "Everything??? As in Poo??" Nods yes. Mother F$%#$@!!!!
so there's a baggie of used toiley tiss. hanging on the bathroom door. it's official. I'm ghetto!

So, here's to you oh wise Landlord
Before you buy a property, send out an inspector so that you're not getting calls from a tenant everyday about crap in the house that's going wrong.

and when a tenant calls and says, I think i have a sewer issue. by golly - GO TO THE HOUSE NOW!!!! drop all that you are doing and get there. because had you come out on October 25th, when i initially called, you probably wouldn't have found a lake of sewage. you probably wouldn't have a busted sewer main. and you probably wouldn't be doing this to my backyard right now to replace it!!! you probably could've saved yourself over $3000 in repairs!!

... but then again. i'm just a lowly tennant. what do i know?


i've had it up to... HERE

if you have that damn word verification on your blog
forward... i refuse to comment on your blog. i just spent 45 valuable seconds trying to figure out what the jumble of letters were. and mind you, when i finally did... they were not a WORD!

i scream horrible expletives (that my son will inevitably repeat to his teacher )EVERY time!!!
i never get it right on the first try!
and then when you hit the wheelchair (for the see-ing impaired - i can't rarely decipher the braille either. and that's ONLY IF the robotic voice feels like talking)

so... i'm protesting!

oh yeah - HI BRYNNE!!!


is it fixed yet?

These are a few shots from a couple of years ago. You can see the rest of them HERE
some of you have already seen these. these are fairly unedited. good times. i went to the Burden Brothers concert and due to the size of my lens (teehee) i was able to climb on stage and get some really cool shots. 99% of event photography depends on me acting like i'm supposed to be there! Anyway, i miss my camera. so i'm paying tribute.

If you don't have any of their music, please get some now. Especially It's a Beautiful Night. It makes me smile. So does Dirty Sanchez.

Imaging USA is in January and i'm soooooo eager to go.

If you're bored (ahem, Jen) and like photography, i urge you to check out the following:

Christoper McLallen
Timothy Devine (interesting compositions here)
Kirk Edwards
and my new favorite Boutwell Studios

things that proved the full moon today:

Texas is apparently not so Kinky
Plumbers came to the house and said "Wow! you got a sewage LAKE! under here"
Said plumbers found my Massengil (how's THAT for embarrasing)
Random truck in parking lot BACKFIRED on me!
Paternal Unit almost justified Rush Limbaugh's nasty comments about Michael J. Fox. Then continued to tell me that he didn't support stem cell research. GASP!

friggin' Conservative Republicans


Hideous Kinky

i'm a registered voter. and it's sad that i know nothing about the reason we're holding an election in a couple of days. anyway, i know that my vote is going to Mr. Kinky Friedman because i love the heck outta his name. and because, as a thespian, i thoroughly enjoy his campaign poster being a rendition of Wicked.

gotta love texas. having a candidate for the governor's office that goes by the name of "kinky"

had Peach Cobbler this afternoon. after a nice brisket lunch. and then had a nap on the couch while watching Over the Hedge. Laken passed out on the floor. Having a toddler is the best thing in the world next to sliced cheese!

maybe even string cheese!


wtf, mate?!

i ate a whole sandwich baggie of chocolate cookies after running on the treadmill for 45 minutes.



sometimes i love myself

i probably won't tomorrow
because it's 3am and i'm up
finding new hobbies
like movie making

i am working out the price lists
for the freelance gig
have so many ideas swimming in my head
it's nutso!

come january
$3000 worth of new camera stuff!
am so ready for this
can we say "fisheye lens"

anyway here is the movie i've been up making
shortly after i finished research on schizophrenia

perfect wind-down

that's my little cousin
she's not so little anymore
i used to change her diapers
now she's in college
and does my babysitting!

crazy little thing called life!

tomorrow i think i'm gonna get my hair did!
i need a pick me upper

and this time change has knocked my son's
sleeping schedule all out of whack
he's still tired at the same time
only it's an hour earlier

see... and at one point
i almost believed i was mental
for having such a hard time adjusting

happy humpday

i'm going to the gym to work on my fitness
love the f to the e.r.g. the i. the e.