Just As i Am...



hola hola!
greetings after the holiday weekend. you know, this is a horrible thing to say, but it's only a matter of a few years before we start celebrating 9/11 with a cookout and an ice chest full of beer. Seriously, was "memorial day" really supposed to be about this? and sales? My roommate says (of the 9/11 sales) "Everything will be Ground Zero!" we're awful. and on our way to hell.

anyway, it was a busy weekend. My cousin, Megan, graduated high school. Graduation was fun. and i was the appointed photographer. I tried to get some pics of my gramma, but she wasn't having it since she wore two different shoes. hahaha! good times.

My friend Steve came over with a pool for Laken. and a baby lawn chair. he LOVED it! with a capital LOVE. there are more pictures for you to look at by clicking HERE . We had a blast with the pool and we are all secretly waiting to jump in with him since it's big enough!

They didn't have cool pools like this when we were kids. All we had is the plastic one with the turtles painted on the bottom. the one you had to push the side down in order to drain it.

but noooooo. Laken gets this thang!
a mini water park. complete with a slide. ridiculous. you can see this from our front door window and laken loves to play at or near the windows. first thing this morning he walked over to the window, saw the pool and then started crying cause we coudn't go outside. i'm afraid to take him outside because he'll get really pissy if he can't play in it. or even if i simply bring him inside. he loves it out there. and since i'm a big sun-phobe, it's a bit difficult to compromise. i'm the mommy though. so, i get to say, "BECAUSE I SAID SO!" and come inside.

and because i've been such a nice girl lately. i got the ring i asked for!!! how nice is that?!

tonight we're supposed to go to a baseball game. but i think that's going to be a no go since we can't find one of the tickets. waaaaaaaaaaa.

my guilty pleasure of the weekend has been the Laguna Beach marathon on MTV. i'm all caught up and can't wait for The Hills to start. can't believe i'm watching MTV. i seriously didn't leave my living room for about three hours. thank goodness for TiVo. we recorded it and then i watched it sporadically throughout the afternoon.

anyway, i'm off to play with my kid. toodles y'all!


what just happened?

*** did a guy that i sorta-dated earlier this year really come over to my house out of the blue this week and proceed to tear his long toenails off by hand and flick them onto my driveway?

*** did i really take my camera out with me to capture "mommy's night out" and forget to take my memory card with me? And did my friend pull one out of her purse and say, "it's your lucky day, because i have my memory stick with me, but not my camera" ??? not the right kind of memory card - so it didn't work. but, how do two grown women fail to have one complete camera in their purse?? it made me giggle.

*** when i was sitting on the toilet last night while my friend was making eggs in the kitchen, i saw a ginormous spider on the tub. so i yelled, "steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve, come kill this spider." i'm not afraid of spiders. but this one was brown and big. so i'm thinking, brown recluse. so i opt to endanger my friend instead. so i'm still sitting on the porcelain throne, doin' my business when he takes his shoe off and smashes it. then.... 20 or more BABY SPIDERS spew out of this thing!!! We killed a pregnant spider, y'all. oh, karma. i JUMPED off the toilet - my panties around my ankles and start screaming. yes. this is how it happened. it's funny now. but last night it was scary stuff.

*** i went to a birthday party for one of laken's friends. while i was there, i realized that i would be doing this for the next 10 years (at least) of my life. As the shock is setting in, i hear a little kid pitching a fit and screaming his head off and realize, I hate other people's kids. I love my son. don't get my wrong. but other people's kids. yeah, no thanks. and it's not so much the kid. kids will be kids. but parents that don't do anything about it, drive me insane. so maybe i don't like adults with kids. hmmmm. anyway, the point is: I'm not looking forward to ten years worth of birthday parties.

*** i was out watering the lawn in the morning. was bending over to grab the sprinkler when my roomie comes out screaming "chriselda nooooooooooooo" and she's laughing tears. and i said, "yeah i know my pants have a hole in them" as i'm reaching around to cover it up. and then i realize it's not a hole, it's a whole piece of material missing from my pants!! i swear to you it was HUGE! and i'm wearing a thong and i just exposed my crack to the neighborhood and all the people at the bus stop!

*** during happy hour on thursday, a random stranger with chunks of dip stuck in his teeth bought us a round of margaritas. then proceeded to tell us that we should have a camera follow us around beause we were hilarious. then some girl blurts out, "Are you staring at my titties!?" weirdest. thing. to. say. ever.

anyway, seriously folks. this shirt right here is FANFRIGGIN'TASTIC.
i must have it. used to be on team meredith until i had to watch her put out during the season finale. see, before it was ok. they were in love and whatever. but now that McCreepy chose she-shepherd over Addison, she knows his deal. and she still spread 'em. and for those of you who ask why she's considered a whore - here's the reason: broken penis guy. he who runs guys. mc dreamy. and gawd knows who else. even SHE knew she was whore. she took up knitting. argh. i am sooooo on team Addison.


sunny day... takin' the clouds away...

laken cried last night. lots. i think he was having nightmares. so i took him into my room with me. GASP! and he slept in mommy's bed. this morning, i woke up and he was inches in front of my face. he smiled when i opened my eyes, then practically swallowed my face whole with his kisses. sigh. i love being a mom. no other male in this world will watch me sleep and think it's cute enough to deserve a kiss before i brush my teeth.

lookie lookie!!!

phew. i'm so relieved. total cost for camera repair? $10.83 niceness!
so i sent a text to my friend and said it was fixed and i'd pay for it but he had to buy Laken a swimming pool and baby lawn chair in exchange.

Then i tried to tell him that since i had suffered a noteable amount of pain and suffering, that i needed to be compensated with this...

the african beaded ring from James Avery. he wasn't amused. In other news...

Gosh Darnit... PEAple love me!!!

This is Cathy Caroline's layout of Laken. girl is such a spunky little scrapper. thanks a ton of times over! love this to bits. love that one of your peapraise said "just think someday soon you will scrap one of your own....hehe" Is there something you need to tell us???

And my girl, ASHLEY did this one for me! i was so surprised! thank you so much! i LOVE this! i was crackin' up with all the graph paper facts. you are too too much.

i should do this more often. just ask people to make pages for me. then i don't have to flippin' do it! yesssssssss! this seriously helps my scrapper's block.


church sunday: kids choir is doing a special. upbeat music, blah blah. and then all of a sudden a little boy is rapping. and then they bust out with "You down with G-O-D? Yeah, you know me!!" i swear it! i can't make this up. a couple of minutes later they're sing "oooooooh yeah. what have you done for HIM lately?" and i'm laughing. HARD. seriously, naughty by nature and janet jackson have found their way into a church choir production. i've seen it all.

conversation between me and my roommate:

Chriselda- "the reason good looking guys have ugly girlfriends is because they keep her around so there will always be that woman that is good to him. she doesn't want to lose him."

Jessica - "i'm pretty. and i treat my boyfriends well."

(long pause followed by silence. i blinked a few times) then...

Jessica - "that's why i'm divorced. and single."

bwahahahahahahaha! good times!


don't mind me

so apparently, blogger is being a jerkface and only letting me a wee bit of photos at a time. which sucks, because i have about two weeks worth of Photo of the Day shots. and here they are...

{May 5th} this is a ball that was in our garage. it's odd to me. so i had to take a picture of it. the more i stared at it, the more disturbing i found it...

{May 6th} a rack of Basic Grey at my local scrapbook store. There's nothing like retail therapy. finals were over. i failed failed failed. and basic grey was there for me. in all it's infinite glory... it was there!!!

{May 7th} my favorite way to spend my afternoons these days. we sit outside in our lawn chairs. heat. flip flops. frozen margarita. paradise!!! loves me some summer summer summer summer time... just sit back and unwind! (and there's that ball again...)

{May 8th} Chance of scattered thunderstorms...
ummmmm. where? i remember sitting out in the driveway and looking at the sky and wondering if the meteorologists in our town are smoking crack on a daily basis. how in the world does this pose a thunderstorm threat??? (those are clouds - in case you're on crack...)

{May 9th} I wish i could eat like this and have people think it was cute. We went to Johnny Carinos and laken finally found a "thing" for chocolate. of course, it was short lived and he had about five seconds of cake before pitching a fit. but still, this photo right here makes mommyhood all worth it. just to know that your kid is content in a piece of cake.

{May 10th} My scrap space. formerly known as "the dining room table" My roommate. i think she secretly wants to be able to eat at the table. but then again, there's no tv in our dining room. so maybe not...

{May 11th} i know i said i would leave them unedited. but this photo was inspired by another blogger. and since i read about 60something blogs, i can't remember who. so i can't give credit. but, it's due somewhere!! another photo of laken in the tub. lord he loves his baths... even on days other than wednesday. teehee!

{May 12th} We went grocery shopping. this is my most favorite thing to do because i feel so domestic. this trip to the store came shortly after an episode of 30 Minute Meals and the mailman coming (coincidentally) with my new issue of Rachel Ray's Everyday Magazine. yayness.

{May 14th} waaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on our hands. there was a dead bug in the driveway. and we're outside. and decide that smoking kills. see? apparently, setting bugs on fire (which i didn't have the heart to do) is a sign of psychosis. or something like that. don't ask me. i'm no social worker!

{May 15th} i don't know why. but i love this photo of myself. can someone please scrap it? i'll give you a dollar! i can't decide if it's because my eyes look ginormous. or because there's a hair chunk waaaay misplaced or because i was having a good eyebrow day. but i like it. so scrap it dammit!!! (thank you)

{May 16th} "Got an eye booger the size of a walnut" - best line ever from My Name is Earl. if you don't watch it. please do. you might lose a few brain cells with each episode. but if it don't inspire you to laugh at life... i dunno what will. Now, "go get mommy's stripper shoes out of your toy box."

{May 17th} My son. so stinkin' cute. he's wearing his basketball clothes because it's playoff season. Spurs 3 Dallas 3. YES it makes a difference which team wins. even though they're both Texas teams. dallas schmallas. yeah, you heard me Scott and Michelle!! Anyway, laken has been decked out in anything with a basketball on it just as often as i can wash it. i think i need a Spurs Jersey for him. heck yes!

And that is the end of my photo of the day. i know i'm behind a few days, but that's because my friend broke my digiRebel. what? yeah, i said it! on the world wide web!! whatcha gonna do? Just kidding. you know i love you and your wallet for fixing it. you'd better hope that it gets fixed at the store and doesn't have to get shipped out to canon though. because if i have to go without a camera for more than a month, i will scream and buy myself a new camera. and this will cause me to go into the red with bills and then we won't have heat or running water... and it will be all your fault!!!!

ok... now, back to whatever it was you were doing before i bombarded you with my insane photography!


what was i saying???

Happy Birthday Amy!!! the big 2-6!! see, right now it's still legal to list your actual age. in three years we'll stop counting. (at least i will)

amy and i have been friends since the pre-pubescent days. back when we were both skinny bitches that thought we were fat. now we'd kill to be that small again.

i can't believe so much time has passed. and we're all growed up now. we've gone from passing out drunk in people's lawns to having careers and lives and bills and babies.

in other news... my SPURS WON!!!! woot. game 7 - at home! we got it baby, i have FAITH!!! (que George Michael...)

furthermore, i have a sh'load of Photo of the Day pictures that need to be uploaded, but i don't feel like messing with blogger. so there. i'm just here to make your bloglines go BOLD!

true story. and... my new word is "maniac"

she's a maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaniac. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaniac. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaniac, that's for sho'!!!!!


...speaking of random

so i'm reading again. and that's always nice.
the first one is Broke Diaries. love this book. it's hilarious and side splitting.
second, the Imperfect Mom. because we all are. and this is a book full of non-Marthas that eff it up from time to time. Have yet to find a story about hot wax all over a child's back... but still. it's REAL!
third is Smashed, which will be my next pick for my book club with Scott. so order up big boy! it's a book about a girl who spends her life DRUNK.

hey look. my life's theme in three books: broke, imperfect, and drunk. niiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

* was driving home last night after picking Laken up from the Paternal Units' home. (aka, Gramma's) and was driving about 64 in a 70. laaaadeeeedaaaaaa. and then this truck gets on my ass. so i'm between an 18wheeler and this truck. no biggie. i'm not concerned. then this truck pulls out of the lane behind me, into the next lane for about half a second, then darts back in behind me and flashes his lights. His red and blue and white lights. so i say "what the hell am i getting pulled over for now??" So i pull over and the nice "Highway Patrol" says, "ma'am you were following that semi too closely!" Isn't that an opinion? hmmmm. So, i tell him that i couldn't slow down because he was behind me. he's looking at my windshield at this point with his flashlight and sees my expired registration. again. So he tells me it's expired and i break into story "this is my ex husband's car. he lives in san antonio, i can't renew it through this county because there's still a lien on it. so i had to send the form to the tax assessor there. and they'll mail it back to me." then he asks for my proof of insurance. DRAT! i don't have insurance because i can't afford it because i keep getting pulled over and being threatened with jail and orange jumpsuits. it's a vicious cycle, i tell ya. anyway, so there goes another $200 on that ticket. thanks, buddy.

fun little facts:

i always open a bag of chips upside down. those little grab bags. can't eat 'em unless they're opened upside down.

i don't have much of a sweet tooth. don't like chocolate. i have a Nestle Crunch on my desk that has been sitting there for two days. it's half eaten.

my second toe is longer than the first one. (which means i'm going to be dominant in any relationship) Which, scientists are trying to prove means you have a genetic predisposition of becoming a homosexual. Also, if your ring finger is long than your index finger, yup... you're a carpet muncher deep down. Did i just say that?!

i must admit that i mostly buy books because the cover appeals to me. either that or the title. For example: How to Pee Standing Up. Good times. see, i AM judging a book by it's cover

i've read a ton of books before they became movies. like the Yaya Sisterhood, House of Sand and Fog, Memoirs of a Geisha, The Notebook, Girl, Interrupted, White Oleander and the fantatic Bridget Jones Diaries. I'm sad that i didn't read the DaVinci Code before now. But!!!! Two of my favorite-ist novels are movies now. The Devil Wears Prada, and The Nanny Diaries. I have an extra copy of the Nanny Diaries that i will send to the first person who asks for it... if anyone wants it. Now, i'm just waiting for the "Shopoholic" Movies to come out. cause that would be swell. and i'll even take the part for FREE!!! (brush up on my english accent. If Rene Zelweger can do it, so can i!)

i like to ramble

i am full of useless information and it spews out randomly. like, while watching Letterman last night. Kid science projects and one of them starts talking about Newton's laws of Motion. and there i go... "an object in motion...." N.E.R.D alert!

i have several MLA Handbooks. it's a guideline for college students to use. helps you avoid plaigerism and yada yada. i love them. am addicted to them. have three. including one that is pocket sized.

i love things on keychains. Chapstick, Sharpies, flashlights. now you can get that bleach pen on a key chain. but my all time favorite??? SUNSCREEN! sunscreen on a key chain. best. invention. ever!

Grey's anatomy is over. i sobbed like a little girl. i won't spoil in case some of you missed it. but effin' Izzy is the dumbest person ever. and what the hell was up with no-neck-Torres? she's so freakin' ugly and i'm so sick of her attitude. and why does meredith get to be a whore and we all love her? WHY?

almost have no desire to watch American Idol tonight. what for? not that it's all about chris, because i started feeling this way when ace left. but c'mon. what is this top three? who the hell??? Anyway, here is an interesting article for those of you who think that it's all fixed. Puh-lease. losing american idol is the best thing to happen to Chris. And can people stop saying how awesome Taylor is. c'mon. if he wins, what the hell is he going to do? dance around on stage like that all the damn time? sure it's fun. for the first five seconds. but, unless you're drunk or on your way... i really don't think this is "entertainment" for much longer than that. i can watch that at any bar in america for free. so Click here for AI Voting Strategies... Makes complete sense. only, i think Chris's Votes will go to Taylor.

ok... i'm tired of this. have a great day. off to blog!


It's my Blogger-versary!

A while back i decided that i would write a little love note to you weekly. yeah. that didn't happen. So, in honor of my one year anniversary of blogging... i'm here to gush!

My actual blogbirthday is tomorrow, but i have a full day tomorrow so i'm doing this now!!

first off, let me just say that this last year has just been amazing. I discovered the blessings that come from having your daily serving(s) of your vegetables... and my life isn't and never will be the same.

So, last march i did a bit of surfing. saw some stuff that totally blew me away and then... i saw this girl's stuff. this young, beautiful, woman. and she's was a single mommy. and i remember feeling oh so excited because i was there... and i felt connected. and not alone in this world. and i emailed her. and she replied. and she told me to hang in there.

she's younger than me - but it keeps me hoping. wishing. praying. and KNOWING that it can be done!!! it can be done!!!

So here's to you AMBER NICHOLE! because i have never told you just what you've done for me!

i've never told you that your blog not only inspired me to write and feel and put it all out there
but it lead me to start one of my own
and then i met a ton of wonderful women in the process.
i have never told you just how much hope i find in you
how much faith i have in myself just because i see all the dreams that come true for you...
Here's to you for being so in love with life
and your son
and RG
and living
and loving
and creating
... just being!
i admire your strength and courage
your love of patterned paper
i love that you have handed toilet paper to Frou Frou when she's run out
i love that you have had a hand in the inspiration process that is the Effers
i love you because you're you and you don't apologize for it
love you because you can wear white pants and post your ass on the world wide web
love that you put wee-man's videos on your blog
love that you found the old man on the bicycle and humping lady bugs... and road signs for effer-town
love that you let us in
because in more ways than one
(and i'm sure i speak for more than myself)
you have come into my life
and heart
and motivation

and i thank you!



just a few pics for you. my life is not interesting right now but i'm being hounded for an update. so here it is. so i had to do this LATE LATE LATE layout for my color cj. and it was "Aqua Martini" so i had to drink. yay! but, this is the second part of the CJ, and that, my friends, is NOT alcohol in the martini glass. it's an Ocean Water Slush from Sonic. Yes this is me... SOBER.

Brynne got to see me drunk. and passed out at IHOP, waking only long enough to shout that i needed my WHEAT NOODLES!!!

and people... this is my new 'do. i got my haircut monday morning. might have it colored this weekend. i had a funeral to go to that morning and was NOT FEELING any sort of motivation to do my hair. so i had it washed, cut and styled for me!! bwahahaha. i'm so lazy.

the last one is of laken. threw it in for good measure. love that the duckie is flying through the air. nice ness.

Went to Johnny Carinos for dinner and had the worst service ever.
went to court for the tickets i got two weeks ago. $300+ worth of fines. yay!
went to the scrappy store this afternoon and special ordered some goodies. should come in tomorrow! so excited. need me some mother's day projects.
went to the post office to mail off cjs - April... shoot me now. realized when i got there that i didn't have my wallet. screw! they go out tomorrow. i swear it!

alright. one more final tomorrow morning. Genetics. blech.
and then i'm done.
stick a fork in me... i'm done!!!

p.s. i really don't have multiple chins... it just looks that way because i have a dimple in my chin. creates and optical illusion. but.. i really am fat. so believe it sister. i have a big butt and i cannot lie. and in case you haven't seen this JAZZ... please click on this and spend the next six minutes laughing your tookas off!


a little unwell....

sorry for the scrappin' post... but this is too funny to pass up! So i've been on the phone with Michelle all night. we did a photo swap and i'm sitting at my computer printing pictures and then the mayhem ensues.

1. i can't figure out why my printer isn't working. and then i realize it's out of paper.

2. ten minutes later, i'm scream "Michelle, i have a headache. it's not printing again!" and then i realize, i've pressed pause. DUH!

after a cup of coffee, i sit down to do some scrappy stuff for Michelle. and the whole time i'm telling her how cute it's turning out and where are my K's? I tell her about my crush on a fellow blogger and she asks "who do you love more?" and i tell her, i can't answer that. so she says "between me and him... who would be the maid of honor?" and i think she's missing the point of the whole "crush discussion" Meanwhile, my scrappy page of her daughter is coming right along... and then bam! here it is!

then for some reason, i decide to ask her, is it Cassandra with a K? or a C? and she says "you ASS!!!! it's with a C. " and then this had to happen:

i feel like such an ass. i can't believe i did that. and i'm laughing. cause it's 2am and i'm still awake. and talking to michelle for going on four hours or something ridiculous like that. and i should know that her daughter's name starts with a C. i mean, michelle is going to be my maid of honor, after all. i tell her i'm embarrased and she says "i'm embarrased for you" and then later says "kkk? i'm kinda scared. you're not racist are you? my poor daughter"

sometimes, i'm brilliant. the guy at the convenience store today was making fun of me because i failed to give him the right amount of money. when i asked, "is that not enough?" he looked at me like i was stupid and said "are you a drop out?" i laughed my head off the whole way back to my car...

ok. tomorrow. back to the regular, non scrappin' posts



ok. i'm not a big sports person. but i LOVE me some NBA playoffs. i also like Hockey and NASCAR. you know how NASCAR got it's name? someone said "hey, that's a niiiiice car!" lmao. NASCAR, get it? oh lord.

anyway, this will be a picture loaded post because i LOVE my San Antonio Spurs beat it up and are now on to round two for the playoffs. HECK YES!!!

i used to have a thing for the Tony Parker dude, but then he got with yucky Eva Longoria. NEXT!?

The photos that follow are just weird photos that i am so thankful for. basically because they were OUT THERE just waiting to be saved as. And now, i'm sharing them with you because i rawk from time to time. and these are just fantastic. make me laugh. teeheee.

Hey kids! play nice!! seriously, sometimes basketball pisses me off. we're supposed to be running up and doiwn the court... not rolling around on it.

point proven. c'mon bruce. this isn't a slip and slide...

Am i the only person that finds this picture to be dirty? look at Big Shot Rob's face. if Tony wasn't leaning forward, this wouldn't be nearly as funny. Gives new meaning to the phrase "Stick it to the man!"

Look! Tim Duncan can palm Manu Ginobli's head. now THAT'S talent!

poor manu. i don't know what is funnier. the fact that his shorts are extended like an "i lost 500lbs on the Subway Diet" commercial, or his facial expression. Sheesh. i hope he wasn't wearing an underwear with any Skid Marks.

In other news: i was watching TV this morning and drinking my nice lemonade. And on comes this commercial for this Mexican restaurant. then all of a sudden i see this

ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to Laken's Dad. he is the one on the right. Imagine my surprise to see him on television at 11am. lemonade almost spewed out of my mouth. This had the potential of ruining my day. Stupid idiot. for those of you who know my saga, you'll understand. for those of you who don't here's the quick summary: alcohol. whoops. baby. no dad. three visitations in the 13months of laken's life. no child support. and then i see him on TV??? i put it on pause and made a joke about putting laken in front of the tv and say "there's daddy." then i drop kicked the televsion. (just kidding)

Horrible thing - laken was crawling around the floor and playing with the cord to my potpurri pot (why is that pronounce "poh-poh-ree" ???) anyway, i said "LAKEN! NUH UH!!" and he stands up, trips on the cord, falls on his face, and then gets covered in hot wax!! poor kid. he screamed. and i flipped out. i'm such a horrible mom. he's fine so don't get all worried.

second horrible thing - So i'm on the phone with Michelle, who affectionately calls me "MARY" because she says "chriselda" just doesn't work for her. Anyway, so i'm walking around the house while talking and i start screaming. she says "Mare? Mare? what happened?" and i tell her that i've stubbed my toe. and she says "So, this has nothing to do with ME. let's talk about me. " and i reply with "YOU BITCH!" lmao

ok. i'm off to surf scrap blogs and kiss her butt so i can get a nice package courtesy of miss burberry girl!!!


there was a time, when i was so broken hearted - love wasn't much, of a friend of mine....

phew. don't really know why i'm singing Aerosmith at 9am. but, such is life. anyway, i told "Cathy"Caroline that i would participate in the Photo of the Day thing with her. and here's the deal...

i used to be a big fan of Film. really wanted to stay along those lines. but, then Canon put out a Digital Rebel... and i haven't seen a roll of film since. Truth be told, i like digital. but there's nothing better than film. i love the feel, the grain, the .... mmmm. i can't even describe it. so, if you ever get a chance to work with film, and i mean develop it and all that good stuff - don't pass it up. it will change your life.

So lately, i have spent a sh'load of time in the "digital darkroom" and have decided - i don't want to do that anymore. So, for this POTD thing, i am going to post my pics as is. it's amazing what a camera can do if you have a little creativity...

{May 1st} my fridge. we're not health nuts by any means. so, look past the OJ, water, lactose free milk (that's for laken) diet dr. pepper, and soy yogurt. really focus on the the third shelf. the pizza. this was a diet spoiler for me.

{May 2nd} My required reading for the semester. I haven't been reading it all this time. and i had this paper to write for my final. so that meant.... yup! One book. One night. not really sure how i pulled it off, but i did. i'm sure it had something to do with being up until 5am though. it was good. Two thumbs up. fine holiday fun. see... and you thought i only read blogs...

{May 3rd} i've been sick. and it sucked. i really like this picture. mainly because the camera failed to focus on anything. but mostly because this is how i spent my day. lying on the couch. sick. and out of focus. hey, i lost three pounds though!!

{May 4th} that's right. laugh it up. i can't even make biscuits. i swear i tried really hard. my poor son. he's going to suffer from malnutrition. i tried to make these last night. and seriously, who can't make biscuits? open pop can (or in my case, have roommate open pop can because i'm a ninny and get FREAKED out when it pops), place on cookie sheet and in oven. and whalla! BURNT biscuits.

{May 5th} this one was taken really early this morning. this is laken's baby monitor. it has always been important to me for him to have his own room. granted, it's right across from mine, but i still believe in it. you'd think that since i'm single that i'd want him in bed with me. but heck no! that's what they make baby beds for. i'll shake my finger at you if i find out your child is co-sleeping with you. esp if you're married! big no-no. so laken and i will share my bed maybe once a month. maybe. and usually only for morning naps. so here is his monitor. it's amazing! it's really clear. doesn't pick up the neighbor's phone conversations or anything like that. BUT it's too good. it's enough to rattle me out of bed. and it lights up and all that good stuff. makes no sense. i mean, if the noise doesn't wake you up... why would the light??

We went to go see "Stick It" yesterday while playing hooky from work. then we were pumped to work out. (and work off the large popcorn, movie nachos, cokes, and jujubees) We ran out to the track and ran around it a few times. a mile. and that 20 minute jog took almost two hours and a hot shower to recover from. i felt like my esophogus was going to implode it hurt so bad. What can i say, we were inspired by little girls in leotards. So this morning, when laken was waking up and crying... i let him cry for about 10 minutes until i could muster up enough leg "oomph" to get out of bed. i'm so out of shape. you'd think i'd climbed Mt. Everest with the way i was limping into his room.

anyway, i'm off to barnes and noble to get me some coffee and read a nice book. do you think they'd find it weird if i brought in my blankie??