Just As i Am...


just because it's 5am

camera still isn't back
i have a Senior Session on the 4th
a wedding on the 10th
both are paid sessions

let the stress begin...

P.S Girl Scout cookies are always on sale this time of year. first part of January. anyway. i'm down to Two Boxes.... time to hit 'em up STYLE!


lookie lookie!!!

Girl Scout Cookies are on sale
and on my ass now in the shape of 50 extra pounds
I got my business cards for the freelance gig i do
and realized i can't spell "approching"
i'm watching a Nick Nolte movie
and i don't know what it is
but i'm too lazy to change the channel

I think i might scrapbook soon
So, I auditioned for another play
i did well
i didn't get it
Which, is honestly ok with me
i mean i'm sad
but a little relieved
mostly relieved
i tried
win some
lose some

also got a new Lomography Fisheye Camera
best money i ever spent

here's a little sample of the goods (and my photoshop skills)

oh and... if you are all into PS, they released CS3 and you can get the Beta at Adobe's Site

oh em jee (omg)

laken is drugged in this picture
he was sick
we were on our way to Cracker Barrell
for meatloaf

i'm tired


where's the tylenol?

no more kate and owen
still don't understand the Family Stone
You're the One that i Want - almost the best show on TV
60s music... it should run through my veins soon, hopefully

right now...

this makes me happy
he's so cute
and apparently, buff
i can't decided if i think he's hotter than his sister, Maggie

the kid is sick
and uber clingly

new words this week are "pwease" and "wheredgo" (where did it go?)
"wawa" (water) "leche" (spanish for milk)

i'm sure there are more
i want to travel
like, now

did sarah jessica parker just say "hold the phone"
when did she go ghetto?

also, if you have recently switched to blogger beta, i've lost your RSS feed on my blog lines. Michelle-O i can't find you girl...

and, despite that i leave no comments. i do read. i know that you've all take photos of the things you love in your house. i know that you're keeping things fancy simple. i know that your obessesed with posters. that your friend is recovering from a driveby, that Hawaii was great, that you drive barefoot in mississippi, that people are talking shit about you on other sites (you self absorbed biotch), that your pictures are rawking ass... and i'm looking right here!!!, that you're waiting to travel with your snappy new luggage, and that your scrappy skills are making me sick but i'm glad you're enjoying the beer... and i love the new avatar!

i love high heels
that's all


yay! i love things...

there are certain things i don't have
like a 26 inch waist
a trust fund
a song ready to sing for auditions next week
the scrappin' bug

but, i do have a sense of humor
and that gets me through it all
tonight, i'm orderin' pizza (screw the carb protest)
and sitting on my couch to watch
You're the One that i Want
heck yes
cheese galore
and i'm not talking about the pizza!

i'm not saying there's anything wrong with Tiaras
if you're getting married
or you are, in fact, a princess

i'm not saying there's anything wrong with
carrying around a magic wand either

... unless you're over the age of 5
this girl was celebrating her birthday
with the above mentioned
and it was ridiculous
she was so drunk
turned around and showed me $200 worth of
plastic necklaces hanging from her neck
i was just trying to eat my salad
had to snap this shot of her

went shopping today and picked up a couple of things
that felt nice
for once i got to shop for myself
this is the jacket i scored that will go great with jeans
i upped the contrast and levels, so it's a little different in real life
best part about this baby is the orange price tag
that would indicate "sale"

also added to the scarf collection
because there is no such thing as
"too many scarfs"
or is it scarves?

i love nothing more in the world than
laken-sized chucks!
heck yes!
he is the coolest kid in daycare right now
bet your ass he is!!!

he even says "chucks"
loves 'em
and i couldn't be happier
i saw them and was giddy all the way up
to the cash register

laken has a violent temper
and a lack of patience
it concerns me
he gets frustrated at his toys
and kicks and screams
so we're working on take twos
or three's or four's
with patience
this was a quiet afternoon with the puzzles
if you ask him what a cat says ,
he says "NO!"
... got a little more work to do with him...

happy sunday y'all
i'm not ready for tomorrow
school starts up again in 8 days
15 hours this semester
buncha crap if you ask me...


Counting Carbs, Counting Numbers, Counting the Days...

atkins day two
breakfast was eggs
lunch was peanuts
dinner was salad

i can't be a fat ass anymore
just can't
i did atkins for over a year before
and i loved it
then i got knocked up

so i'm returning

and then....

i sent my camera off for repairs
that makes me smile
because i know it's going to be on its way to me again
soon, hopefully

no mail tomorrow

It's the new year - and here are my goals

Be a better mom - i dunno if anyone is ever happy with their parenting - but i'm always going to strive for "better"

Not be a fat ass anymore

Surf less internet

now... look how cute: