Just As i Am...


tag, I'm IT!

holy cow! i've never played internet tag before. i thought i was safe on base. guess not.

anyway, Tricia you rock girlie! so you've tagged me and i have to share five absolutely random and pointless, unnecessary, unsolicited, information about myself... so here goes:

1. i'm an absolute Obsessive Compulsive when it comes to my shampoo bottles. They all have to be faced the same direction. And if one is at a 30 degree angle, so is it's corresponding bottle of Conditioner.

2. i usually go to sleep wearing my makeup. i know it's gross and soooo bad for the pores (not to mention my pillows) but i am so lazy when i'm sleepy.

3. my favorite color is white because -to me- it symbolizes purity, freshness, cleanliness... and i am NONE of those things! ;)

4. i wore high heels to the mall the other day and when i got home, i realized i'd rub the skin off of one of my toes. It is very painful... but looking cute in those heels was soooooo worth it.

5. when i was younger, we lived by the prison and we were watching the news one night and they were reporting that a convicted SEX OFFENDER had escaped from the prison and was probably in the area. and then my mom sent me out to throw the trash. i was so scared, and it was right in front of the house. but i ran out there - tossed the trash in and out jumped a flippin' cat! i've been afraid of the dark ever since...

i do have other things to post, but i'm going to go ahead and save those for tomorrow. Meanwhile - i hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my gals Linds

and Emily Kate!!! i hope your days are fantastic!

i did send you some mail love so please keep an eye out! i am sure it's late. i sent out a CJ the same day, and it was recieved - BUT Caroline had to pay 95 cents for it. Sorry, Cathy, i SWEAR that lady at the post office did that whole weight thing for me. it's her fault - not mine.


turns out...

i'm a playful kisser...

i stole this from my girl Bex's blog

Take the quiz: "What Kinda Kiss R U?"

Playful Kiss
The playful kiss is about you having fun and not needing to have feelings for that person. You just go with the flow! (i look nothing like these hoodrats! by the way!)

apparently - i'm a playful kisser. and wtf? the last ? asks if i'm a "Cheerleader/BI/Lesbian" why are those bunched up in the same category? more over... "no need to have feelings for that person"... does that equate to "filthy slut" as Kristi likes to call me??


screw the LOT of you!


what the eff?

just a few things i want to discuss...

1. i do NOT have an actual iPod. i am jonesing for one hardcore though! i think when i get my pell grant money i'm going to buy one. But, i also want a scanner... soooooo survey says: scanner or iPod? i already have an mp3 player, we went through this a few weeks ago - i was asking permission to call my current player an iPod even though it isn't really one...

2. what is up with the spam comments on my last post? who gets spam comments? (besides me?) i decided to leave them though because they make me laugh my arse off!

3. an ooooooold friend/ex boyfriend/ friend with health benefits - called me up at the OG last night and left a message for me to call him back. i did and we talked until 1am. he just got out of a really serious relationship and is super hurt. he's one of those guys that you know that is truly a good guy and gets treated like dirt. why do we women do this? and i'll be the first to admit i'm one of the guilty!

4. i bought myself some new pink earrings today. i'm having trouble with this whole clothes shopping thing. first of all - i am anti-girl. i hate all things girlie - gimme some high tech toys anyday! but shopping.... blech! so i'd decided when i got pregnant that i was going to be more girlie - start wearing something other than Old Navy clothes - and well, i've done okay so far. and i said "chriselda, you will buy yourself ONE outfit per paycheck" and i go to the stores and take Kristi's advice about my basics... and come out with NOTHING... but pink earrings! Secondly, working at Olive Garden and having to wear a tie will seriously put a damper on the quest for girliness - i can't help but check out ties everytime i go shopping. i feel so butch...

5. the other day i put my panties on inside out. i was sitting at my desk and felt a little ass draft - so i thought "surely my crack is showing" so i didn't want to be one of those girls and quickly felt back there and ... WTF?! there's a tag - then i realize they're on inside out.... AND i was indeed showing some arse. well, just the thong part... but i hate when i can see a chics thong.

6. i lost 4lbs. but found them this morning in my breakfast taco.

7. laken LOVES baby einstein - the frog character is his favorite - he cracks up. He also got a haircut from his "MOMO" which is my mom. He was looking pretty shabby so she basically scalped him. i'll have to post a pic this weekend. and ugh - i work mad hours from here on out. but one day - this will all pay off.

8. sorry i haven't posted to everyone's blog lately - you are all so great and there are so many of you that i read and get really close to and wish i could stay on the up and up with everyone. i need some phone numbers cause LORD knows i can talk on the phone!

9. it's time to get ready for work (again).

********************** i shall return here or on your blog *****************


we were like peas and carrots... again!

first of all, let me start out by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRISTI! i can't believe you're so old. haha! i'm right behind you girlie... i hope you had a fan-flippin-tastic day and that you have a great year!

in other news - Laken has started daycare this week. i feel like such a bad mommy for taking him there. i just feel like he's going to get sick and blech. anyway, he's also started solids this week. my pedi is like "you need to start him on baby food." Laken doesn't do so hot with a regular ol' bottle - much less baby food. so here he is in all his messy glory!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

beautiful ain't he? i'm such a sucker for this kid. one of my friends mentioned something about Laken being the most-kissed baby ever. and then i realized how much i kiss my son. i can't get over it! he has these fat little cheeks and an irresistable double chin! ya gotta!

work sucks - so tired of working. i need to hit the jackpot already and get it over with. i'll provide all the Basic Grey you can handle if i hit the lotto!!! lol. i love BG.

anyway, i'm going to go download more music onto my "iPod" i have to work returned mail all afternoon tomorrow so i'm sneaking in the music. i'm such a rebel...

with a rebel yell...


who are you and why are you reading this???

just curious because it has come to my attention that if you type in Chriselda - blog, in Google... this page shows up.

which means that if you know i keep a blog and i don't want you reading it - all you have to do is search for it. can i be any more of a dumbass?

so if you're reading this and you've found this page because you snoop... congratulations! you're meddling in my life! and if you want to know about what's going on in my life/head/heart... just flippin' ask! you don't have to come here to find it!


life sucks. work has drained me... horribly! i've been working my little arse off and it's killing me. but as of today - i feel much better "financially" i went and bought myself some clothes because - gosh darnit, i need clothes. and my HeShe friend Kellie is getting onto me for my lack of fashion sense. she says to me this morning "somebody needs to get you some earrings" I have little silver ones in... apparently this is not very trendy.

i'm not a trendy person. don't do it very well. in fact, i'd like someone to nominate me for that show "What Not to Wear" on TLC. every time i go shopping i think of Kristi and Ashley H. What am i supposed to wear?

Anyway, Kellie has two Louis Vitton purses... and i'm so no-fashion-ish that i don't even think i'm spelling that correctly. i got excited about my Old Navy bag. And then she walks in with a several-hundred-dollar purse that holds her lip gloss, a pen and maybe a little piece of lint. i feel so "yick" like i look plain jane.

so, shop for me ladies. i need help before Kellie wigs out on me and has to ask me again if i'm serious when i say "cowboy boots and skirts are ok sometimes."


i'm eating a s'mores pop tart - today's events led me straight to the carbs.

the scale is being super rude to me

i'm doing all i can to keep my eyes open

i'm washing laken's clothes. seriously... who changes their clothes 3 times a day besides him?

i'm excited cause there's money in my bank account. and more than the minimum required to keep it open

i'm enjoying my night off and completely missing my soap opera... dammit!


sorry - i had to take a break to watch the last 5 minutes of my Novela. i can't believe i'm so addicted. but it's getting super juicy!

meanwhile - i'm really exhausted and i think laken and i are going to go outside and get some fresh air. i got his three month old pictures today. he's such a cutie. he has this ONE hair that stands on end Alfalfa style. lmao!


Laken got a new toy today. a JuMpErOo! he loved it. just sat in it for.ev.er and stared at the lights and toys. i love how he concentrates and focuses so much on it. my mom came in and even SHE couldn't get his attention.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

such a great thing to come home with a toy and your kids just thinks you rock ass cause you brought it to him. he stare then look at me seriously as if to say, "hey mom! you rock ass!"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

**** funny story from today.

we're sitting in training at the new job - learning how to send emails through our intranet and the girl next to me says, "I sent you a practice email." well, i'm the cool kid in the class so everyone sends an email to me (i'm lying - there were only two) and she says "did you get my email?" i look at my inbox and say no. No emails from Kellie. and she looks at my monitor and says, "Yes! there it is!" and i look at the name of the sender and it says "Ronald K" i look at her and then it hits me!

Ladies and gentleman - we have a transvestite! Only he... or she... or heshe is going through sex change operations. i learned waaaaaaaay too much about that whole process today.

it was funny though. in a weird way.

anyway... i'm getting outta here... maybe i'll wake up on time tomorrow?!


it's monday again...

Tonight I'm:

tired of hearing about my own problems. so i will stop posting them here. haha! tired of being aggravated with my life. tired of being tired and drained and frustrated and lost and confused. i'm tired of it!

really wishing i knew the winning numbers to the lotto drawings. i'm so broke that i feel like i'll never catch up.

looking at my hangnails and trying to find the medical or scientific explanation for them. and mainly because i'm a complete nerd.

really wishing I had one of those sweet ass banners that everyone else has on their blogs.

listening to my dog howl like mad. i brushed her teeth today with beef flavored doggie toothpaste. yeah... that was nasty.

finishing up approximately one gallon of water today. it's a part of my new diet of eating every two hours, drinking nothing but water (except my morning cup of joe), and laying off the bad carbs! i will miss my cereal bowls and spoons. dreading the horrible gas that eggs and bacon gives me. (sorry, i'm sure you needed to know that!)

staring at the $6 i made in tips in the two hours i was working. wondering why i even bothered. TAX FREE weekend is a texas thing i think - but you can go shopping and not get charged taxes. and people come from the three bordering states to shop at our mall. MALL. not plural... just one. and they save a whoppin' 8%. somebody please explain the logic to me! how can you drive to another state, rent a hotel, or worse - bring your RV, dine out all flippin' weekend - just to save 8% on purchases? you'd have to spend $1000 to save around $100. just not understanding... that's all. anyway - it's the end of the weekend - everyone's broke and going back home - so nobody had any love for the OG tonight.

ready to go to bed so i can get this 6am-230pm work week outta the way. this is laken's last weekend with his babysitter. he starts daycare next week. my little boy - growing up. i think i'll hit the gym all week long... maybe i'll lose a pound or two.

wishing my hair was really long so i could pull it up in one of those messy ponytails.

feeling very confused about everything. EVERYTHING. i had an amazing clarity last night. but then it wore off. so... pffft, whatever!

ready to get this week over with.


still breathing....

well, i'm still alive - not sure if i'm actually breathing though. I've worked my little ass off this week and i'm sick of it. See, rundown...

my son was born in march, then i lost my job TWO DAYS before returning back to work from Maternity leave. it was a dirty hand my employers left me - but well, it brought me back home and here i am. i went FOUR months without working. So that equates to two months behind on the car payment. so now that i'm working again, i have to haul ass because i have a car payment, daycare, and random baby stuff to purchase all the time. (i get no help from daddy).

So this week:

i missed my DNA testing appointment. but apparently he showed up. the jackass. i seriously hope all sorts of bad things happen to him. i don't call him, don't answer HIS calls... he can eff off for all i care. he's had NO part in my son... other than the sperm donation - thankyouverymuch. and he's just there... less than 20 minutes away from US.... his son. and he asks me for a paternity test?! that things costs close to $600! all he has to do is look at the kid... he's the flippin' spit and image of him. so in four months of Laken's life, he's seen his father ONCE! ONCE!!! but really, at this point, who cares? and honestly - it's better that way.

I've worked from 8am-10pm or later in order to get car payments, daycare money, etc. I work a double today. i miss my life. miss my son who's spending the weekend with my aunt. i came home last night and looked at an empty crib. that's the saddest thing in the world.

I've spent a couple of moments with the new guy. i don't think this is going to work out. He's this big-tie Christian. And after our little suck-face situations, he decides that he doesn't want to build a relationship with me based on the physical and that he has spent his life to this point in the *wrong* kind of relationships, so he doesn't need another one. So.... he wants to back off physically and just be friends, get to know each other, and so on before we decide that we want to take things any further. which, is honestly a NEW thing to me. But i keep thinking... well, chriselda, this might be a good thing for you. this might be something that you NEED in your life. someone that you need. someone that is interested in more than your chest and getting into your pants. Sooooo, he calls the other night, wants to know if i can come over. Which is weird because he normally doesn't let me in his house. says "we know where that can lead to." So i'm there and we're just talking and then i decide it's time to take my little tush home. he walks me to my car... and that's it. sigh. Life confuses me. He confuses me. and well, i think i'm just too tired physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to try to pursue something. especially when i'm gonna have to play a cat and mouse game. So i guess - i'll leave things up to him and if he decides later that he wants something... i only hope i'm around.

****in other news ****

yes, i'm singing at my church. I can't say that i'm any good at it. but well, i'm not bad. i have stage fright out the wazoo. My friend Brad records artists for a living and well, he recorded me once... or twice... and many times when i was just goofin' off. Anyway, i made him turn all the lights off so he couldn't see me and vice versa. It's so cool to be in a freakin' studio and record yourself like that. Made me feel very professional.

Anyway, i picked out the song and have been singing it all week... day in and day out. trying to get my feel for it - make it mine (wink, kristi). I don't want to just walk up there and be a carbon copy of the original artist. It's a good song... just very nervous about it.

Jen - tell your honey that there IS a connection with coffee and a morning BM. also one with Taco Bell... but that's a given.

I'm so happy that my girls are getting their cards. I sent a few out last week... they are so much fun to make. So keep an eye on your mailbox. sometimes i like to just send random stuff out. I sent a card to one of the girls who is spending mad time at Starbucks studying for her test... Isaac had gone with me to purchase the gift card to get her some coffee. He says "you're only getting your friend a $5 card?" i was like, "friend? well... i don't really even KNOW this girl... " and well, that opened a can of worms. It's hard to explain my little community of friends. I feel weird about it sure... but i can't help it. honestly i think some of you - most of you are better friends than the ones i have in the flesh. Thinkers. feelers. something more than face value.

so i'm eternally grateful! (did i spell that correctly?)

i have to go take my weekly shower now. haha! i'm working a double today. thank GOD for deodorant.


somebody... please stop me!

so i've been MIA because i suck. basically, i'm waaaay overloaded and the only way i can explain it to people is to say that i think i'm a wee bit of an overachiever!

for starters, I joined the choir at my church, and am now singing a special next Sunday. I have an enormous case of stage fright - so this should be interesting. So i spent the afternoon yesterday looking for the accompaniment. i bought, then decided God was telling me to sing something else. so i went back. sigh.

i also started a new job at the Electric company. sigh. i will work 8-430 this week, 5-10 or later at the OG. then next week i work 6am-230. this bites. just thought i'd share.

school starts in about 27 days. i'm taking 17 hours this fall including: Organic Chemistry and the Lab, Physics and the Lab, Genetics, Speech, Volleyball, and some B.S. Life Wellness course about staying healthy. I like being UNHEALTHY!

i had to put all of my scrap stuff away and that was very saddening. not to mention exhausting.

i miss all of my girls (yes, you!) and well... need to stop adding more of you to my links of blogs i read. i think i spend a total of fifty million hours on the computer a week.

I got my car back from the shop today. and well, i forgot how to drive a standard.

the song on this blog just totally inspires, motivates, and moves me.... keeps me going. thanks very much.

there is a new bible i want to get - it's pink and orange and totally adorable. never knew carrying a bible around could be so fashionable. but it'll go great with my orange wallet (that i almost lost again - for the 4th time this year)

i've decided to stop with the sunflower seeds. my fingers are swelling like ... and i am developing KANKLES! (kidding)

and the new guy confuses, amazes, and captivates me in every flippin' way possible. he's definitely a Beautiful Mind....

okay gotta go!