Just As i Am...


dream with me...

i'm still gone. very much gone!!

Dependency on Electricity... still very much sucks

but i was out there today. with him. and i'm in love. with him. life. living. being. and just seeing it all for the first time again.

i am still gone... and this is - This is Why...

Theater for the Day:

"No, everything in life dreams. A bicycle dreams of becoming a boy, an umbrella dreams of becoming rain, a pearl dreams of becoming a woman, and a chair dreams of becoming a gazelle and running back to the forest..."


D is for Discipline

weirdest thing -
i was sitting here making invitations for laken's party and as i was writing my cousin's name - a commercial comes on Comedy Central for an attorney that can help you with bankruptcy and divorce. and it was my cousin!!!! who's invite i was licking shut!!! so freaky weird.

so... no pictures here because i'm exhausted. i think i need a break. and about $500 tomorrow. Now, let me just preface this whole thing by saying i love each and everyone of you dearly! i have met the most amazing people ever!!

  • but - and damn, i hate that i saw this coming... i have GOT TO TAKE A BREAK from blogging!!! i have overloaded myself with blogs to read (somewhere around 42 or something insane like that) Plus 19 hours of school! Two jobs. and now this play. it's stressful to be in a position where i have so much to pull off and i'm not sure if i can. for the first time in my life... i'm not sure if i can!

so, with that being said, please don't feel as though i've abandoned you. i'll probably still read you. maybe will do more lurking than anything. Just really need this for a week or so. i need to regroup. need to re-prioritize my life because lately, i've been failing to pick up extra hours at work because i have blogs to read and people to email. and that, ladies and gentleman, doesn't pay the bills. plus, sitting at home and not working as much, has left TONS of room for retail therapy.

i'm sucking in school

i still haven't finished Eleanor Rigby

i haven't put laundry away that i washed two weeks ago

i have a play to memorize

laken's birthday party to plan

and a life to live... aside from the computer

but i love you! and will definitely be back. if you need to dish, call or send me an email! because i'm at school all the flippin' time, i'm constantly at the computer.

btw - i'm blogging instead of studying for my physics test.


chriselda here...

wow! look.
it's me ... doing my own posting!

ok - so not a whole lot going on in my life right now. well, there's a ton of stuff - but it's not new. I have my first reading tonight for the play. i'm so excited. plus, i get to meet the guy i get to kiss. well, at least i'll get some action somewhere!!!

the next month will be crazy. My half birthday is coming up!!! (March 24th) so i fully expect that since the play opens the following weekend, that everyone is in town to help me celebrate.

and this... this is what i looked like this time last year. wow, i should've told the five year old taking the picture to try and make me look as skinny as possible!! So, this is me pregnant with Laken. ALMOST A YEAR AGO!!!! can you believe that?! My baby... is not so much of a baby anymore. He is almost a toddler. (Aren't you proud of me for wearing pink. - or just getting dressed in the first place?) So Laken's party is in three weeks. His birthday isn't until March 29th though. but since i have the play, and his "momo" (my mom) is working and traveling around that time... we opted to have it early. wow! i've never thrown a birthday party where i didn't get the guest of honor drunk. this should be fun...

(damn, i look huge. i dont' really think it was that bad...bad angle) haha! this is me now. i'm the one in the center. this is just my part time gig at hooters. i only do it once a month... that's why you never hear me talk about it. KIDDING! that's soooo not me. in fact, i don't even know why this pic is in My Pictures file. i don't have the slightest idea who these girls are... nice boobage though.

today i get to have lunch at chili's which we all know means i get to eat this...

there went the diet. but hell, it's not like i was really stickin' to it anyway. i love this shizzzz. it's so yummy. and i hope i just made all of you crave it too!!!

and i tripped upon my old siggy goodies and found this and cracked up laughing. gawd it's nice to feel like a kid sometimes...

ok - this was just a useless update - but i'm getting hounded by bitches who root for the cheese on the bachelor!!! ugh. someone please mail me some barf bags so i don't have to watch sarah gush about how "perfect" they are together and how they are just maaaaaaaaaaaaaade for each other. Doe she want to cuddle too??? yuck. definitely GAG ME WITH A SPOON!


***Another Guest Blogger ****

So Here I Am!!! And on time for a change.

Chriselda asked me if I would do a guest blog for her and I readily agreed after the following thoughts:

1) This idea has always intrigued me and I actually had a guest blogger myself a couple of months ago. Chriselda is being extremely brave though. Seriously brave. I was nervous about what exactly the guest blogger would write....and she knew me. Chriselda is putting her blog into the hands of a certifiable....um....never mind.

2) When I asked her for some details (as in ground rules) she had none! This was her response; 'I just like your writing and want you in my land so I can say I had a "piece of that!" (Yeah, I'm putty in her hands now. Weak in the knees and slack-jawed as well. I think if you look closely you'll see drool on my chin.)

3) Chriselda blogs in the nude. Honest. Well ok, I can't actually say I have a confirmed sighting but using my vivid imagination I'm sure that's how it is. (And she's cute so she can get away with this.)

So anyway I agreed to do this. That was the easy part since she stroked my ego, patted my head so to speak.

The hard part was deciding exactly what to blog about?

Quite the dilemma. As I recall Chriselda actually found me again last Fall after I deleted an old blog and started the one I currently have. I really didn't want to alienate her. But then after further thought, she's still reading me now...perhaps that's not going to be an issue.

You see I bring out two thoughts in most women I meet in life. Yes the dreaded 'double D's' if you will. (I disgust them and they discourage any further contact.)

(So what if I collect restraining orders like some people collect stamps or coins?? We all need our little hobbies.)

So where the hell was I? Oh....the dilemma. What to write about.

I thought the best way to determine this was to do a thorough blog inspection. So I dug around Chriselda's archives like a sorority boy during a panty raid. (I was impressed to say the least and actually a little more than just a little turned on. I'll send back any borrowed materials Chriselda. They were needed as research items, honest!)

(Can anyone tell me if it's necessary to dry clean a thong? Just wondering. Thanks in advance. Oh....some of this other stuff....so lacy and frilly...again....a little help here please.)

I am so easily side-tracked.

So back to the content of this post. What to actually write about.

I decided an in-depth interview would be the way to go. Since I own her blog today I get to make the rules though. I not only get to ask the questions, but I also get to provide the answers as well.

(She does have the right to refute any of her answers or for that matter go into greater detail if she wishes. After all....I'm not a monster and can be quite charming and thoughtful at times despite the restraining orders.)

'What is your favorite use for duct tape?'
'I really don't think you need to know this Mike. Just be satisfied that this wonder tape can spice up any room in the house.'

'If your nickname was Room Service exactly what would that imply?'
'It would depend on the type of room and who exactly is in the room. For instance Mike, if it was for you, it would imply soggy toast and lukewarm coffee at best.'

'What is your opinion on the prostitution of the tooth fairy?'
'What the fuck is the matter with you Mike? Don't confuse the tooth fairy with that slut Snow White and those seven little perverts she runs around with!'

'Do you consider yourself weird?'
'Not after meeting you. I must have been insane to let you do this to me!'

'What is your first thought before you go to bed?'
Chriselda: '
It used to be I wish I had the love of my life sharing this bed. Now it's pretty much did I lock the door so that perverts like you cant sneak in?'

'What's the meanest thing you've allowed someone to do to you?'
'Actually I'm starting to think that this is gaining ground. I will be kicking your ass in the near future.'

Mike: 'Would you ever participate in a threesome?'
'Only if the other two participants were you. Now before you get all big-headed let me explain. I figure as old and frail as you are it would take two of you to keep up with one of me.'

'How do you vent your anger?'
'I've made reservations at a very nice restaurant for us to show my gratitude to you. The best part is that it is strategically located within walking distance of both the emergency room and a funeral parlor. (Wear clean underwear.)' *** edited to ask if you normally don't wear clean underwear. if not, i've got a few that you can borrow...***

So that's all I've got. I think the last question pretty much sealed the deal and why should I push my luck?

Thanks for allowing me to make a fool of myself today Chriselda and best of luck on that leading role you landed in the play. Some day I will be able to tell people...well...any that will listen....that I knew ya before you became a big star!

********** thanks Mike! i crack up every time i trip on your blog. hopefully my readers are smart enough to find the links to your craziness in this post!! oh and...after your
Wedding Recap i'm beginning to think that you and I are over and that you've ridden off into eternal bliss with Deb. Can i at least be "the other woman?"


is this the prize i've waited for??

(above lyrics are from a Collective Soul song - "Run" to be exact)


so Valentine's was a mofo to me! i hate this day more than anything. and i'm happy to report that today... TODAY IS NOT VALENTINE'S DAY!

So i had that horrific flat tire that i drove two miles on before i realized it existed. so yesterday morning, i get up to change said flat, and realize that it wasn't just low on air.

no - someone has taken a stab at my tire!! can you believe this? let me tell you what having NO AIR in your tire and driving two miles on it can do to your car. $496.37 worth of damage!so whoever you are out there... i sure hope you're happy with yourself! i can barely pay for my daycare expenses... now this?

The fact is, that you never imagine that something like this can happen to you. and people say "i dunno what i'd do." and when i was sitting there staring at this whole in my tire- i didn't know what to do. i didn't know how to react. other than to cry.

anyway...i found another picture of me and brynne that i thought i'd share. and this is before they caught me bending over exposing my ass draft and red thong! yuck. i hate low rise jeans when i'm drunk. this is in the hall where i fell down and talked to Amy for a couple of minutes. I just lay the phone on the floor and my head next to it. Then brynne came and sat next to me. she thought it was funny. i think it's mean! but i am the one posting it on my blog. hmmm?? it's yellow and blurry and just a crazy picture... but so was that night!

Now... the one thing that made my day brighter today. (like my photoshoppin' skillz?)

Heck yes!!! you are looking at my name! on the cast list for the PLAY I'M IN!!! Click on that link and it will take you to their site and ticket information so i can see all of my honeys!!! I demand this! and i don't think it's too much to ask for you to hop a plane for the weekend and see my ass in a play. I'm so excited. And let me just toot my horn for a sec. Cause this makes me feel superb. I've never acted in my life!! Except for the times i've faked an orgasm. Never taking any acting classes. Never been in anything. I just went in. Did my thang. And now, i'm the lead female role in the city's production! can you say "HELL YEAH?!" I'm so thrilled. So ready. So proud of myself for doing something that challenges me - and isn't school related.

On a sad note - Jessica and I have a thing for our mailman. And he's been replaced. she saw the new guy this afternoon. Maybe he's on leave? Vacation? Sickies?? hmmm. anyway, he's gone. and i'm almost worried we won't see him anymore. He told Jessica that he thought she was cute and she shut the door in his face. she didn't know how to react. bwahahaha! and now... now he's gone! Way to go Jessica... ruin it for the rest of us. Now i'm going to have to wait for the Meter Reader to come read the electric meter...

alright - make sure you all plan to be here the last weekend in March or the first weekend in April. we can all sleep in the living room with sleepin' bags and have a giant pajama party! whatever it takes. i just demand that you all come! wooo hoooo! Happy almost-Friday!


Do America a Favor... Kill Cupid!

Who's a bitter beotch? Not i.
actually, i don't mind the holiday much - when i'm seeing someone. but well, i'm not. But!! Jessica and I are having a "practice round" for Fondue night. we are having some friends over later this week for fondue and thought we would practice. So tonight is girl's night. We'll have salad, cheese fondue, i'm making a brisket, and then red velvet cake. yummmm.

I have a date though. Laken. To be sadly honest, i have seen him for a total of 3 hours in the last 3 days. it's rather saddening. He's been with my mom and then i worked.

************ ooooooh! I had the audition. And i RAWKED ass! if i don't get it - that's perfectly fine with me (and i'm not just saying that to console myself in the event that i don't) The fact of the matter is, appearances aside - i have stage fright. But i got up there today and read like a pro. I even yelled, and batted my lashes real nice. I was super comfortable and don't know where that side of me came from. but it was nice. I find out Wednesday. Fingers crossed?

Truth - in many ways i want this bad! i think it would be a blast to be in a play. the city's Theater to say the least. I'd like to open the paper and read reviews.

and then... it's scheduled the weekend of laken's birthday (March 29th) and the weekend after that. If i get the part, rehearsals start next week. Five weeks of rehearsing and then one hell week - prior to the opening night. Can i do that? I've already got a full plate and sometimes i wonder if i'm really taking care of myself. But, i feel fine and while i am constantly tired, at least i'm doing something. If i weren't doing everything that i already am - i would just be tired from staying up surfing the net or watching old Sex and the City reruns. At least doing all that i do is my way of justifying it all. I'm doing it in the name of something!!!

but still, it's a committment. a fun one. i want the part. yes. i just decided it. i want it. but, if i don't get it, i'll be ok. I'm satisfied with my reading today! I had a private audition with my friend reading with me. This was super comfortable. i don't even know if i was all that nervous. Anyway, if i get the part, i fully expect to see each and everyone of you at one of the shows!!!

no excuses!

after work, i got in my car that is slowly falling apart. Please don't say "Nissans are such good cars" cause i'll gag. Mine is a piece. yup. it's slowly going to the dogs. So my car is really loud. and i decide i'm pulling over. Thought i had left the trunk open and got out to close it - only to realize i had a flat tire. not a low on air tire... a FLAT!!! i drove two miles like that. so i have to be up early in the AM to fix that. sigh. i'm so glad i have female empowerment and can change my own flats.

then it was a trip to Walmart. i went for cheese. and veggies for our fondue night. and came out with $178 worth of gawd only knows what. i think there are some new sharpies in there. the rest - i can't remember!

i'm up at 3am for no reason at all. maybe i have insomnia again. hmph.

well - hope everyone that wants to - has a happy Valentine's Day. and for the rest of you angry bitches - i'm right there with ya!!

lots of love!


might as well be a bull's eye!

Wow! This will be a picture loaded post. We were so crazy Saturday night. Sometimes, it's nice to leave the baby with the sitter (aka Gramma), forget that we're responsible adults and just LET LOOSE!! Brynne came into town to visit. Sort of a last minute thing. And just great great great!!

Saturday was awesome! Started out with depositing my Tax Refund into my bank account. Gawd i love tax season! and i highly suggest having kids so you can get that "child tax credit" or whatever. The lady said "i'll bet you have a nice weekend now..." HECK YES!! Unlimited drinking money!!!

So, we do the only thing you can when you have money burning a hole in your pocket. SHOP baby shop! Although, i only came out with two pants and an Old Navy purse thing. and some jewelry. ok ok ok! and two shirts for brynne, a shirt and shoes for Laken, sunglasses and some new tennis shoes. Phew. Honesty. Always better.

Jessica (the non-scrappin' roommate) took this picture. not sure what it is. but she later told us it was for our scrapbook pages so we'd have a picture of us going into the convenience store for booze, gum, and cash. although all she got was a shot of her dashboard...

Me and Jessica - before the madness began!

Me and Brynne doing the happy dance because she was finally buzzed and this meant she would dance. (Will you go to prom with me? and daaaance daaaance daaaance daaaaance?)

Here are the three of us doing the whole "let's take a picture with our tongues out" thang.

Here's Amy - who told Jessica to take this picture in case she ever ran for mayor or something... "oh my cock" amy! This is why i love you so much.

At one point, brynne told us to turn around and look at this. Said if she was forced to look at it, we should be too!

Brandon and Amy - the only couple allowed to participate in "single girls night out" I said, "let's get a pic of the two of you" and B grabbed amy's head and bit it. bwahahahaa!

We closed the place down. Jessica could barely walk from the pain of her high heel boots. We drove around town trying to find something else to do when we decided a potty break was well in order. We pulled into a convenience store where i apparently made nice with the clerk. Chriselda... tsk tsk!

Random pictures i took because i was intoxicated. and because a potty break clearly calls for the presence of the camera... love ice cream!

Me and Brynne at said convenience store. She was such a good sport. Wore my shirt that i bought her that read "Single and Fabulous" across the front. It was either that one or the one that had a picture of Ding Dong dessert cake or whatever and said "Everybody loves a Ding Dong." bwahaha!

We went home. Then decided that we were starving and hit up IHOP. No pictures here. But if there were any - the would more than likely be of me... sleeping.

Overall - we had a flippin' blast! We definitely need to hang out more often. I promise to stay awake this time. and if just hit me that you got pulled over last night. whoopsie. sorry you had to sit at the bar and eat artichoke and spinach dip until i got out of work. thanks for coming up! i'm so exhausted but it was worth it! even though we had to drink a jug of orange juice this morning because we were suffering from dehydration. too bad you couldn't stay longer and watch more meaningless television with us. i'm still laughing about the girl and the pie and the Snapple commercials, and nekkid people in phone booths! All 12 hours of your stay were so hilarious that even "my boogers hurt!!!"

eeeeeewwwww -----> (insert "our" noise there)

i'll send you some pics and tape for that money you tore!!

EDITED TO ADD: Jill, i totally wanted to drunk dial audioblogger. but they wouldn't let me. which was probably a good thing. so i'm counting on you to make me proud.

and!!! did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night? i flippin' sobbed. and i yelled at jessica, "why am i so sensitive???" lmao!!

and here is the video of the demon child - at least wait til she gets to the course. this cracks us up so much!



I don't get it....

* why i pluck most of my eyebrows out and then pencil them back in
*what people have against mayonnaise and French fries
*or cheese and syrup
* what is seriously so difficult about putting my panties on in the morning
* why i spent two hours coloring my hair the same exact color
* why people say they are going to BLOW UP a picture. It's "enlarge." ENLARGE!
* Why i lost my daycare assistance because i have "too much college credit" And all of a sudden being more eduacted is a CON?! Thanks Dubya!
* why i need over ten magazine subscriptions when i can't even read my school books and one recreational book. (wait, maybe that's why?? it's all making sense now)
* why fried foods go straight to my ass
* why <--- Sake (sock-eeeeeee) tastes like warm rubbing alcohol and can put hair on my chest * Why it's impossible to keep my mouth closed when putting on mascara * What's love got to do with it? Seriously. Can someone please tell me?
* Why all the good looking guys are gay. or taken. or both
* Why Jake Gyllenhaal hasn't called...
* The need to eat dairy products when i'm Lactose Intolerant...

* Why excessive/impulsive shopping is THE.BEST.THERAPY.EVER (bought myself a photo printer, battery charger for my digi batteries, some DVDs, and scrappy supplies) ---------------------->

* Why fried foods go straight to my ass
* How i juggle school, two jobs, volunteering, scrapping, blogging, and... oh yeah! Motherhood and everything else in between. I'm not tooting my horn here people - i just want you to understand why i've become some sort of MENTAL PERSON! (RAK to the first person that can tell me what movie that is from...)
* Why i can keep a diary for the world wide web to see, but cringe and lose my footing if one of my friends asks me for the URL.
* Why i have to go to school so long just to cut people open
* Why I don't get more mail love .... (shameless begging)
* If you give me your "two cents" and i give you a "penny for your thoughts" ... where did the other penny go?
* Why fried foods go straight to my ass....


Thanks for all the swell comments on my last post. I am thankful that i didn't get cheesy responses. It just makes me oh so grateful to have met so many of you great people that can relate to me - can understand that life is more than a pretty scrapbook. This is real people! and i'm so glad i got so many "girl, i'm right there with ya" responses! Thanks! I love each and every one of you soooooooo much! I'm fine though. I was out of it for a day. But life is ok.

In other news - my Brynnie boo is coming to town!!! I love this girl so much. Can't wait to create trouble! I'm taking her out to the bar - cause it's her birthday. We gon' party like it's her birthday. We gon' drink Bacardi like it's her birthday. Actually, her birthday is in March. But hey, we're making sure we start now to avoid the faux pas of missing it!!!

The pics of the CJs i sent out are on TWO PEAS GALLERY along with a shload of other goodies i have made. You just might be on there... i've been on a "scrap pictures of other people kick..." April, i sent out two CJs. Maria's and Muriels. You'll send Maria's out first. Sorry for the confusion! Just trying to stay afloat...

And thanks for listening to me ramble on... and on and on

- chriselda


You're just as far in as you'll ever be out - and these mistakes you made? you'll just make them again, if you only try turning around...

how do you fight the loneliness?
smile all the time?
shine your teeth to meaningless - and sharpen them with lies
and whatever's going down - will follow you around
that's how you fight loneliness
you laugh at every joke
drag your blanket blindly - and fill your heart with smoke...
and the first thing that you want - will be the last thing you ever need
that's how you fight it
just smile all the time
just smile all the time
just smile all the time

i have insomnia
i woke up to give laken a bottle and he had fever.
he's asleep again. but right after i finished with him, i had to come back to the kitchen and gather up trash that fell out of the bag that apparently, knocked itself over... and then my nose started bleeding. again. this makes three in a week.

anyway - so i'm gonna get serious. because all of a sudden, i realize it's 4 am and i'm feeling.

not really sure WHAT i'm feeling
but it's something along the lines of loneliness. and i don't want anyone to comment here and say things you think i want to hear. This is hard. i've never been so lonely in my life. and i have tons of people surrounding me. i have a roommate that cracks me up non stop, a son that just BEAMS light into my life. and i'm lonely. not alone.

there are so many things that hit the fan this past week. as i sat in my car in traffic, i realized this morning that my 10 year reunion for high school is in two years. and while i came from a small school and most of my class has done nothing... i still feel like i'm not where i should be at this stage in my life. and that thought is the equivalent of running my nails down a chalkboard. i hate it!

Today, i found out my baby sister - who is 18 years old - is pregnant. i'm disappointed. not in her. just in the way the cookie crumbles. but of course i can't say that she should've been married... or that she should've been done with school ... because i'm in the same boat. just 8 years older. and really... which is worse??

so i look around this place. my big house. and bed. and life. and realize.... it's just me in it!
and i'm aware that there are things and people and events that fill it up occasionally... but for the most part - when i am alone at three a.m. studying for a genetics test - i realize it has... and always will be just me.

and i'm not comfortable in my own skin yet. not really sure that i'm not allergic to myself. not sure that, if given the chance, i would start all over again. i say i don't have regrets... but really - don't we all? on some sub-conscious level. don't we wish... wish??

and i'm sitting here crying for no apparent reason. just to get the poison out.

i have another test this week. and while i was sitting in my Physics lab today, i realized... i don't know anything about what's going on. and that.. makes me lonely in my brain. all this information. and nowhere to go with it. nowhere to digest it. i'm just reading. taking. soaking. and regurgitating everything that's shoved down my throat for thousands of dollars a semester. and what the hell am i going to do with it? will i ever get where i'm going? Is my Medical Degree the equivalent of paris... or italy? will i ever really get there or will i... should i, just keep dreaming and settle for Disneyland?

... i'm crying
... and my nose is bleeding again

maybe it's to remind me that i'm alive. or slowly dying...

i think i've had too much of this whole life thing. i'm done. i'm tired of it. it exhausts me. and tomorrow i will tackle the same exact things that i did today. and i will complain about it again. and i will smile and laugh and drag that blanket behind me. because it's the only thing i know how to do!!! if i ever stop and look back at the things that are behind me - i'll lose sight of where i am. and that's where i am. i'm lost. i've fallen. yet again. right here. right now. and i'm not sure i'm ready to get up again. i don't want to put another dime in the slot machine. i'm tired of pulling and pulling and pulling... and nothing. i think i kinda like life from this angle anyway. looking up at everything.

so i'm gonna sit here and stare at the sky. contemplate the clouds. and whether or not now is the time... to dust myself off and get off my ass. but for now - right now - i'm at the bottom of the barrel. the bottom rung.

i'm thinking i might need a break from all of this. to embrace my loneliness and then get over it... figure out who i am at this given moment in time and if she's ready to go another round. cause honestly, what choice does she have???


horny ass...

hahaha! sooooo Scott was pretty groovy, eh?

thanks a bunches! it took the pressure off of me having to come up with another post. And because you're such a good sport about all of us girls talking about scrap stuff... i decided i'd put this on the world wide web... i tried to make it as "non-girly" as possible... no prima flowers, no pretty embellishments... just you. it was kinda hard to stay masculine though when you're wearing a skirt and walking in a garden...

thanks for sending this my way! thanks for being a chum! Journaling reads:

Just another friendship that i have developed because i like to glue pictures on pretty paper. Which lead to blogging. and along came SCOTT. we exchanged comments, then emails, then thoughts and non-thoughts. then we started our "book club." ... My Canadian friends who says things like, "eh?" who inspires me with his thoughts on life, love, religion, politics. who swears he is sans knickers in this photo. who listens to my jibberish. who makes me laugh... LOTS!!

there was my moosh moment of the day. seriously, i wasn't holding a hankie when i wrote that. Anyway, thanks for being our "male audience" and just nodding politely. You are a blast! Can't wait to meet you at CHA in the fall! bwahahahaahah!

in other news:

**am i the only idiot that watches the Bachelor? ok. he's an ER doc!!! holy crap! i sooooo need to get injured this weekend while visiting Nashville, TN.

**i have a genetics test in the morning. at 8am. i have yet to start studying. and it's now 2am. i need a shower. i need to wash out baby bottles. i have a full day tomorrow. School from 8-5 and then work from 5-10. sigh. i guess... i need coffee? doesn't look like i'll be sleeping much tonight. or this morning. or "whatev."

**i found my shot record. never had chicken pox. so, in order to "work" at the hospital this semester i have to get my Pox Vaccine. and then Hepatitis B. and a Tuberculosis test. good thing i don't have a needle phobia. What's that called anyway? prickaphobia? i'm definitely afraid of pricks.

**I'm Jamie Bag's electricity provider!!! that's soooo cool!

**i'm such a nerd

**i'm delirious. i sat on my couch with Jessica for two hours laughing my ass off watching the bachelor tonight. i couldn't stop laughing. and my s'ghettis were sweet. i think she poured wine in my paskettis!!! We gave up on our hot mailman because he wears a ginormous earring. Mailman to the L-O. he was sooooo bling blinged that jessica wanted to puke. damn those postal workers. ruined our fantasy...

ok - i MUST study for this test... i'm off to take a shower!

p.s. Scott, don't start my book! i'm sooo getting there! she met her son!! wooohooo!


Guest Blogger - Scott

Okay, so I have been invited to guest blog on my friend Chriselda's blog. This is my first time doing this so here is what I came up with. Sorry in advance to Chriselda's regular readers for this unexpected change of pace. I hope that you enjoy.

What I have decided to blog about is the misconceptions that Americans have about Canadians. This is a fun topic that we discuss here in Canada. True story, I once went to football camp at the Univesity of Michigan ( a good 40 miles from the Canadian border ) and I was talking to a few guys who came down from Nebraska. They really thought that Canadian was the land of the Eskimo (in Canada they are called Inuits) and that we had snow all year etc.... sad sad stuff. You will have to forgive the Canadian inferiority complex, but hey, we only have 30 million people in a country that is larger than the US, so it is kind of like being a flea next to an elephant. Anyway, so I came up with some stuff to educate and entertain.

The first thing here is from a popular beer commercial about five years or so ago. Sidenote to this, at the time that the ad came out I won a competition in the city of Windsor, ON and did a similar speech thus making me Mr. Windsor....haha. Here you go.....

I'm not a lumberjack, or a fur trader , and I don't live in an igloo or eat blubber, or own a dog sled, and I don't know Jimmy, Sally or Suzy from Canada, although I'm certain they're really, really nice.
I have a Prime Minister, not a President. I speak English and French, not American, and I pronounce it " about", not "aboot".
I can proudly sew my country's flag on my backpack. I believe in peacekeeping, not policing; diversity, not assimilation; and that the beaver is a truly proud and noble animal.
A tuque is a hat, a chesterfield is a couch, and it is pronounced "zed"; not "zee" – "zed"!
Canada is the second largest land mass! The first nation of hockey! And the best part of North America! My name is Joe! And I am Canadian!
Kind of a fun little ad... next is some common misconceptions about Canada, and the truth.....

Canada does not have winter for 11 months out of the year. Yes it is true that the weather in Canada is cold - sometimes REALLY COLD! (Coldest Temperature ever recorded in Canada was in the Yukon at -63 degrees C) However in many/most places Canadians enjoys 4 seasons and hot summers. In Southern Ontario the temperature in July often goes above 30 degrees C so that is around 90 in American. The North where it is really cold is very sparsely populated.

Canadians enjoy modern technology in their lives. We have TV's, radios, refrigerators, computers etc. (You would be surprised to find out how many people who didn't know we had those things.) We don't live in igloos (Snow houses) and the VAST MAJORITY of us do not use dog sleds - in fact most Canadians have not used a dog sled. I did once though and it rocked.

Canadians do not speak "Canadian". The two official languages are English and French. Many Canadians can speak both and other languages. However aside from a few pronunciations and the odd spelling issue (we spell "Color" "Colour)

Canadians say "eh" a lot. Yes that is a given. Sometimes I say it myself. However I don't see what the big deal here is. I know a lot of Americans that say "y'all" with everything. Not every Canadian says "eh" either , although I think that we did..

We are not a nation of "draft dodgers". Canada was one of the first countries to declare war in WWI, WWII etc. We even fought in the Gulf War along side many other countries. We are renowned the world for our peace-keeping forces. It just happens that we have a small army. Yes there were many people who came to Canada during Vietnam to avoid the draft but that was their personal choice - not ours. I am not going to lie, our military is not exactly a world force, but hey, what do we need that for anyway?

Most Canadian Citizens are not Mounties. Yes we have the RCMP - but our police officers do not ride around like a pack of Dudley-Do-Rights in Red coats with ponies. This is just like the same way that American Sheriffs do not ride around like cowboys on horses , or do they???. RCMP officers are hard working individuals who in some places are the police force. The only time that they perform the Musical Ride is for special occasions. (You can see them on Parliament Hill on Canada Day.)

Canada is not a state or a part of the United States.Many people in Europe or elsewhere think that we are Americans. I can see why many people would think that we are Americans as from afar we are similar. However, while Canada does have many ties to the United States, we are a separate country.

Canadians are not subjects. While Canada does acknowledge the Queen, (represented by the Governor General) and under law we need "royal assent' for our bills to become law - Canada is it's own country. We are a "Constitutional Monarchy" - that is we have our own constitution and we acknowledge the Queen as a figurehead - but that's where it ends. Canada makes it's own laws and it is in no way dependant on Britain for laws or governing the country.

Toronto is not the capital of Canada. Ottawa is the Capital. Toronto is however Canada's largest city and the Capital of the Province of Ontario.

Not all Canadians talk slow.I have no idea how this one started. People tell me that I speak to quickly. Go figure.

Not all Canadians are on a bus going to the US to see a doctor.Have you seen the ads from http://www.busfromcanada.org/ ? Talk about manipulation of the media! The reality is that most of us are, at the very least, within an hour of a good medical care center. Sure - everything isn't perfect with health care not even close actually - but at least I know that I can have a heart attack in Canada without needing a second mortgage! So in honour of Super Bowl sunday I will be eating chicken wings and nachos covered with cheese !!

So that is about it... I hope that you have enjoyed my post about things Canadian. One more thing though, there is a definite misconception out there that Canadians do not like Americans. In my experience that is not even close. Most of the Americans that I have met over the years have been great people that have been a pleasure to know... now your President on the other hand, well that is a whole other post.

K, thanks Chriselda for letting me blog on your blog. It has been a pleasure.


*** ... no! Thank you, "ScAtt!" ***


Baby Fever...

happy FRIDAY everyone!
today starts my week. while the rest of you are off enjoying the "extra six weeks of winter" in your capri pants and flip flops... i will be work work working...

This week has gone by incredibly fast! Included a Physics and Calculus test, getting to play with e. coli in my Microbiology Lab, going to a meeting for my MOCK DOC program this semester! That's right, they are going to put me in the hospital and allow me to walk around pretending to be a doctor! YAY ME! I will have a round in Internal Medicine, Radiology, Social work, Medical Lab, Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics (bring on the babies), and Pediatrics!!! I am so excited i can't even express it. I just smile. Stupidly.

Don't you just love my son's flirty eyes? I don't know where he gets the flirtation from! Seriously, this is the look he gives everyone. I think i underestimate his sneakiness...

I also took Laken to the park this week for his very first time. I had the afternoon off one day and decided it "was time."

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing it is to see my child this happy! It is the best reward as a parent. He embraces this big bad world with no fear and i admire that. he's not apprehensive or worried. He just lives. I wish i could be more like that. He looks at things from every angle. He studies it. HARD!! but only for the sake of looking. not to judge, or scrutinize. he still attacks everything without a care in the world. and i envy that! I thought he would freak out on the swings... but he didn't. He just laughed and kicked his feet like mad!

My little boy. He's not even my baby anymore. I can't say "i have a baby." I have a little boy! And everyday he grows up. He just took off at the park. He's not walking, but he thinks he can. I set him down on the ground and just let him get dirty and crawl around in it. We went down the slides, climbed on the playground... and he just LOVED it!

We'll have to do this more often. Because my son gave this park his stamp of approval. He stuck out his tongue. and when he does this (and continues to keep it out like this for 20 minutes straight) i can only assume that he is trying to say, "Mom, you RAWK for bringing me to this place!!!!!"

There - now you've seen updated pictures of my TEN MONTH OLD!!! and for others of you - you know that Laken is my son... not my pet. Although, what's the difference really??? (wow, that sound worse than i meant it to...)


just for you... at 1202

Happy Birthday SCOTT!!!

sorry... two minutes late you little slut!