Just As i Am...


how the hell did i lose $100 ????


the holidays
it was all a blur
and not because i found a new appreciation for the Beam and coke...

but because they were fast
charlie brown ornaments rawk
the camera is still broken
but fondue pots are so exciting
Pursuit of Happyness...
not so happy
since when does fresh prince do tear jerkers?

over $100 of mine disappeared
a handful of days before C-Day
gifts were few
and in small size when they were

had to practice photographing bears in the studio
i'm not used to lighting
i hate flash
so bears it was

laken cleaned up on the holidays
i have pictures
four of them
i hate not having my camera

speaking of photography...
This girl will knock your effin socks off!
where this tree picture came from
i could surf photography websites all day
i really could
i aspire...
oh i aspire...

it's almost oh seven
and i'm oh so ready to be done with oh six

because i'm bound and determined to have a better year


(but right now, my feet stink)


random bo-bandom

so ... it's been a crazy weekend! i had five shows in four days. not to mention work.

The show is finally over. and i can breathe. and relax. and maybe find my bedroom floor!

i'm not ready for Next Monday
at. all.

Brynne came into town this weekend. those are always good times in the making. we went to a new club called "Le Chateau" They play all techno. i was standing there holding my cocktail, boppin' to the beat and this bouncer dude comes up and says "You can't drink on the dance floor." I just sat there really baffled because the whole club was a dance floor. i saw maybe four bar stools. so i just stood there.

nothing crazy to report about this weekend.

I am beginning to think my new job, which requires me to work until 7 everyday, isn't worth it. i never pick my son up from daycare anymore.


Laken woke up this morning at 3:55
i wasn't happy
he stayed awake for a couple of hours
and then passed out

i however, stayed up and did this...

yay me!

have a good day!


wot? wot? BLIMEY!!!!

i'm drunk and blogging
i needed tonight
in tjhe worst way psosibel
mainely becangues i've been sto stressed
and ebcause i can't spelll
i'm a light weight
i only had like the total of the neck of a smirnoff ice
and then i got woozy
and then a washing ton red appel
i'm told it's a shot

during intermission savannah and i ran across the street to a loval restauratt
that her family owns
a really upscale place
and we got some Jim bean in styrophoam
or is it styrofoam???
we ran abck and were toy soldiers
made the second act soooooo mcuh better

i needed tonight
just to remind me that i'm human
and we all fuck up sometimes

and then we danced our asses off!


sometimes being alive just is not worth it


Make WORK your favorite! ok!!!

i hate laundry with a passion
it never goes away

so i thought i would make this a picture loaded post
i won't be posting again for a while
boo hiss

since everyone is posting pics of their trees. here is mine. well, it's not MINE. it belongs to a friend. mine is too big to put in the house. so i had to put the teeny one up.

this ornament always makes me smile
i got this shortly after i had my Appendix out when pregnant
when i knew that laken was going to be my little fighter
a gift from my ex bosses
a pregnant snowchic
how sweet is that?

lately i've been sleeping alot here
and not in my bed
i need to desparetly get back in the swing of things. but right now it's hard. so i've been on the couch. either studying late. or just flat out passing out here. too exhausted to move all that laundry from the bed to the desk chair.

here's laken watching Elf for the gagillionth time this week. loves that movie.

He's doing much better. had to get a Steroid Shot and a breathing treatment at the ER to help the croup.

and guess what we got today?
running water!
and a bath

i'm next
130 am
and i'm gonna get in the shower
cause i have a final at 9
and work at 10-7
and work meeting at 7
and finals thursday to start studying for
and an art paper to write

at least Laken has all his ducks in a row....


there was more than one lobster at the Birth of Jesus Christ? DUH!

just a wee bit random

Happy Birthday to my Bestest Friend ever... bRadley!
Happy Birthday to Barb!

"could you put her hands on her breast... and massage them, please"
"I feel it in my fingers. I feel it in my toes..."

If you haven't seen Love, Actually... get to it.
because Love, Actually IS all around us.


not to mention it has the two most gorgeous english men i know it in...

Firth and Grant. yummo!

Sorry i couldn't find a bigger photo for this. But good GOD this is an excellent documentary. i've watched it twice. It's on HBO right now. It's a documentation of several girls at a center for eating disorders. and just so great. Not because it's done so well. not because it's a punch in the stomach. but because it's done so weel. and because it's such a punch in the stomach. it really makes me want to research, volunteer, assist, run, whatever... whatever it is that you do when you are drawn to a cause. It used to just be Cancer. but now i feel the need to... DO SOMETHING.

i thought i'd start with the good this time.

Now, on the bad:

Monday - took laken to the hospital
Tuesday - ok. maybe tuesday wasn't so bad after all
Wednesday - MAJOR car issues
Thursday - lots of snow. school is cancelled. finals are missed. rescheduled for monday. ACK! puke after my Toy Soldier Dance scene in the play...
Friday - pipes freeze in house. BUST. flood the garage with about an inch of water.
Saturday - get call from terrific landlord that they can't be repaired until they thaw. which means i have no running water in the house until... The WEATHER GETS BETTER!
Sunday - no show. it's a free day. but i have tons of laundry to do. and no water to do it with.

i cried alot this week. because i'm sick of it. tired of life's one-two punch

tomorrow's monday. and i have full faith that this next week can absolutely get worse before it gets better. i haven't showered in two days. now THAT'S something, right????