Just As i Am...


ugh - i can't do ANYTHING original...

...okay, so i know my profile says i refuse to lead a plagairized life... but when it comes to scrappin' and bloggin, i make an exception! ;)

On The Outside
Name: chriselda martina
Nicknames: oh sheesh: Chrisel-DUH, crusty (don't ask), chris, chrissy, anitram (my middle name backwards), dumbass, dork... you know
Birthdate: september 24th
Birthplace: Dumas, TX - the home of the "Ding Dong Daddies!"
Current Location: my computer room... well, at the desk anyway, it's more of a little wall than a room...
Eye Color: caca brown
Hair Color: well, right now it's a combo of colors because once upon a time i used to be able to afford highlights and such... and some of them are still in there. but it's mainly brown.
Height: not very
Righty or Lefty: righty tighty - lefty loosey....
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Religion: well... the kind that reads the bible and doesn't require door-to-door sales is fine by me (no offense!)
Sex: yes please....

In The Inside
Your heritage: hispanic... (I NOT A MESSICAN!) - that's from Clueless so don't throw things at me!!!
The shoes you wore today: what? what kind of question? wanna know my last meal too? sheesh, i wore my black Toe Wedgie shoes...
Who you look like: i'm thinking i look very much like this girl i know... her name is Chriselda... you might know her!
Your weakness: lifting anything over ten pounds DEFINITELY points out my weakness!
Your fears: just about everything scares the piss outta me! dark, heights, spiders, frogs, dying, police officers, The Ring....
Your perfect pizza: preferably a cooked one... with cheese, pepperoni... and a big, thick, ol' crust...
Goal you’d like to achieve: lose 20lbs before Christmas

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your most overused phrase on AIM/MSN: wtf? sat (shitty ass typer)
Your thoughts first waking up: go back to sleep kid!!! dammit!
Your best physical feature: pth! definitely my washboard abs!! lmFao!!! i dunno, i'll have to go with my eyebrows... that is, until i wash them off at night! haha!
Your bedtime:ummm, i'm not 10 anymore! i can go to sleep whenever i want to!
Your most missed memory: anything about san antonio.... way to go... now i'm depressed!

Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: water... with NO lemon
McDonalds or Burger King: ick... can we go to Sonic???
Single or group dates: at this point... just a DATE in general would be nice!
Adidas or Nike: which ones can i get at Payless???
Chocolate or vanilla:ummmm - i dunno. just the fact that it's ice cream is okay with me!Cappuccino or coffee: ok - i hope this doesn't turn into a "Prince is BLACK?!" moment - but isn't cappuccion a coffee?? that's what my instant can of the Cap. says!!!

Do You?
Smoke: ummmm - not anymore. i don't think i'll pick it up again either... mainly because i'm broke!
Curse: well, no not really. i stopped cussing (don't laugh) when I was about 4 months pregnant because i was afraid the baby would *hear* me... i still say ass, dammit, hell. I guess in a way i DO cuss because i am still somewhat saying the words when i say "flip, friggin', and effin').
Sing: yes i do. laken gets a kick out of it... and i'm not sure if it's because i suck, or because he likes it!
Have had a crush(es): yeah. but they were all celebrities.
Think you’ve been in love: i KNOW i was...
Want to get married: again? ummmmm, not for a LONG time. but if you think about it, if you never get married, you never have to get a divorce....
Believe in yourself: absolutely... if i don't, nobody else will!
Motion sickness: nah.
Think you’re attractive: i thought you asked if i think i'm "creative" i'm such a putz! ummm i don't think i'm ugly... but i don't think i'm the kind of person that would make you do a double take...
Think you’re a health freak: i am... but it's all talk!
Get along with your parents: yes. here lately, i've become super close with my momma. ACK!
Like thunderstorms: as long as i can collect hail damage insurance checks.
Play an instrument: yes... piano, flute, clarinet, and i can play twinkle twinkle little star on the guitar

Have you ever…
Smoked: yes...
Done a drug: yes. several times. and i can't say that i won't do it again... i know that sounds horrible. i've only done marijuana and i'm not a pot head... just like to do it every now and then...
Gone to the mall?: what?
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: i can't say that i have...
Eaten sushi: yes. i am not a fan.... but well, ya gotta try everything at least once, right?
Been on stage: yes....and i have stage fright
Gone skating: oh sure. rollerskates, ice skates, roller blades
Gone skinny dipping: i don't think i was ever skinny. well, at least i never thought i was skinny enough to bare all
Stolen anything: lmao.... just call me Wynona. yes, yes, i have... i'm a klepto (kidding - or am i??)
Played a game that required removal of clothing: not sober at least...
Been called a tease: yeah...
Gotten beaten up:several times...
Shoplifted: didn't i already answer this question?

Getting Older
Age you hope to be married: i was already married... not in a big rush to do THAT again!
Numbers and Names of Children: one... laken alexander. no more... i don't want to do that whole pregnancy crap again
Describe your dream wedding: just to be married to the *right* man next time is all that matters to me...
How do you want to die: in a car accident... something fast so i don't have to suffer
What do you want to be when you grow up: a grown up
What country would you most like to visit:the United States of America...

In a partner
Best eye color?: does it really matter??
Best hair color?: see above...
Short or long hair: sigh.
Height: at least taller than me... i have to feel protected
Best articles of clothing: the one that comes off easily?? i dunno.

In The Numbers…
Number of drugs taken illegally:one...
Number of CDs that you own: ummm please don't make me do this...
Number of piercings: the most at one time was... 9... currently - 5
Number of tattoos: no thank you... i'm a ninny
Number of times your name has appeared in the newspaper: i dunno... good question. i used to play basketball so i dunno...



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You are just BORROWING and improving on an idea. It is ok!


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