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** First i wanna pose the question, "What is it about Cappuccino that makes me need to use the restroom?"

(more than you wanted to know i'm sure... but you ARE reading my *diary*)

Ok - now onto the post...

I'm stealing this from Amber who stole this from Julie, who stole it from Ten on Tuesday, who perhaps is the original.

...now that i'm free from Plagairism

10 Things i WiSh i'd kNoWn in HiGh ScHooL:

1. what you learn here IS actually going to be used again... maybe not in the *real world* but at least in college!

2. taking 4 office aide periods my Junior and Senior year instead of actual class was NOT a good idea!

3. that BOY that i talked to five years after high school had the potential to be my first true love.

4. that i WASN'T fat at 121lbs. despite the football players telling me that they loved me "Just the weight" i was!!

5. that i should've held on to my virginity for someone who gave a flip!

6. that popularity and whether or not you were a cheerleader or the star Football player, will mean absolutely NOTHING after high school, so why fret about it now?

7. that bashing some chics head into a locker repeatedly is a GREAT way to land myself into ISS - regardless of how much she flippin' deserved it.

8. that my best guy friend in High school would become my loser-baby-daddy seven years later.

9. that getting good grades WAS ok!

10. That life exists outside of high school... this isn't even PREPARATION!


At 7:22 AM , Blogger Julie said...

GREAT list! specially #5!

At 1:06 PM , Blogger Amber said...

yep. the whole baby's daddy thing is pretty crazy huh? Who would have thunk that my brother's best friend would be the father of my child. insane....love the list.

At 3:04 PM , Blogger Karin said...

I can soooo relate to your list!! Especially #4. What was I thinking???


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