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throw me a friggin' bone!

why can't life be easy? i've had a string of bad luck the last three days.

so tuesday i go to apply at Olive Garden because i'm broke. and the manager asks me how many college hours i've earned, i tell him "67" and he asks my major - "Biology with an emphasis of Pre-Med" all of a sudden, his eyes get all buggy and he asks me if maybe i'm "overqualified for this position" and why don't i "try to get a job at the hospital?" ooooooook? i was like, I'm broke, YOU'RE HIRING!!! c'mon buddy!

so he hands me this 172 question questionnare. no, you read it correctly! 172!!! so i sit down and start answering questions about my stress management, leadership, honesty, yada yada. then he makes me sign a release for yet ANOTHER credit check. sheesh! now i'm frustrated. great, if i can't get a job at the OLIVE GARDEN....????

so he says "come back tomorrow at 2pm and your interview will be with Mark." okie dokie! so i pick laken up from the sitter, ask her to watch him tomorrow at 1:30-ish. SURE!!! then i go to wal-mart to buy milk and some odds and ends...


fast forward to interview day... it's 1:30, i'm running late, and i can't find my flippin' diaper bag! so i just throw some stuff in a bag and go. drive to the sitter's knock on her door... and she's NOT THERE!!! so i then haul ass to my cousin's house so she can watch Laken... practically drop him off at the curb and drive away with the door still open... (i'm only kidding!)

i get to my interview 20 minutes late. but i thought i'd be smooth and say "oh he said '2:30'" I get there... and there are about five other people waiting so phew, no worries. Finally i'm up for the interview and he starts asking me questions... then gives me this "don't call us, we'll call you attitude." So i'm disappointed, he's not gonna hire me. He says, "any questions?" So i ask him what the little quiz was about and he starts off on some tangent.... super excited about it. Then i ask him "why should I work for Olive Garden?? So he gets all warm and fuzzy inside and basically SELLS his company to me. (not a bad company to work for!). So then i tell him that i want to make sure that i fit for them, but more importantly, that THEY fit with ME. That my son is my priority, that providing for him is important to me, and that i NEED to be with a company that will allow me to go to school and grow beyond the career of a waitress. Then he looks at me and says "You know what chriselda? I'm gonna give you this job!" wooooooooooooohooooo!

so i walk out with a job, and try to put his business card in my wallet. but where the hell is the wallet? in my diaper bag!!! so i drive home... no wallet. I'm back trackin' now... last time i had it was at wal-mart. and guess what? I'm almost certain that i left it in the shopping cart! Not only did i lose my wallet (again) but i lost he whole flippin' diaper bag! how does this happen? TWICE! IN THREE MONTHS?! so i lost everything ... again! my social security card, license, laken's insurance card, shot records... ugh!

so i'm feeling down on myself and i'm sitting on my cousin's couch, holding Laken when her husband says he's going to leave. Fine. He leaves then a couple of minutes later he comes back in and says "chriselda... ummmm, i hit your car." At this point, i'm not even bothered by ANYTHING so i say "ok" and walk outside. This is what i see :

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's it! i'm feeling defeated so i just call it a night.

This morning, i call down to the staffing agency where i applied for my old job. Ask her if i can have the copy of the copy of my ID and SS card. (this way i can take it to OG so they can PAY ME!) and she says "sure, and by the way, i got your approval this morning. You're hired!!" YAY ME! two jobs! of course the second one is much better, but i can't start there until August 8th. So i'll work OG until then and then maybe work evenings after that but still keep the other position. So today is looking better until i call the university and you know that Physics lab i took and got a B in??? Well, guess what? It doesn't transfer over... i have to take it again.

not too much bad news today. on the bright side, laken hasn't pooped on me!!!


At 8:12 PM , Blogger Amber said...

OMG. what a freakin nightmear! sheesh girl. i just wanted to come and help or something!!! you are such a great story teller. i love reading your schtuff. i read your diary thingy and i seriously about pissed my pants laughing at your "running away story"....you need to be a writer. lol about the pooping...

At 11:09 AM , Blogger Klala said...

Damn, girl! That is too funny. Just so you know, they probably don't want you at OG, they realize you're too smart for waiting tables. That's how my job feels about me, lol!

Did you call the Wal Mart? Maybe a nice citizen turned in your stuff. Well I am sending you good vibes and happy scenarios...no more shitty stuff!

At 8:29 PM , Blogger Brynne said...

Damn, i'm sorry the last few days have been bad. Hopefully the weekend will be better! Congrats on the job!


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