Just As i Am...


this is the day...

well, it's here, the day that i move. i'm sad and happy and sad and happy. i can't decide which one to go with.

there still so much to do and so much i feel like i didn't see while i was here. i am sad that i didn't visit the Riverwalk more often. Sad that i didn't learn my city like a tourist does. I'm just sad in general. i'm going to miss the things that make San Antonio so beautiful - the trees, the river, the buildings, the new roads. And then i'm gonna go back to a town with ONE tall building. I heard a comedian once say that there's only one tall building (skyscraper) in amarillo and the rest is so flat. so when you come in - it looks like the city's flipping you off! too funny

well, i just wanted to update here a bit. i need to finish up packing.

i'll be ba-ack!


At 9:48 PM , Blogger Amber said...

good luck my friend. i hope this move brings you some more peace and a new outlook on your life girl. i feel ya.


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