Just As i Am...


I've become stupid...

or was i always this dumb? i at least know i've become extremely absentminded. First off, let me start out with telling you about my inability to carry out menial tasks.

I made my son's announcement cards over a month ago. He's now two months old and i JUST sent the cards off this afternoon. Which is fine because alot of my family members wait the 6 weeks before they announce anything... or even come out of the house for that matter! (We're mexicans and we're weird ones!!!)

So, I have been trying to send these out for a while now. The first time, i got all the cards and put them in the car with me, Drove to the post office and then realized i had left the stamps at home. I'm not buying more stamps because i do everything online and don't have a use for an extra book of stamps! So... i go home! The next day, I go BACK to the post office with my stamps and - WHERE ARE MY CARDS??? So today, i finally made it to the PO with my STAMPED ENVELOPES! I figured putting the stamps on the cards before i left the house would eliminate one thing to think about!

I can't believe that simple things have become so complex to me. People say it's parenting... that it sucks all your smarts out! And i am a little bit worried because these are things that i would do regardless if I had a child or not.

In the last few months I've:

  • asked, "Prince is black?!"
  • confused Christopher Walken and Christopher Robin
  • lost my wallet
  • lost my laptop's wireless networking card
  • forgotten my own name on several occasions
  • sent out email attachments... without the attachment

i could go on and on... but i think i should stop there since i've already broadcast this much to the world wide web...


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