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thanks alot kid!!!

my son just pooped on me! this is the umpteenth time that he's done it too. One day i was feeding him, and i put him on my lap, cross my legs indian style, and he starts pooping. Well, lemme just say that the position i had him in was perfect for spilling out his poopie and it landed all over me! it literally felt like i had wet my pants!

(not that i know what that feels like)

the abuse! i swear! i'd like to turn him into Parental Protection Services. Seriously, why don't they have these things? I remember being mean to my mom... why can't kids go to jail for mistreating their parents? Kinda a double standard don't you think? Laken has scratched me, kicked me numerous times, made me suffer from lack of sleep, i've gone through malnutrition because EVERYTHING I EAT GOES STRAIGHT TO HIM!

Why? Why me?! All i ask is that his bodily functions don't spill out onto me. his vomit, his poop and he's even PEED on me! three times in the last two days!

ahhhhh, the joys of motherhood!


At 6:17 PM , Blogger Amber said...

hahahah...dude, you had me laughin out loud. you have no idea how many more super fun moments just like this you will have to look forward to....i'm not laughing at u, i am laughing w/ you....there is a difference....hee hee hee

At 6:41 PM , Anonymous Emily Kate said...

Dang, girl, get a diaper on this kid!!

At 9:52 AM , Anonymous Brad said...


come visit me



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