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where did all this crap come from?

Well, i finally started packing... really packing! and it's a mess now! i think my living room is done. The LSS emailed me that they had a ton of boxes for me! so... i show up and THEY WEREN'T KIDDING! there was a whole line of boxes against the wall. They were having a crop - how sad!

Anyway, i got home and started packing... this is not fun. It's sad when all of your belongings start filling up boxes and you know that you won't be seeing them for a few months. So there went the frames, the DVDs, the candles... just a horrible feeling altogether.

I had an anxiety attack this morning because it *finally* hit me that i'm moving and the crappy situation that forced me to do it in the first place... So looking at my life stacked up in Bazzil Basics boxes in the living room is just... very saddening.

I have my bedroom, the baby's room, and the kitchen left. I think i'll save the kitchen until the very last day. (Which is one week from today!) I'll pack my room up tomorrow, the baby's room sometime Monday or Tuesday and then i have to clean clean clean this apt. I hate doing that... ugh! I fought the whole *nesting* phase of pregnancy cause i hate to clean. I'm not filthy by any means... but i am messy! But very organized at the same time... i know it's weird!

Well, sorry this is such a "Blah" entry. i haven't really been very happy today. My only bright spots are when the baby is awake and he's smiling at me... i know it sounds cliche - but he makes it all "ok"

tonight i'm going to bed ... and well, that sounds like a good idea right now...


At 10:17 PM , Blogger Atomic Bombshell said...

Hang in there... I know how moving sucks.


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