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so maybe the reason i do stupid things like buy the wrong size diapers, come home, open them, and try to put them on my fat bummed little boy - or leave my wallet in the shopping cart for the SECOND time in three months- or try to operate my breast pump without a bottle attached to the bottom of it and leak all over my legs - or ask stupid questions like "Prince is black?" - or forget the name of the child that i shot from my loins - or put my panties on wrong is because i'm up at this time of night:

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taking pictures of a damn clock, mind you. actually, this is something that i had been wanting to do for awhile now but couldn't ever find anything to do it with. So, what you do is set your camera on a tripod or steady object and your shutter speed to a slow one and then while the shutter is open, you zooooom in or out. i think this one i zoomed in - so the numbers are big and small...

or maybe i'm just seeing things...

so i saw the baby daddy today. ugh. i KNOW there was alcohol involved with my impaired vision that night. he looks horrid. ick. thank goodness i'm sober now.

i had to taste more olive garden food today - HOW DARE THEM! and well, lemme tell you that both the Pinot Noir and the Pinot Grigio suck ass. they almost knocked me over... or put hair on my chest - one or the other.

anyway... i wrote in my not-so-PG-rated diary. Please do not go here if you don't want to hear perverted stories!!!!

that's all for now... i'm pooped


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