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i fake it so real, i am BEYOND fake. and some day, you will ache like i ache

i swear i can't make up half the crap that happens to me. Thursday was supposed to be a promising day. i've had a shit week. stress. school. bills. getting dumped via TEXT MESSAGE. thursday would be the GOOD DAY! was it? NOPE! first off, my LO got pulled from the scrap gallery. i just don't think they're ready for this jelly. Anyway, i try to keep the scrap stuff off of here. but i had a sh'load of emails asking me for a link to my LO. So HERE IT IS mainly because i can't respond to 45 emails a day. it's been fantastic knowing that i am being supported. and after about 100+ emails i've found a few that really struck a chord with me and i will cherish forever. I'm no artist. i'm just trying to capture life. and if you know me. you know that it's crazy. if you don't know me... well, here you go!!!

So, Thursday i had to give a big presentation for my Microbiology class on HIV/AIDS. I'm running late, as usual, and i'm rushing to class, when all of a sudden...
sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip! what the heck?! i fell in a big puddle of mud! i can't make this up! it happened. This is at 9:01am. My presentation was supposed to start at 9:00. my purse contents are all over the place. my nicely typed papers are covered in mud. i have mud all over my legs, arse, arms, hands, forehead (please don't ask how that happened cause i don't know) so i had to give my speech in front of everyone. covered in mud.

this is what my pants looked like. and if you look closely, you can see all the mud on my shoes. It was horrible. and the girls that were out smoking when i fell, kept asking if i was hurt. "Just my pride"

So i get to class and hold out my muddied up hands and my Prof is like "holy cow! go wash up quickly"

I come back and give my speech. yada yada. i still have mouth ulcers so i had to Orajel-it-up. which resulted in numbness and excessive saliva production. i was probably up there slobberin' as well. hpmh.

After class, i decide i'm going to run back to Amarillo to pay my cell phone bill because it's been shut off for two days. and i can't take it anymore. and then i hit up Barnes and Noble, pick up the book i'd ordered and drink me a nice mocha-something-frappa-latte-thingamajigger. I end up getting side tracked by all the art books and "New Arrivals" table. then it's time to go home to take a quick "post-mud" shower before going to my biology lab.

I'm calling the boss at OG, "i'm going to be late for my 5 o'clock shift" and i say "dave, i'll be late. and i have to let you go, because i'm getting pulled over" Mind you, i just paid off those damn warrants, so i'm flippin' out because the lady had told me to keep the receipt "just in case" Can i find it in the mess that is my car? hell no. what about driver's license and registration? nope. What did i get a ticket for? Expired registration. no driver's license. no proof of insurance. sigh. i really need to get my shit straight.

I go home to take a shower. defeated. yes, chriselda, this day CAN get worse. and did it? YES! on the way to school i hit another damn bird. feathers flew everywhere. blood and birdie guts all over my hood. i have a thing for birds. and "the bird" haha!

Get to school. realized i've forgotten my Identification of Unknown Bacteria Handout. lordy lord. it's due at 5pm. yeah, so i found it. finished it. My bacteria was "Klebsiella Planticola" in case you were all wondering.

then i had to work.


this weekend is payday weekend. but i'm already broke. it's 4am here. and i'm up scrappin' and bloggin. school ends in two weeks. sigh. then life begins. but!!! pickler is gone!!! hallelujah! Lunch date this week with someone that i think i'm sorta interested in. known him for a few years. it's been weird. i'm old. old for this.


At 2:46 AM , Blogger amyjune said...

I loved that layout and glad to see it's back! Maybe you should scrap the dead bird and post that, they cant pull it if it's "artistic expressionism"

At 12:25 PM , Blogger Michelle W. said...

man. This really ticks me off. I type a long creative comment and the stupid computer die on me!!! WTH is that!!!

I can't believe they pull the layout. The mud, the bird, the ulcer, and the phone... Lots of whoa, yikes, eeek, geeez, huh, pffft for you.

At 1:07 PM , Blogger Kat said...

WOW, sorry that you had such a shitty day! thats insane!
can't believe that they took your lo off 2peas. thats hard core. did people complain or something? i thouht everyone loved it! well, it rocked, thats all that matters
hope you have a fab weekeend though!

At 2:36 PM , Blogger Christielli said...

Omigosh! If I had just *one* of those things happen to me, I'd classify it as a super bad day. Isn't bad luck only supposed to come in threes, anyway?

I once sank into mud upto my hips in front of a bunch of people and then had to pull myself out of it. That was embarassing... Luckily I was outside my house and could just run in and throw everything in the wash and then hop in the shower.

At 2:50 PM , Blogger Caroline said...

it got pulled?! nuh-uh!
and sounds like you had an insane day.
hope your weekend is better.

At 3:03 PM , Blogger mel said...

so glad i found you, i thought that stuff only happened to me. i always used to say, why can't my life be normal? i decided this year that my crazy chaotic life IS normal for me and everybody else's nice quite uneventful lives are just wrong. loved your layout, i personally would much rather see you flippin' off the world than layouts of flip flops or staged stuff. now i have to go listen to some hole because of your title, lol.

At 7:06 PM , Blogger Kirsten said...

mamma said there'd be days like this! Sorry. Hope your weekend was better than your Thursday!

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At 11:13 AM , Anonymous nadine said...

whoa dude. that is the shittiest week. i hope things start looking up for you!

At 12:36 PM , Blogger Greta said...

girl, girl girl...oly this shit can happen to you....bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha

just think when your a MD then your $$ struggles will be over with


At 3:57 PM , Blogger Mike said...

All I can say is I hope this week is much, much better for you.

At 5:40 PM , Blogger OutInLeftField said...

Holy crap, thank God that day is over!!! I send you hugs! But in hindsight it's kinda funny. But isn't everything? I remember when I wiped out on the street on my birsthday a few years back....ripping my favourite jeans and scrapping my knee. Oh good times, LOL, at the time, it was the end of the world.

Liked your layout a lot and it sucks it was pulled from the gallery! Boo!

At 7:57 PM , Blogger Scott said...

Well I guess that explains why you have not been around for the last little bit... that really sucks. Hope that you are doing well out there... just think. Two more weeks.



At 8:59 PM , Blogger Jocelyn said...

ok my favorite part is that you took a picture of the mud you slipped in.

and didn't you know?
mud is the new pink.

At 9:12 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow, just reading that made my heart ache for you! what a shitty day!!!
hope the rest of the weekend was better!

At 2:35 AM , Blogger glo-girl said...


I am soooo sorry to admit- you had me laughing and *ugh*-ing for you at the same time.

LOVE the LO...not like...LOVE!! You're right, they aint ready for you yet??


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