Just As i Am...


alright... i confess!

so you nosy people keep asking what i had a warrant out for.

Yes, they were actual warrants for me. there was no mistake. it's a little known secret that i'm a wanted hoodrat. under all this scrapbooking, photography, art, literature, mommyhood, acting, pre-medical studies, and whatnot lies a hardened criminal.

Just kidding. I got some tickets in 1999 that i have failed to show up and plea in court for. but... it's over. $1114.90 later. but it's OVER. and i didn't have to wear yucky orange. Although, the court isn't very accomodating and demanded payment in full or else i would get shipped to county for 12 days. Hope some cop is enjoying his donut allowance courtesy of my freedom...

Now... I feel the need to talk about American Idol. because i'm at a loss of things to talk about!

I'm going to come down hard on these people. But please know that i am fully aware of KARMA and that my teeth are falling out because i pick on people. but - these things have to be said...

Kelly Pickler - I start with her because she is the most annoying of the entire group. "What's a ballsy?" C'mon. someone please... do something! Everyone is annoyed with her and every time she opens her mouth i'm like, oh GAWD here it comes! and... her fascination with pickles drives me batty.

Taylor Hicks - yuck. i haven't liked this guy from the get go. He irritates me. I call him "Rainman" because that's who he reminds me of. I get a nervous tick when i watch him perform. he's so pathetic and when he tried to kick over the mic stand and it didn't work i just wanted to jump through the television and tell him to give it up.

Elliot Yamin - please. can we do something about the teeth? i hate this guy. i can't watch him sing. seriously, when he comes on, i have to close my eyes or walk out of the room. Just plain annoying. And i think he sucks and the judges won't say anything bad about him. c'mon.

Paris - yeah. Next. if i hear her say "thank you" one more time in her little girl voice, i'm going to puke. I think she'd go further if she didn't win this competition. i'm hoping she doesn't cause i really don't want to see her all over the place. i'm already on paris overload. and can she please pick a style and stick with it? just because she can get new hair every week doesn't mean she should...

Bucky - i liked the sexy rasp in his voice. but he needed to go just because he (along with Pickler) were really turning this show into "Redneck Idol" as my friend Amy says. Not sad he's gone. and while i'm at it - i'm not sad Mandisa is gone either.

Chris Daughtry - yeah. sexy beast of a man. but yeah, can he do something that wouldn't require headbanging or strobe lights??? and! he wears so much make up that i'm starting to question a thing or two... But, I also think that he would go further if he DIDN'T win. i don't think he will... but i still think getting into the top 3 or so would be better for him.

Ace Young - or Ace "Yum" as i like to call him. why oh why has he been sucking lately? as soon as he brings it again, he's going to be fantastic. And this is totally irrelevant, but Prince is going on tour this summer!!! I only said that because he is one of Ace's idols. No! I don't surf the AI website... And can someone please tell me he's not gay??

Katherine McFee - i absolutely LOVE this girl!!! i've got my money on her. and just because i think she is the best flippin' thing to be on television since Sex and the City. She's too cute and i think will go far. and win this competition. Mark my words!!!

the judges - what the hell is randy talking about. ever?
and can someone please find the alcohol stash in paula's dressing room and nix it? Heeeeey Dummies!
Simon - why is it when someone tells the truth and actually SAYS something worth listening to, he gets booed??? Although, i could do without the baby gap tees and nipples that could cut through glass... but next to the other two, i think he's rather REFRESHING!

ok... i'm delusional - but it IS 2am.

seacrest out!


At 6:16 AM , Blogger angieoh! said...

I am so glad you are doing ok! That must have been very stressful!!!

I have been missing you super much... thanks for the idol update, I used to be a big fan but haven't been watching at all this season... I agree with Paula though... she just seems.... well, off.

Since you have been busy becoming a doctor (by the way - I think you are much cooler than Meredith Grey) have you seen any other cool surgeries?

Miss you!

At 6:54 AM , Blogger Brynne said...

OMG girl i am sitting here at my desk cracking up.
Heeey dummies.... that part me laugh HARD. I have to disagree with you about Taylor. I personally adore him!
Today is Thursday, are we going to get back on schedule?

At 7:00 AM , Blogger Jen said...

DO NOT mess with my man Chris, or we're gonna fight.
And I agree...Simon rocks, people are just big whiny babies. And he calls em on it.
Oh and... I booked our room. :):):)

At 7:15 AM , Blogger Scott said...

Love the new banner, great work my friend.

I hate Randy too. I think that he just loves every body, it is way too annoying. My money is on that girl that you are picking... forget her name.


At 9:09 AM , Blogger Jamie said...

I'm glad all is well in the world of the LAW. No good dear. :(

At 10:41 AM , Blogger Valerie said...

And here I am thinking your a hard core criminal!! Thank goodness it all turned out!! I'm for Katharine too for American Idol!!

At 2:15 PM , Blogger Traci said...

You kill me, freakin funny. Thanks for bringing up Chris' eyeliner. He was my favorite but ick - eyeliner?!

At 6:55 PM , Blogger Raina_Marie said...

OMG Ace wears more eyeliner than the whole effing bunch put together.

Every week I pray pretty boy Ace gets the boot.

Seriously, you're up for some more bad teeth karma, because I love Elliott, Kellie & Taylor.

At 9:01 PM , Blogger Caroline said...

hahah. i love simon and his insults :P

At 7:56 AM , Blogger Mike said...

So my efforts at raising bail money aren't needed...always a plus huh?


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