Just As i Am...


nuh-uh... i was on BASE!

so i got tagged...

i thought i was safe! but apparently we were playing the "NO BASES" version of tag. Dammit!
just kidding Jocelyn!!! Even though you called me "Chrisrelda" and even though i don't know what the instructions are.... I'm assuming that i have to list four of each because of your explanation of what four is. i dunno. too early in the morning to be thinking...

Four Jobs i've had:
radio personality (or DJ as most call it)
billing rep for credit cards and electric companies
.... female impersonator

Four movies i'd watch over and over:
When Harry Met Sally
The Sweetest Thing (high five on the clean poo-nanie!)
Office Space

Four Places i've lived:
Dumas - pronounced "doo-mus." be nice.
San Antonio....
i suck. i've only lived in three cities. (if you want to call the first two "cities")

Four TV shows i love to watch:
Grey's Anatomy
American Idol
Grey's Anatomy
American Idol
i'm not a big TV watcher.

Four Websites i visit daily:
there's really only ONE that i check everyday and that's my email.
it takes me about 100 days to read all the blogs i read.
i don't really do the whole 2Ps thing too much anymore. burn out. and fast!

Four Places i've been on vacation:
and these are in the order of my favorite to least favorite.
Red River, NM
New York City
San Antonio (before i lived there)
and anywhere in Pennsylvania - i like colorado and LA too. but you said four...

Four foods i love:
Thai Food
Japanese Food (super cool in japanese)
chinese food
... i'm seeing a pattern here.
and i like Sonic. does that count as "Food" ???

Four places i'd rather be:
far away from my sorted and ready-to-be-washed laundry piles
published in a magazine somewhere
sitting in lecture - be it Physics, Calculus, Genetics or Microbiology...i'm just itching to get back to school (NEXT WEDNESDAY BABY!)
on my king sized bed...

Four people to tag:
(that will do it???) ok. here goes nothing!
Amy Hart, Nadine, Scott, and Island Girl Jen.... (sorry i didn't know your new last name)

back to laundry and cleaning and getting ready for my big move! woooot!


At 2:40 PM , Blogger Alexandra Wieckowski said...

LOL!!! Love reading these when you write them. You always make me laugh!!! :)

At 6:46 PM , Blogger April said...

sweetest thing and office space.

hellz yeah!

i finished your CJ yesterday. will be posting tonight. white is HARD. haha!


At 10:04 PM , Blogger Jocelyn said...

I'm not allowed to call you Chriselda? When did that happen? lol oops. sorry, my bad. i'll just call you C from now on.

You want to get back to school? You crazy girl?

At 11:51 PM , Blogger Caroline said...

i tagged you too dude!!!!

At 6:10 AM , Blogger Scott said...

Hmmm I got tagged, will post this afternoon.

Love the Post. I don't think Sonic counts as food, mainly because I don't know what it is.


At 6:21 AM , Blogger Brynne said...

Scott doesn't know what Sonic is ?? What's up with that??

I almost spit my dp out when i read "High five on the clean poo nannie" HAHA :) You're great. I love it.

At 8:34 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

heck ya girl,
love your list!!!!
totally laughing over here...

At 3:19 PM , Anonymous nadine said...

lol, i filled it out!

At 3:42 PM , Blogger Jocelyn said...

Ohh i get it. Typo. my bad, C. (see? now I'm scared to type your name)

At 8:10 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

Love your list,
(I'm laughing with you, not at you Joseline,er... Jacelyn...
um....J. :))

At 11:26 AM , Blogger Raina_Marie said...

Dude, one of my first times reading your blog was when you just left a message to play... You have the cutest voice....and I smiled sooo big when I saw one of your jobs was radio personality. I just know I would have listened to you all the time.

At 1:40 PM , Blogger Jolene said...

Where ya moving too?

At 4:44 PM , Blogger Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

thanks for stopping by my bloggy! and for the really sweet cj comment. : )Ron says "Hey". We totally need to do some kind of hilarious "man" type cj group or blog. That would be sooo funny- and pretty fun I bet!

At 6:11 AM , Anonymous Barbie said...

Love your tag! It's neat to learn about people. Great blog!

At 10:16 AM , Blogger Christielli said...

Hahaha... I laughed when you described this as "herpes" on my blog.

Oh, and great choice of video on your blog. I loooooove Damien Rice.


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