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what a boost

Let's see that again in the replay -

Tuesday morning i'm standing at the kitchen sink either washing out baby bottles or eating oatmeal (not really sure which) and my mom comes in.

"Are you going to school or work today"
"Like that???"
I then look down at my infamous grey sweatshirt-denim shorts-flip flop combo and wonder what the hell is wrong with what i'm wearing??
"Yesssss, like this"
"You're never gonna get a doctor to marry you like that!"

and there it was again. the *THAT* that just seems to dig into my skin. i then say to my mom...

"Right now, i'm just trying to *get* a degree."

So i wonder. Why is it that in society these days a woman needs to be taken care of? I often joke with the boyfriend that he needs to be my sugar daddy. But truth is... i can take care of myself and always have. Have never had a man take care of me... nor do i want them to. Right now i'm just trying to get to the point where i can take care of myself and my son, and lady...

the shorts and sweatshirt are doing it!


the worst thing happened yesterday. i went to work, tried to turn on the iPod. and pffffft, it won't. refuses. So i go find the boyfriend (because men are always good with tech crap) and pout while he's playing with it and hooking it up to this and that and looking at it so pensively. He tries to hook it up to the computer and still - nothing. He says "it's your iPod." and i gasp. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOT THE ipooooooooooooooooooooooooood!"

so i take it to the geek squad at Best Buy. My geek's name was "Ratt" i kid you not! and he says "you've only had this for three weeks and it's *already* doing this?" that was comforting buddy, how much did you say that extended warranty was again????

so they just flat out hand me a brand spankin' new ipod. i tried to scam them, but my flippin' friend Amy who was being a saint that day (more on that later) decided to say "you didn't originally have a 60 gig." what a witch. turns out, she just didn't want to have iPod envy and let me walk out of the store with a pod bigger than hers. Fine.

why not? your boobs are bigger than mine!!!

so i just updated my new pod, which i have named "Manic Medical Music" because one of these days... i'll be that doctor my mom is hoping i'll someday marry.....


At 10:11 AM , Blogger Traci said...

If our Mom's keep encouraging us to "marry a good man..." (now I am thinking of that Snoop song: It's her MOMMA that told her, "Get a man that got a good job gurl! Make sure he got a good car gurl!
Make sure he can take you out and buy you somethin gurl!") why did they go get all liberated in the 60's...it is their *fault* I have a education and I corporate job. Happy studies girl...it was the 1950's where girls went to college to meet their hubbies! BTW - This is all very tongue in cheek :)

At 2:01 PM , Blogger Emily Kate said...

No, your boobs are totally bigger than MINE! (Have you seen that Gilmore Girls episode?) Sorry to hear about your little ipod! Glad to hear it was replaced tho! Mine froze on me a couple of weeks ago and I almost had a heart attack right there in the middle of the street!

At 3:57 PM , Blogger Vicki said...

There's a shirt like that that hangs in a bulletin board in the science building here. "I'm the doctor mom always wanted me to marry" Very cute. I have no problem being taken care of, but part of being a woman is getting to make that decision :)

Thanks for the card chica! So sweet!

At 9:27 AM , Blogger Jen said...

Where are you at in Texas???!!!!!! I'm worried!!!!!

Strange that your Ipod quit working so soon, maybe I don't want one after all. Yeah right, I still do.

You know what I hate??? I've watched men ask women that work in hoispitals if they're nurses....ummm...they could just as easily be doctors asshole!!

At 9:31 AM , Blogger Court said...

Oh girl.... What a day!
And marrying the medical professional that takes care of you is ALL that it's cracked up to be LOL

Acutally I don't get the marry someone for other reasons then crazy, pure, blissful, RAD LOVE!

You rock that education and be the one the men want to marry so they can be taken care of LOL

At 5:03 PM , Blogger island girl said...

LOL!!! Mom's...can't live with them, can't live without them!! And when you become a mom you try to be more understanding!! LOL!!

And you go girl!! You will be a dr. someday!!

Oh, email me so we can swap some pics!!

At 8:18 PM , Blogger Missy said...

Chriselda... I just love you.
your honesty and humor kills me!

as for the ipod? I WOULD HAVE CRIED... and then hit my friend for being a big boob!

At 8:08 AM , Blogger Ashley said...

My mom keeps saying I'm gonna marry a Dr too. Me? I'm not so sure I'll ever get married. And what's wrong with that? I can take care of myself! Keep on truckin' girl!


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