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who are you and why are you reading this???

just curious because it has come to my attention that if you type in Chriselda - blog, in Google... this page shows up.

which means that if you know i keep a blog and i don't want you reading it - all you have to do is search for it. can i be any more of a dumbass?

so if you're reading this and you've found this page because you snoop... congratulations! you're meddling in my life! and if you want to know about what's going on in my life/head/heart... just flippin' ask! you don't have to come here to find it!


life sucks. work has drained me... horribly! i've been working my little arse off and it's killing me. but as of today - i feel much better "financially" i went and bought myself some clothes because - gosh darnit, i need clothes. and my HeShe friend Kellie is getting onto me for my lack of fashion sense. she says to me this morning "somebody needs to get you some earrings" I have little silver ones in... apparently this is not very trendy.

i'm not a trendy person. don't do it very well. in fact, i'd like someone to nominate me for that show "What Not to Wear" on TLC. every time i go shopping i think of Kristi and Ashley H. What am i supposed to wear?

Anyway, Kellie has two Louis Vitton purses... and i'm so no-fashion-ish that i don't even think i'm spelling that correctly. i got excited about my Old Navy bag. And then she walks in with a several-hundred-dollar purse that holds her lip gloss, a pen and maybe a little piece of lint. i feel so "yick" like i look plain jane.

so, shop for me ladies. i need help before Kellie wigs out on me and has to ask me again if i'm serious when i say "cowboy boots and skirts are ok sometimes."


i'm eating a s'mores pop tart - today's events led me straight to the carbs.

the scale is being super rude to me

i'm doing all i can to keep my eyes open

i'm washing laken's clothes. seriously... who changes their clothes 3 times a day besides him?

i'm excited cause there's money in my bank account. and more than the minimum required to keep it open

i'm enjoying my night off and completely missing my soap opera... dammit!


sorry - i had to take a break to watch the last 5 minutes of my Novela. i can't believe i'm so addicted. but it's getting super juicy!

meanwhile - i'm really exhausted and i think laken and i are going to go outside and get some fresh air. i got his three month old pictures today. he's such a cutie. he has this ONE hair that stands on end Alfalfa style. lmao!


At 5:14 PM , Blogger Alexandra Wieckowski said...

You are too funny girl!!! Yay to new clothes!!!! I hear ya on the work thing, I think work makes me depressed. I need a new job.

At 8:28 PM , Anonymous Emily Kate said...

I don't THINK I found your blog from snooping.... guess what I have a story for you!

At 9:39 PM , Blogger Ashley said...

Don't dress to be trendy or a fashion diva. Dress in what's cute and what you're comfortable in. it's all about you!!

At 12:31 AM , Blogger Caroline said...

Gotta agree with Ashley, I don't always go out and grab the latest trends, just what I love and feel comfy in.

Cheap purses are th ebomb, you can buy tons of them for one little teensy-weensy designer bag. Although, ONE DAY I would like to own one! hahaha

BTW - it's Vuitton. Close. haha.

At 1:59 AM , Blogger Klala said...

Novelas and Pop Tarts, heaven.

Dude, the funny thing about the internet is that I never get to see you!! So I have no idea how you dress. And even though I consider you a friend, IRL I might have to do a Fashion Police on your ass. I don't know. Could happen. lol!!!

But seriously, you do not have to buy expensive crap to have great style. Know what looks nice on your body, and buy the basics...a really awesome pair of jeans that make your butt look nice and your legs look long, simple tops in neutral colors (black, white, greys, etc...) and a nice pair of black pumps. This is the basis for many a fashionable wardrobe.

Then go and buy yourself a bunch of cheap accessories at Forever 21, Joyce Leslie, H&M, or whatever cheap, trendy store you can find. Experiment w/ chunky necklaces, bracelets and dangly earrings. They're so cheap, you can afford to give them a try.

OK, my child. Go foward on your path to fashion success. I am a total loser.

At 5:49 AM , Blogger Jen said...

I'm reading this cause I want to. So there, lol. Kinda freaky though that anyone could read this, but I guess it comes with the territory, huh?

Isn't money in the bank the best feeling?? I wouldn't know right now.

Clothes are a blessign and a curse for me...I love to shop, i love fashion, but since I gained all my non-smoker weight it has been HELL!!!! Good luck on your fashion finding adventure my friend.

At 10:26 AM , Blogger Brynne said...

Hey girl! It was good talking to you lastnight!!!
I hate it when people tell other people how to dress. My sister says "i have style and you don't" I'm like whatever dude! Talk to ya later!

At 7:14 AM , Blogger Missy said...

you know me chica! and I read this because you're one cool chickie :)


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