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i just came to my cousin's to use her scanner to upload LOs into my gallery. and man do i miss DSL! i have dial-up at the house and well, i just now realized that my music on my blog ROCKS ASS!!! have you seen my
Burden Brothers LO? well, they're who's singing this song! sweet ass! i've never seen the video either but i had to add their music to my blog. and check out the chic! she's scrapbooking with those god-awful scissors! somebody please get her some cutter bees!!! what next? scalloped edges? sheesh! if you're gonna put a SBer on your video... at least give her some decent scissors!

(i'm ba-ack!) i'm in a good mood. Saw the Chocolate Factory today and cried like the weenie that i am. AND! i have a crush ladies. (i didn't think people could get those after grade school. but i have one!) it's for a little boy that works with me. He busses tables. how silly is that? anyway, i get all "ba-jigity" around him - as Christina Appelgate would say. He's 18 though. blech. i already have a child - thankyouverymuch!

anyway... toodles ladies!


At 1:44 PM , Blogger Klala said...

Ba gigity....I love that damn movie!!!!!!

At 1:45 PM , Blogger Amber said...

that movie effing cracks me up. the penis song is the best. younger dudes is a no go for this gal...keep drooling though...lol


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