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Happy Fourth of July!!!!

i hope everyone had a great holiday! mine was pretty boring. i had to work in the morning and then went to Target to buy a journal for my CJ. this is going to be difficult for me. i think i got the wrong kind. anyway, then my mom picked me and Laken up and we went out to the park where they had a big festival and FUNNEL CAKES!!! well, my parents abandoned me and took my son with them... so i stood in line all by my lonesome. and well, i had my camera of course so i figured i would take some shots of people... because i'm a people watcher. Let me just preface this by saying, "I hate to be rude.... but sometimes i LOVE it!!" People crack me up here. Their fashion sense (or lack thereof) amuses me. Now, i'm no fashionista by any means... but at least i know better than most of these people.

Let's start with these hats...

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now, they may be a good idea in theory... but well, wouldn't you just prefer having the sun beat down on your head than wear these?? (my sincerest apologies if you're reading this and actually own one) But i suppose there is safety in numbers??? I guess if you're going to go out to a CITY-WIDE festival looking like a total arse, only a TRUE friend would do the same.

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and is this guy trying to tell us something? a flag on his ass? c'mon fella! (actually, i knew a guy that wore these silk American Flag briefs on election day) Is he trying to say that america can shove it where the sun don't shine? I hate when my shorts get stuck in my chub rub!!!

if you look closely at this fella - (yes it's a MAN!) you'll see that his 'do is actually a mullet. What does david spade say about mullets? Business in the front - all party in the back ??? Seriously... he could be donating this to Locks of Love. I have one question for this man... "WHY?"

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it's been an hour and i'm still standing in line for my friggin' funnel cake when they inform me that now that i've paid i can go stand in the other line for pick up. You've got to be kidding me! So i am really grouchy by now! I look around some more... and well you know how men are said to get "Penis envy" ? Well, let me just say i saw one bigger than mine... and dammit! i was envious!

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why is this man's camera lens bigger than mine? ugh!

and once again... there's definitely safety in numbers when you go out with flashing accessories...

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so i finally get my funnel cake... and it sucked! go figure. i get to hold my little munchkin who i feel like i hardly see these days... He was so cute out there in his little "My First Fourth of July" outfit and the bib that my Rock-Ass Secret Sister got him. I'm not sure what my double-chinned little man made of this whole outing. He had a bottle during the fireworks and just sat there staring at the lights. I kept taking pictures and the science nerd in me reared it's ugly head and i started talking about the chemistry behind fireworks and what makes them change colors... i don't think my family was listening... i'm such a nerd sometimes...

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and these last two photos are for my friend, bradley bo-bradley, who doesn't believe that you can capture fireworks on camera.... First you doubt my San Antonio Spurs in the Championships, then my wine knowledge, and now THIS?! doubting Thomas Bradley...

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At 6:37 PM , Blogger Ashley said...

Awesome fireworks pics girlie!

At 9:05 PM , Blogger Caroline said...

haha your fashion faux pas pics are hilarious...and them fireworks pics are kewl :)

At 3:26 PM , Blogger Amber said...

omg...too funny. girl you are great. i am so glad we found each other. i can always count on your for a couple giggles and your firework photos kicked some mega ass.

At 6:53 PM , Blogger Klala said...

Those fireworks pics are great, but the fashion police ones are perfect!! You are too cool and I wish we lived near eachother so we could people watch together!!


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