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by Jack Handy. (only kidding)

so today is one of THOSE days! one of those days where you just walk around in a ... bubble (for lack of a better word). it needs to pop. but this morning after my normal cup of cappucino i get into this funk. like i'm asking weird questions like:

What is it about sandwiches that makes them IMPOSSIBLE to eat without potato chips? so i drive to the convenience store to buy some Doritos, cause i'm all out of chips at the house.

Why doesn't laundry do itself? so i'm stuck doing laundry. i've been trying to do the same THREE damn loads for the last week. they just stay in a pile on the end of the bed and i just dirty them again then wash them ... again.

Why does my son wake up in the middle of the night and try to tell me his life story? at 3am i'm sitting there with my eyes barely open, and he's just rambling. like my little babbling brook. just "goo, gah, booooo, pffffft" spit, slobber, laugh, giggle, shriek!

I'm alive to die. That's the basic gist of all of this! and don't get all "omg! chriselda's depressed." because i'm more alive now than ever before. but! seriously, we're alive and then we die. and it's cliche - but true, the only thing that matters is how we spent the time in between.

If i only have a plain ol' Mp3 player, not an iPod (which btw, if you're feeling giving - i let you buy me one) can i still refer to it as my iPod?? or is iPod and exclusive term for something made by macintosh?

if i exercise today and then go to the movie and eat a tub of popcorn with extra butter, does it even count?

Why are sunflower seeds so addicting? i've had like 6 packages in the last 4 days. my tongue has developed a little callous on the tip and well... pfft. Isaac thinks i might have a problem that i need to get counseling for. LOL

Why aren't the effin' effers EFFIN UPDATING THEIR BLOGS?? it's like missing an episode of my soap opera. update dammit!

Why does Priority Mail cost more than regular, trusty Parcel Post and take the same amount of time to reach its destination.

Why do people say "opposed" instead of "supposed" - fustrate instead of FRUstrate - procastination instead of procrastination - aks instead of ask - expecially instead of especially? and why does it bother me so much when it happens. and for those of you who live in Texas or surrounding states or simply near people who don't know how to speak.... what does "FIXIN" mean? like "I'm fixin to go the store." ??? why, God why?

Why is marijuana illegal? Drinking alcohol is much more affecting to your judgement and motor skills.. but IT'S legal!

How young is too young to potty train my son? I'm really sick of diapers....

Everytime i do laundry - i lose a sock. Where are they all going? is there a secret Sock Land that i am not aware of??

why all the questions, Chriselda, why??


At 11:57 AM , Blogger Jen said...

I am laughing my ass off right now.

Eating popcorn with extra butter completely negates any previous exercise. I tried that, it doens't work.

I would respond to some of your other questions, but I've forgotten what they were. Besides which, I don't know the answers, so it really doesn't matter, lol.

Oh....the grammer thing?? Yup. Totally agree. Seriously ticks me off. But add eeeeither and iiither to the list for me.

At 2:34 PM , Blogger Amber said...

"my tongue has developed a little callous on the tip and well... pfft."

I always do this shit girl!!! Eat too much damn salt and my tongue is a mess. grrr.

your entire post cracked me up...i love you.....

At 4:28 PM , Anonymous Emily Kate said...

Oh graet, now I'm trying to figure out the answers to these questions! At work today this kid asked me what we call people from Montana? Like, those of us from Utah are Utahns. But... Motananites? Motaniacs? Montananions? Who knows....

At 4:38 PM , Blogger island girl said...

omg...too funny...okay the only question that i can answer is the one about the socks, b/c according the Kristi, the dam "bottle gremlin" that keeps taking all my nipples (bottle nipples people, please don't get too excited) also takes her socks..it's on my blog...you'll see!

At 7:46 PM , Blogger Missy said...

stop making me laugh so much!
I'm gonna wake my kid up ;)


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