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i do what i'm told...

So... Lindsay told me to do it... and like the voices in my head... i simply OBEY!!!

please don't forget to visit my friend Amy's LO @ the link listed in yesterday's post so you can vote for her LO in this contest... I think it's the best one, and not just because she's my friend... but because her style friggin' ROCKS ASS!!! and i think she deserves to win the contest. So... go vote!

now.. back to topic - lindsay said, "steal this" and well, who can resist the urge to steal? so here we go:

1.IF YOU COULD BUILD A SECOND HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? well, you're asking for my second house... and i haven't even built the first house. but if i could choose, i'd like it to be somwhere beautiful like ... Tuscany or somewhere sweet like NYC, baby.
2. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? definitely socks. i'm a sock kinda girl. although my friends might say it's my greay sweatshirt from the University.
3. THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? a 50pack of cds that i can burn pirated music off the internet!!!
4. WHAT TIME DO YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? which time? i wake up at 4am, feed my kid, go back to sleep, wake up again at 8, feed, go back to sleep...
5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE KITCHEN APPLIANCE?geez... i guess it's my dishwasher. i love that thing. but i'd have to say that my freezer full of ice cream comes in a close second!
6. IF YOU COULD PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? i play piano, flute, and a weeee bit of guitar. but i quit doing all of those and have since forgotten how to play... so i guess any one of those is fine...
7. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR? white. did you know that white is actually ALL of the colors in the spectrum combined? the "color" you see when you see blue is actually every color BUT blue. (and here is the nerd in me again....)
8. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SPORTS CAR OR SUV? just a car that runs is fine in my book. but now that i have a munchkin, i jones for an SUV constantly.
9. DO YOU BELIEVE IN AFTERLIFE? yes, and some of you are going to have horrible ones!! but that's ok... all your friends will be there!
10. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? Lindsay, you put winnie the pooh? ugh! i HATE winnie the pooh. Mine is If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, or Click, Clack, Moo.
11. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? winter... after 5 years of not seeing snow, i'm definitely anxious for winter this year!
12. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? i'd like to be able to shoot spiderwebs outta my hands... but that, honestly, is kinda gay. so i'm gonna go with mind-reading.
13. IF YOU HAVE A TATTOO, WHAT IS IT? a tattoo of Buttercup from the PowerPuff girls... but alot of it came off in the shower... stupid rubons!
14. CAN YOU JUGGLE? is this a trick question? i don't get it? what kind of question is this? can i juggle what? life? balls? grapefruit? work, school, parenting?
15. THE ONE PERSON/PEOPLE FROM YOUR PAST YOU WISH YOU COULD GO BACKAND TALK TO? the one person in my life that i loved... REALLY loved.
16. WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE DAY? PayDAY!!! (ooooh! that's TODAY!!!)
17. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR/TRUCK? the bodies of all the people that piss me off! kidding - a stroller, a portable infant swing, some cds cases, bills (cause that's where everybody should keep their bills) and a bra or something insane like that.
18. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? ick. hamburger i suppose, although i'm not really a fan of either of these choices... can i get some ice cream?
19. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? tulips are my favorite, then daisies... then "todays-ies" (that's from Bruce Almighty)
20. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? something fiber loaded - lmao... that's me pickin' on Amy who has upped her fiber intake and then assumed a permanent position with her arse on a comode!
21. WHAT IS YOUR BIRDATE? September 24, 1979 (oh, man... i can't believe i just shared that)
22. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR?a piece... i had a 1981 Monte Carlo... until i realized that you have to put MORE oil in the car when it runs out... (didn't have that car very long)
23. WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST JOB? i was a waitress at a Truck Stop @ 15yrs. maybe that has something to do with me being so perverse??
24. IF YOU WON A MILLION DOLLARS WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT? i wanna say, i'd donate and save and give give give... but that'd be a bunch of hooey. i'd spend it! what else? i'd buy myself some clothes, liposuction, maybe some new boobs, and a big purse, an iPod, a new computer... all kinds of wacky electronics... i'd build that second house in Tuscany... get myself a new car!

******** i told my friend the other day that i was going to win the lotto. So i need to put that on my list of things to do for tomorrow... "Buy winning lotto ticket" and then... i'll treat everyone that comments on my blog to a shload of scrapbooking supplies!

alright, i've honestly spent the entire morning in front of this damn computer. i have to go now... otherwise i'll hurt myself!


At 10:10 AM , Blogger Klala said...

you crack me up, lady. you really do.

At 8:03 AM , Blogger LindsayT said...

LOL...great answers!!!


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