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the weekend's over?!

i can't believe this weekend is already over. i didn't do much. i worked all day saturday and FINALLY had a day off with my son on sunday. This is the newest picture of my little munchkin.

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he'll be three months old in two days. everydody always tells me how big he is... and i think he's small for his age. he has really small hands and feet...it's just his big ol' head and it looks even bigger than what it actually is because it's covered in hair.

hmmmm. (sorry, just had a brain fart)

So we went to my friend's house for their weekly cookout. Usually her nephews play in the mud and get super dirty. i'm not understanding why anyone would want their kids to do this on purpose - but they love it. This weekend they ate inside though because the mosquitoes are out like crazy vampires!

So i'm sitting at the table when all of a sudden something pops between my legs. it freaked me out ... but here this is what i saw!

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crazy dog... she was BEGGING for food... so i slipped her a weenie.

hmm. (sorry, another brain fart)

anyway, the weekend was pretty calm. i was glad to just hang around the house and stare at laken for hours on end. i never really understood how much i would miss the little turd until i actually started working. it's like i get out of work, pick him up, feed him, bathe him, and then he's out for the night! when am i supposed to play with him? so i think on my days off it's going to be one of those blown out "Mommy and Baby" days. sigh.

and what's the deal with my last post being gross, amber? orgasms are the BEST thing in the WORLD. not very pretty ... but the feeling is awesome, right? so why not die that way? that would be sweet! and i'd get to meet all those millions of brothers and sisters that i never had....


At 9:12 PM , Anonymous Emily Kate said...

Cuuuute! That little chin is the cutest thing ever!! What a doll!

At 8:04 AM , Blogger island girl said...

What a cutie...look at those cheeks and the double chin...love this pic!

At 2:37 PM , Blogger Ashley said...

He's freakin' adorable! And so is that dog! Too cute - both of them ;)

At 10:02 PM , Anonymous nadine said...

what a cute chriselda! i haven't seen a picture of him in awhile. man has he ever grown!!


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